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US and EU haul China into WTO over news noose

The US and European Union have filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization protesting regulations imposed by China that prevent foreign financial news services from dealing directly with Chinese customers. Instead, services such as Dow Jones, Reuters and Blomberg are required to distribute stock prices, news reports …
Dan Goodin, 4 Mar 2008
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American gamble or bluff: WTO members bet on Antigua

Analysis Antigua yesterday filed for formal trade sanctions against the United States, demanding $3.4 billion in compensation from the truculent, recalcitrant super power for failing to open its domestic market to remote gambling services. Antigua, as expected, was not alone; the hottest online gaming market in the world, the EU, also …
Burke Hansen, 21 Jun 2007
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WTO head optimistic about US compliance with WTO gambling rulings

House of Cards WTO director Pascal Lemy made some optimistic remarks about US compliance with recent WTO rulings to the Caribbean media last week. He noted that ultimately it is in the US's interest to maintain the core principles of fair trade that underlie the WTO itself. Logically, he is absolutely on the mark. Of course, with a "faith- …
Burke Hansen, 24 Apr 2007
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Delusional thoroughbred chief wants US out of GATS

House of Cards In a bizarrely rambling and ill-informed interview with Interactive Gaming News last week, National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) head Alex Waldrop advocated that the United States try to remove gambling services from the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), thereby circumventing a string of negative rulings …
Burke Hansen, 18 Apr 2007
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Antigua throws life preserver to DOJ in search for missing money

House of Cards The fugitive former COO of (BOS), Clive Archer, announced last week on the BetonSports website that the company had reached an agreement with the government of Antigua to institute an orderly return of funds to its jilted customers. No one knows just how much is left to be recovered, but the involvement of the …
Burke Hansen, 28 Feb 2007

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