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Android App of the Week All you techies, spare a thought for the dumb-as-a-bag-of-spanners portion of humanity who don’t know how to use, maintain or get the most from the gadgets they already own. To the rescue of the benighted masses comes WikiHow, a compendium of 'how to...' guides ranging from cleaning the screen of your telly or smartphone, …
Alun Taylor, 17 Jan 2012
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RFID rag launches radio ID database

In demonstration of how ubiquitous radio frequency identification tags have become RFID Journal has launched a graphical tool showing deployments around the world, but is asking those in the industry to provide some data. The project, which already has a pretty map and query tool, is intended to demonstrate how pervasive RFID …
Barbara Axt, 27 Apr 2009
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Psychologist invents new uber-wiki

An American psychologist has invented a new form of wiki in which every word is directly linked to its author. He believes the so-called "mememoir"* project will "revolutionize publishing in all of science". The Mememoir super-attribution wiki is the brainchild of Dr Robert Hoffman, an academic psychologist at the Florida …
Lewis Page, 29 Aug 2008
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Wikipedia bot-swarm foretells snooker result

The online hive-mind jumbleshop Wikipedia continues to amaze. The Web 2.0 consensus reality has now begun to edit itself without human input - indeed has gone so far as to allow automated bots to overrule humans. Perhaps coincidentally, it has also begun to make predictions about the future. Most amazing of all, it now seeks to …
Lewis Page, 9 May 2007
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Was Gerry Adams in the IRA? Don't ask Wikipedia

The wisdom of reliance on Wikipedia as an information source has been further questioned. The latest round of bitter, heavily-politicised infighting among the wiki-fanciers centres around the involvement or non-involvement of Northern Irish politico Gerry Adams in armed violence during the recent/present Ulster troubles. Adams …
Lewis Page, 4 May 2007
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Right-to-reply website launches

A website launches today which aims to offer "an impartial, web-based right-to-reply service". is run by a bunch of Tories, and Matthew Taylor - a former advisor to Tony Blair (so a bunch of Tories then - Ed). The site will "provide an authoritative means of publishing a full response, alert relevant bloggers …
John Oates, 3 May 2007
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Gordon Ramsay mashes up small businesses for BT

BT has fingered marathon-running potty mouth Gordon "b*llocks, a*se, sh*t" Ramsay as the ideal Michelin-starred gourmet to extol the virtues of social networking to Britain's small business owners. The tediously sweary gastronome will front a TV advertising campaign in which he'll endure a series of gut-busting computer-related …
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Wikipedia: battleground of the new millennium

Wikipedia, the famed hive mind reference database written by anyone who feels like having a go, has suffered a few military-related hiccups in recent days. Firstly, the page on the US Army went through an editing conflict. It normally starts off conventionally enough, with something along the lines of "the United States Army is …
Lewis Page, 11 Apr 2007
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Farewell, Wikipedia?

Comment After pressure over the weekend from Wikipedia's Il Duce Jimmy Wales, the encyclopedia's most illustrious fake professor Ryan Jordan has resigned his post at Wikia Inc. An assiduous editor with the nickname "Essjay", the 24-year old Jordan passed himself off as an older and more mature character: a Professor of Theology with …
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Pro golfer sues over Wikipedia postings

Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is suing to track down the Wikipedia user responsible for posting claims he abused alcohol and drugs and treated his family harshly, and an education consulting firm in South Florida has found itself caught in the cross fire. The law prevents Wikipedia from being named as a defendant, so Zoeller's …
Dan Goodin, 23 Feb 2007
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Wiki can link to controversial documents, judge rules

Drugs giant Eli Lilly has failed in its bid to restrict a wiki from linking to documents that could be damaging to its business. The ruling of a New York court said the court could not rule against the internet "in its various manifestations". Though Eli Lilly did obtain an injunction against individuals forcing them to return …
OUT-LAW.COM, 16 Feb 2007

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