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Careful with 'fibre speed record' hype: which record's been broken?

Last January, NASA's Energy Science Network (ESNet) ran a test that achieved 91 Gbps end-to-end data transfers. The test made belated news this week in another outlet that touted ESNet as a "shadow network" faster than Google fibre. Leaving aside the inappropriateness of that hype, it got El Reg thinking about the business of …
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No.10 guru: UK tech scene is AN EXPLODING CHEESE

Rohan Silva - Downing Street's backroom adviser credited with hyping east London's Silicon Roundabout of tech startups - has given a rare interview. Speaking to WiReD UK, the "senior policy adviser" to the Prime Minister attempted to find a metaphor for the phenomenon. This is what he came up with. I think a tech scene is …
The wireless card for the HP 10500/7500 modular switches

HP brings wired and wireless nets under single SDN umbrella

Wireless networks are becoming as important as wired ones for companies, and if you want to manage both and provide both wireless and wired functionality, it makes sense to mash up a hybrid switch that has physical and ethereal ports and is all managed by the same software stack. If you can slap a "software-defined networking" …
John McAfee

McAfee founder claims police framing him for murder

John McAfee, antivirus pioneer and current fugitive from the Belizean police, claims he is being set up by locals as the fall guy for the murder of his next-door neighbor. "Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country," he told Wired. "You can say I'm paranoid about it but they will kill me …
Iain Thomson, 13 Nov 2012
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WiReD surgically removes damaged neurotrash 'expert'

Glossy lifestyle magazine WiReD will sever its relationship with pop neuroscience journalist and author Jonah Lehrer, the author of Imagine: How Creativity Works. In late July, Lehrer was cut loose by New Yorker after he manufactured Bob Dylan quotes and then fibbed about their provenance to grownups at the posh mag. Lehrer …

MIT Media Lab appoints college drop-out, socialite

Now that's what I call "convergence". MIT has appointed a new director of its Media Lab: a blogger and networker who found computer science boring, and dropped out of higher education completely after discovering that he couldn't learn physics "intuitively". But since it's actually MIT's Media Lab we're talking about, the …
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Apr 2011

Wired defines the storage 'PornYear'

Wired has thrown down the gauntlet to El Reg's Standards Soviet by defining the storage "PornYear" - equivalent to 0.94 petabytes. Yes indeed, forget Jubs, Linguine, and the theoretical maximum velocity of a sheep in a vacuum - the future will be measured by the number of millions of hours of HD vid smut you can theoretically …
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2010
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DVD data backs Long, Poor Tail theory

Last year WiReD magazine editor Chris Anderson's Long Tail theory collided with reality and came out with a black eye. Digital music sales showed the popular hits becoming more proportionately popular, while focussing on the 'tail' promised the e-tailer starvation with 10m of 13m songs were never even downloaded once. …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Sep 2009
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WiReD editor 'fesses to churnalism

WiReD magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson has copped to lifting chunks of material for his second book Free from Wikipedia and other sources without credit. But it could be about to get a lot worse. In addition to the Wikipedia cut'n'pastes, Anderson appears to have lifted passages from several other texts too. And in a …
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2009
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P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business

A study of P2P music exchanges to be revealed this week suggests that the ailing music business is shunning a lucrative lifeline by refusing to license the activity for money. Entitled "The Long Tail of P2P", the study by Will Page of performing rights society PRS For Music and Eric Garland of P2P research outfit Big …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 May 2009
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We read WiReD, so you don't have to

There was a surprise in the goodie bag for attendees of WiReD UK's launch party. Alongside a copy of the launch issue and a Windows game, was a small bottle of Thunderbird - the fortified wine beloved of students and park bench alcoholics. Actually - I made the last bit up. There was no Thunderbird. But you'll need something …
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Welcome back, WiReD!

Competition More than a decade after it crashed and burned so spectacularly, WiReD - the house magazine for the Children of the Corn - is returning to the UK. Publisher Conde Nast, which acquired WiReD after the first UK version shut down, says it will launch next year and has hired an editor, David Rowan. He's already fully buzzword …

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