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Thailand: 'The nail that sticks up gets hammered down'

The eXpat Files Last time we chatted to an expat in Thailand, our secretive subject stayed schtum about his identity because he was working illegally. This time around, Eddie Croasdell had all his paperwork in order, but after spending a decade in the country has decided the political climate was getting a bit hot so recently came home to …
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jan 2015
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Watching Olympics at work? How to avoid a £1k telly-tax fine

Watching the Olympics at work may annoy the boss, but not as much as the £1,000 fine the company could get if doesn't have a TV licence. Watching live telly in the UK requires such a licence regardless of whether that video arrives over the internet or is broadcast. The TV tax collectors have provided a useful cut-out-and-pin- …
Bill Ray, 20 Jul 2012
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OMG! US science quangocrats surf porn at work!

In a shock revelation, US media have revealed that federal quangocrats at the National Science Foundation (NSF) have been browsing outrageous amounts of porn at work. In an "exclusive" culled largely from publicly-available documents and congressional testimony, the The Washington Times (the paper perhaps most famous for being …
Lewis Page, 30 Sep 2009
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Short bursts of The Reg at work increase your productivity

Sneaking a little web surfing into the work day increases our concentration and productivity overall, according to a University of Melbourne study. Report author Brent Coker, from the U's department of management and marketing, said folks who indulge in short browsing breaks are about nine per cent more productive than those …
Austin Modine, 2 Apr 2009

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