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What Facebook's Fort Worth DC will look like

Facebook vows to blow EVEN HARDER

It seems Facebook's experience with wind power has been good enough for the personalised ads giant to come back for more. The company's west region director of data centre operations Ken Patchett announced that Facebook's next data centre will land in Fort Worth, Texas, and will mimic its Iowa bit-barn by using 100 per cent …

'Wind power causes climate change' shown to be so much hot air

The localised weather effects of wind-farms are just that – localised weather effects rather than climate-change engines in their own right, according to new research from Europe. When studies emerged in 2012 suggesting local wind-farm-warming effects, they raised speculation that the effects might not be purely local. Two …

Facebook, the BIGGEST WINDBAG on the planet? It'll blow $300m trying

When Facebook's new Iowa data center goes live in 2015, it will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, the social network says. Zuck & Co announced Altoona, Iowa as the site of its fourth major data center in April, saying that the new site will be a massive, 476,000-square-foot affair that will cost a minimum of $299.5m …
Neil McAllister, 14 Nov 2013

IBM unleashes 'big data' on wind, solar power management

IBM has announced a weather-modeling and power-grid management system with the goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. "Applying analytics and harnessing big data will allow utilities to tackle the intermittent nature of renewable energy and forecast power …
Rik Myslewski, 12 Aug 2013
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Wind now cheaper than coal in Oz: Bloomberg

Bloomberg has sparked a brand-new debate about clean energy in Australia, releasing a report that suggests finance for new coal-fired power is going to be scarce because wind energy is now cheaper than constructing new fossil-fuel plants – even without subsidy. The analysis, announced here, says Australia's major banks “are …

Renewables good for 80 per cent of US demand by 2050

One of the greatest objections made against the use of renewable energy for electricity supply, that only coal, gas or nuclear power can sustain a modern economy’s baseload power generation demand, has come under scrutiny in a new report by America’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In fact, the NREL’s Renewable …

The true, tragic cost of British wind power

Analysis Two studies published this week calculate the astounding cost of Britain's go-it-alone obsession with using wind turbines to generate so much of the electricity the nation needs. Both studies make remarkably generous concessions that favour wind technology; the true cost, critics could argue, will be higher in each set of …
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Does Cameron dare ditch poor-bashing green energy?

Analysis No 10 has a dilemma: it is committed to an unpopular renewable energy policy that punishes the poor, British industry, and will keep inflation high. But is it edging nervously away from the policy, or merely pretending to? The Telegraph has obtained a policy document, dated July, that seems to suggest that the government is …
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Eco investors demand (even) more sweeteners for low carbon energy

When Nye Bevan created Britain's National Health Service in 1948 he faced resistance from private consultants – and famously had to "stuff their mouths with gold" to win them over. But at least there was a universal-payer health care system at the end of it. Renewable energy today is a commercial basket case*, and potential …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2011
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Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises

Analysis The National Grid has released a report into the way things are headed for the UK's electricity supplies in the coming decade, and it's not good news for anyone who finds their 'leccy bill to be a noticeable expense. No matter what happens to fossil fuel prices, British electricity is going to cost a lot, lot more in the near …
Lewis Page, 14 Jun 2011
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Save the planet: Stop the Greens

Comment I find myself in an uncomfortable position over this climate change thing. I've no problem with the existence of man-made climate change, no problem with the idea that we ought to do something about it. But what we are actually trying to do about it seems bonkers, counter-productive even. So how did we get into this mess? To …
Tim Worstall, 27 Apr 2011
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Google pours millions into wind power

Why stop at global digital domination when you can add natural power resources to back up your electric empire? Fanning its green credentials, Google will invest US$100 million in a wind farm situated in the US’s Shepards Flat in eastern Oregon. The $2 billion project has also attracted investment from turbine manufacturer …
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Wind power: Even worse than you thought

A new analysis of wind energy supplied to the UK National Grid in recent years has shown that wind farms produce significantly less electricity than had been thought, and that they cause more problems for the Grid than had been believed. The report (28-page PDF/944 KB) was commissioned by conservation charity the John Muir …
Lewis Page, 7 Apr 2011
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Ofcom gets puffed out over wind turbines

UK regulator Ofcom has been looking at the way wind turbines affect microwave radio transmissions and radar signals, and has concluded that we just have no idea if it would be safe to put more turbines near radio connections. There are around 40,000 microwave links in the UK, generally operating over line-of-sight connections …
Bill Ray, 3 Apr 2009
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UFO ruled out of wind farm prang

An examination of the turbine at Conisholme wind farm in Lincolnshire which last month shed one of its blades has disappointingly revealed no extraterrestrial involvement in the incident. According to the Telegraph, turbine manufacturer Enercon's interim report says bolts holding the blade to the hub failed, and it's now " …
Lester Haines, 10 Feb 2009

Aussies developing power-generating jacket

The nightmare of a dying mobile phone or iPod battery while miles from a power socket could soon become history. Australia's national science agency has received AUD4.4m (£2m/€2.8m/USD4m) to develop a jacket that powers electronic gadgets. Power_jacket_front2 CSIRO's jacket: clothing of the future? The Commonwealth …

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