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Windows on fire

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD

Updated Microsoft on Tuesday posted KB4464330 (Windows 10 1809 Build 17763.55) in an effort to halt the damage done by last week's Windows 10 version 1809 update, but it hasn't quite worked. Reports of update inflicted file deletion and loss of internet connectivity for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store apps have died down. But users …
Thomas Claburn, 11 Oct 2018
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Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)

Windows 10 October 2018 update is here, having skipped past the Release Preview phase, and can be downloaded now if you can’t wait for it to make an automatic appearance. Windows 10 1803 screenshot Click to enlarge While many observers (us included) expected a release date for Windows 10 to be secreted among the hardware …
Richard Speed, 3 Oct 2018
Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Microsoft resurfaces Surface kit alongside Windows 10 update

At a media event in New York City on Tuesday, Microsoft refreshed its Surface hardware with the introduction of the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2 all-in-one PC. The Surface Pro 6 sports a quad-core 8th generation Intel processor (Core i5 or Core i7), 8GB or 16GB of RAM, a 12.3-inch display, and an SSD …
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Windows 10 transition props up business box revenues in Western Europe

The ongoing transition to Windows 10 by corporates offset weak consumer demand to keep PC sales ticking over with a modest 3 per cent increase over this time last year, according to figures released by channel box-counters Context. While Germany bought the most gear in the first two months of Q3 (665,548 notebooks and desktops …
Richard Speed, 2 Oct 2018
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Robot Operating System gets the Microsoft treatment

RoTM The robots are coming, and they will be powered by Windows. The Robot Operating System for Windows, that is. Microsoft followed up its excited squeaking about Azure and productivity at Ignite last week by putting in a weekend appearance at ROSCon 2018 in Madrid, Spain to show off its very own trundlebot, a variant of Turtlebot …
Richard Speed, 1 Oct 2018

Windows 10 passes 700 million, Office Mobile in a coma and Intune, er, cracks time travel

Roundup While Microsoft partied the week away in Orlando during its annual Ignite shindig, there was a significant lack of build news as Windows 10 crested an important milestone. And as Skype Classic reached the end of the road, other Microsoft apps also faced the axe. All quiet on the Redstone 5 front The big Windows 10 build news …
Richard Speed, 1 Oct 2018

WLinux brings a custom Windows Subsystem for Linux experience to the Microsoft Store

The Windows Subsystem for Linux has begun to attract the attention of custom distributions with the arrival of Debian-based WLinux in the Microsoft Store. Put together by open-source startup Whitewater Foundry, the WSL-optimised distribution is aimed at developers and pro users with a bunch of popular development tools such as …
Richard Speed, 26 Sep 2018
Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP,

Microsoft has a digital coworker it wants in your business: Cortana

Ignite At its Ignite conference in the US on Monday, Microsoft pitched Cortana as a corporate worker, as the software and cloud biz pushes companies to interact with technology via voice. Javier Soltero, the Microsoft corporate vice president who oversees Cortana, suggested that voice interaction has reached the same level of …
Thomas Claburn, 25 Sep 2018
A freshly dead hand rises from grave

As one Microsoft Windows product hauls itself out of the grave, others tumble in

As much of the Microsoft world packed up and headed for Ignite, new builds and a surprising resurrection filled a busy week in Redmond. Windows Insider build pace hints at imminent release, if not for that pesky Task Manager The gap between releases for fast and slow Windows Insider rings continued to narrow last week as build …
Richard Speed, 24 Sep 2018

Windows Admin Center gets an update, just in time for Server 2019

Microsoft has released Windows Admin Center 1809 and its SDK, with a variety of tweaks and enhancements to Redmond’s latest take on managing a Windows environment. We took a look at the browser-based product back in April when it was just emerging from its Project Honolulu days and found much to like, but also a bit to dislike …
Richard Speed, 21 Sep 2018
The revised Start menu in Build 14328

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?

Imagine you’ve just returned to work from a lengthy sabbatical and found, among the thousands of increasingly shrill and unanswered emails in your mailbox, one telling you that you are now the proud product owner of a bunch of Windows OS apps. What would you do? Steve Teixeira, a general manager in Microsoft’s Windows and …
Richard Speed, 21 Sep 2018
Two plasticine blobs against a garden landscape

Microsoft Azure gains Availability Zones and Immutable Blobs

Microsoft has announced two more Azure availability zones and hit the red button on Immutable Storage in what must have been a breathless few days for its Azure team. Keeping the Azure lights on The West US 2 and North Europe regions have gained Azure Availability Zones as Microsoft was still reeling from the discovery that …
Richard Speed, 19 Sep 2018
Flatpak on WSL

App-y, app-y, joy, joy: Pain-free software installer Flatpak (kinda) works on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux fans, rejoice! Flatpak can now ease your dependency blues. Sort of. Lead developer Alexander Larsson has announced that software package toolkit Flatpak now works on Windows (or rather the Windows Subsystem for Linux). After a fashion. But then where would Linux users be, if it were not for the need …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
laughing colleagues in front of laptops

First 'issue-free' build of Windows 10 October 2018 Update arrives

While a certain fruit-based company hogged much of the limelight last week by seeing just how much cash could be wrung from fanbois, Microsoft found itself in the spotlight of shame. But Edge-pleading and build-encrypting weren't the only things that happened in the world of Windows. Quick fire fast and slow ring releases tease …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
TypeScript is an open source project that lets you code in a superset of JavaScript

Microsoft tickles devs with a Release Candidate for TypeScript 3.1

As Ignite gets ever closer, Microsoft has unleashed a Release Candidate of the latest version of its jumped-up JavaScript, TypeScript. While Windows Insiders get all misty eyed about the words “Release Candidate”, developers can start getting serious about version 3.1, since its release is not far away. TypeScript is an open …
Richard Speed, 14 Sep 2018

Chromebooks gain faff-free access to Windows file shares via Samba

Google’s Chrome OS tanks crept a little further onto Microsoft’s manicured enterprise lawns with hints that Windows file-share support will arrive out-of-the-box in an upcoming version of Chrome OS. Those brave enough to be on the Canary version of Chrome 70 already have the functionality, assuming the preview software stays …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018
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It's September 2018, and Windows VMs can pwn their host servers by launching an evil app

Admins will again be working overtime as Microsoft and Adobe have posted their monthly scheduled security updates for September. This month's Patch Tuesday bundle includes critical fixes for Windows, SQL Server, and Hyper V, as well as Flash and Cold Fusion. Rude guests and ugly images menace Microsoft In total, Microsoft …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Sep 2018
Windows Logo

Microsoft's next Windows 10 release creeps closer with a cluster of builds

Still reeling from The Great Azure Outage Of September 2018? Fear not – new builds, new apps and some slightly flaky Android integration were the order of week. Windows 10 October 2018 Update creeps ever closer While developers relying on Visual Studio Team Services (aka Azure DevOps) enjoyed an unexpected day off, the army of …
Richard Speed, 10 Sep 2018

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