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Amazon guarantees bitterly contested Ohio wind farm project

Amazon has taken on a stalled wind farm project in Ohio to power its data centres because, as we all know, intermittent and flaky power supplies dependent entirely on the randomness of the weather are just what mission-critical data centres need. "We remain committed to achieving our long-term goal of powering the AWS Cloud …

Today's exoplanet weather: 1,000°C, glass rain, 8,700 km/h winds

Those readers who enjoy complaining about the weather might like to consider a short weekend break on 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet HD 189733b, where conditions will give them something to really moan about. Studies of HD 189733b – discovered in 2005 transiting the star HD 189733, which lies some 63 light years from Earth in the …
Lester Haines, 13 Nov 2015

Hypnotic wind map captures Earth's heavenly currents

Those readers slumped behind their desks in the traditional pre-Xmas torpor and who are looking for an alternative to watching the clock hands crawling towards Yule liberation are directed towards "earth" - magnificent animated views of the world's wind currents. Global wind currents shown on earth Using data from the …
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 2013

Fair winds and following servers: The art of flight prediction

Back in September, the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team sent a mighty orb aloft on a test flight of our magnificent Vulture 2 spaceplane's rocket motor igniter. The mission was a textbook operation, with the the payload eventually returning to terra firma within a few hundred metres of the awaiting team, at a …
Lester Haines, 18 Dec 2013
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Wind, solar could provide 99.9% of ALL POWER by 2030

A group of researchers has released a study that claims to shoot down the common perception that clean, renewable energy from wind and solar sources is all well and good, eco-wise, but that it's too uncertain, sporadic, and pricey for widespread use. "These results break the conventional wisdom that renewable energy is too …
Rik Myslewski, 15 Dec 2012

Google charms Greenpeace with wind powered data center deal

Google has signed a contract to obtain 48 megawatts of wind energy from the Canadian Hills Wind Project in Oklahoma to power its data center in that state. This is the first time Google has actually bought wind power from a utility, in this case the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), rather than direct from a wind farm itself. …
Iain Thomson, 26 Sep 2012
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This interactive wind map is a Big Data lava lamp

If you're reading El Reg you're obviously taking a little break from your workday [au contraire - you're enriching your portfolio of business-critical knowledge in a fashion which your boss would heartily endorse - Ed]. And if you want to amuse yourself with how a big data set with proper visualization can not only change your …
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Tory minister: Let's exploit our rich resource of mud, er, wind

Britain would be "mad" not to make strategic use of its rich natural resource of mud, a government minister has said. "We can't afford not to exploit this," said Charles Hendry (Con, High Peak) who proposed that public infrastructure should exploit the naturally abundant material, and rediscover techniques that use it, such as …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Feb 2012
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Boffins reckon Mars quite blustery actually

A new geophysical study of Mars' sand dunes has claimed that the Red Planet may be a windy place after all, despite the evidence of previous experiments. The shifting red sands of the planet have up till now been attributed to carbon dioxide ice sublimation, since boffins believed that strong winds weren't a possibility in the …
Renault Wind Gordini roadster

Renault Wind Gordini roadster

Review Thumbing its nose at yet another grim British summer, Renault has added a Gordini model to its Wind roadster line-up and so given us all an excuse to put on our best French accent, pretend to be Maurice Trintignant and ponder why Renault didn’t name it Le Vent and dodge the inevitable flatulence jokes. Renault Wind Gordini …
Alun Taylor, 28 Sep 2011
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Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick

Industrial wind installations are creating a serious health issue, and comprehensive research is urgently needed, says a former Professor of Public Health. "There has been no policy analysis that justifies imposing these effects on local residents. The attempts to deny the evidence cannot be seen as honest scientific …
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Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

Events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan continue to unfold, with workers there steadily restoring redundancy and containment measures across the site. It remains highly unlikely that the workers themselves will suffer any measurable health consequences from radiation, and – continued media scaremongering …
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2011
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Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

In a radical change of policy, the Netherlands is reducing its targets for renewable energy and slashing the subsidies for wind and solar power. It's also given the green light for the country's first new nuclear power plants for almost 40 years. Why the change? Wind and solar subsidies are too expensive, the Financial Times …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Feb 2011
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MSI tabulates WindPad Windows tablet

MSI has spec'd up its upcoming Windows-based tablet, the WindPad 100W. Think netbook minus keyboard and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. So, we're looking at 2GB of DDR 2 memory, a 32GB SSD, a 10.1in, 1024 x 600 screen, 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, one USB port, one SD card slot and one mini HDMI port. MSI WindPad …
Hard Reg, 17 Jan 2011
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New mega offshore windfarms could supply 2% of UK energy

Licences have been awarded to develop nine massive new offshore wind farms which could - if fully exploited - deliver as much as two per cent of the UK's present day energy requirements. Developers have been encouraged to move ahead with expensive offshore wind projects by the government's promise to double the Renewables …
Lewis Page, 11 Jan 2010
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Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity

A recent industry study into the UK energy sector of 2030 - which according to government plans will use a hugely increased amount of wind power - suggests that massive electricity price rises will be required, and some form of additional government action in order to avoid power cuts. This could have a negative impact on plans …
Lewis Page, 22 Jul 2009
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Business throws cold water on gov hot air proposals

Business lobby group the CBI is calling on the government to reduce its reliance on wind power to hit greenhouse gas targets. The group is worried that government policy does not offer enough juicy subsidies to nuclear power and so-called "clean coal" technology. John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general, said: "The …
John Oates, 13 Jul 2009
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Prof: Global windfarm could power entire human race

Analysis Harvard University boffins have published an analysis of how much energy the human race could possibly produce from wind power, and we thought we'd have a bit of a play around with their numbers. Career Harvard enviro-prof Michael McElroy, assisted by Xi Lu and Juha Kiviluoma (now working in Finland) published their paper …
Lewis Page, 24 Jun 2009

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