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US Navy man crawling under barbed wire in tough mudder competition

Ericsson: 5G migration won't be a terrifying slog. No. We have ‘plug-ins’

Analysis All the network equipment providers are engaged in major operator projects which they hope will guarantee them a place in those MNOs’ 5G rollouts in the coming years. This week, it was certainly the turn of Ericsson to score 5G marketing points, with a series of operator engagements around the world, and the announcement of 5G …
Wireless Watch, 24 Jun 2016

Siemens sighs: SCADA bugs abound

Another security advisory covering Siemens industrial kit has reached the public, this time covering wireless industrial networking hardware. ICS-CERT advises that the Ruggedcom range of 802.16e (Wimax, for those with long memories) switches from the company carries a range of vulnerabilities that let attackers scam admin …
Sprint WiMax Coverage map

Sprint will KILL OFF WiMax in 2015 – report

Third-ranked US mobile network Sprint appears to be poised to kill off its implementation of its less-regarded 4G technology, WiMax. According to a newsletter from the wireless provider leaked to Android Central, the date for the closure of the service is 6 November 2015. The spectrum it frees up – along with the spectrum …
Simon Rockman, 6 Oct 2014
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Bahrain 4G auction founders under deluge of legal action

The Kingdom of Bahrain should have completed its 4G auction by now, but instead the process has been kicked into touch following legal action from an excluded operator. The auction, cleverly titled "Post 3G" (PDF, slide deck with plenty of visuals), was announced last November and initally open to all, but lobbying from the …
Bill Ray, 3 Apr 2013
My house in Los Narros, during a snowy January 2007

Extreme teleworking: A Reg hack reports from the internet's frontier

"You lucky, lucky bastard," was how a fellow Reg hack responded to my announcement back in 2004 that I was upping sticks and establishing a Vulture Central outpost in rural Spain, far from the rain-lashed shores of Blighty. In September of that year, I was sardined in cattle class on a London-bound train packed with misery- …
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2012
Unwired Logo

Optus to shutter Unwired

Optus has written to customers of fixed-wireless-only ISP Unwired, advising them the company's network will be closed as of February 28, 2013, and offering them alternatives in the form of 3G and 4G wireless broadband plans. The letter to customers, a copy of which has been obtained by The Register, contains some nifty …
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WiMAX Forum runs up white flag, concedes 4G battle to LTE

The WiMAX forum, on the losing side in the race to 4G, has given up on WiMAX 2.0 and is instead promoting integration with LTE - or "the competition" as it used to be known. Not that one would guess that from the press release, which talks a lot about "harmonization" and "coexistence" with WiMAX's now dominant competitor, but …
Bill Ray, 1 Nov 2012
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FREE mobile data – if you dance for our advertisers, monkeyboy

FreedomPop launches Monday, offering free mobile data across the US to those who have WiMAX coverage and don't look too closely at the small print. The headline promise is clear enough: "100% free high speed internet - any device, anywhere", and the name of Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom lends the project credibility, but …
Bill Ray, 1 Oct 2012
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NetZero back in the game with free-ish 4G

NetZero, the first ISP to offer free dial-up internet back in 1998, is back in the game with an offer of nearly free 4G mobile internet using Sprint's remaining WiMax infrastructure. Under the terms of the new service, users buy a USB dongle for $49.95, or a hotspot capable of supporting eight connections for $99.95, and get a …
Iain Thomson, 19 Mar 2012
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Faster mobile data: the road to 4G

Feature Reg Hardware Mobile Week The great thing about standards, as some wit once said, is that there are so many to choose from. Mobile phones are afflicted worse than most technology – a multiplicity of standards, nested within one another like a messy set of Russian dolls filled with alphabet soup. The 'generations' of mobile …
Liam Proven, 29 Feb 2012
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Nokia flogs off WiMAX biz

Nokia Siemens Networks has sold its WiMAX business to NewNet Communications, handing 300 staff and the WiMAX portfolio to the company, which is a division of Skyview Capital. Both NewNet and Skyview described themselves as excited by the opportunities in WiMAX, and delighted to be taking on the staff, product portfolio and …
Bill Ray, 30 Nov 2011
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Open Range rural broadband goes titsup

Despite tapping the US government for cash and promising to connect six million people, Open Range has called it a day, laying off most of the staff and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The plan was to provide broadband to rural communities, using WiMAX and satellite frequencies leased from Globalstar. But Globalstar didn't …
Bill Ray, 7 Oct 2011
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Sprint springs into bed with LightSquared

Sprint is to help LightSquared get its 4G network rolled out across America, and become a significant customer of that network too, according to documents seen by Bloomberg. Those letters were sent out to LightSquared's shareholders, assuring them that Sprint was not only going to be a "significant customer" of LightSquared's …
Bill Ray, 20 Jun 2011
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BT and EE join together for Cornish LTE

BT and Everything Everywhere are working together to build a trial network in Cornwall, providing fixed and mobile internet access over the same network and via the same infrastructure. That infrastructure, comprising two base stations, will cover 25 square kilometres around the Cornish village of St Newlyn East. BT said that …
Bill Ray, 25 May 2011
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WTF is... 4G

The great thing about standards, as some wit once said, is that there are so many to choose from. Mobile phones are afflicted worse than most technology – a multiplicity of standards, nested within one another like a messy set of Russian dolls filled with alphabet soup. LTE Advance Logo The 'generations' of mobile networks …
Liam Proven, 24 May 2011
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Sony Ericsson walks away from Clearwire logo fight

Sony Ericsson has given up its action against Clearwire for having a swirly green logo, as Clearwire concedes it is unlikely to ever launch a competing range of mobile phones. Sony Ericsson's action was taken in January, when Clearwire was still planning to launch the handsets it announced last year. Since then the operator …
Bill Ray, 16 May 2011
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Behind the Ofcom plan: four LTE networks, and not a lot else

The packaging of radio spectrum often makes a mockery of technical neutrality, and Ofcom's plan for the digital dividend is no exception though the regulator had surprisingly little choice in the matter. Ofcom's proposal for selling off 250MHz of radio spectrum runs to 555 pages, with annexes and technical reports, but that's …
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2011
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Qualcomm paints Gobi as WiMAX successor

Chip giant Qualcomm reckons its new Gobi chip will provide the standard connectivity that Intel planned, and failed to deliver, with WiMAX. Not that the new Gobi3000 incorporates any new networking technology, though it does provide HSPA at twice the download rate of its predecessor while still supporting CDMA and earlier …
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2011

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