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Forget widgets, invest in staff say Black Hat alumni

Black Hat 2012 Five of the speakers at the original Black Hat conference in 1997 have been reunited at this year's session to discuss the next 15 years of security, and all agree that people are the key investment area, not gadgets. "The best return is on your employees," said Black Hat founder Jeff Moss. "I rely on people, not on a widget. …
Iain Thomson, 25 Jul 2012
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Opera 11.50 debuts with Speed Dial extensions

Opera has officially released a new version of its desktop browser – Opera 11.50 – adding widget-like "extensions" to the familiar Speed Dial page that appears each time you open a new tab. Previously, Speed Dial only offered thumbnails that linked you to oft-visited sites. But with Opera 11.50 – announced in the early …
Cade Metz, 28 Jun 2011
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German data regulators move to tighten IP address laws

Passing along IP addresses of web visitors to a third party without their permission could become illegal in Germany. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, data protection authorities in Lower Saxony have already targeted sites who depend on IP addresses for online advertising. The Lower Saxony authorities recently …
Jan Libbenga, 28 Feb 2011
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First WACy handset goes widget mad

The Wireless Application Community won't be properly launched until Monday lunchtime, but Filipino operator SMART couldn't wait and has jumped the gun with the first WAC-compatible handset. The Netphone looks suspiciously similar to ZTE's Android-based Blade handset, sold as the San Francisco by Orange in the UK, but SMART has …
Bill Ray, 9 Feb 2011
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Opera Mobile comes to the desktop

Opera has released a desktop version of its mobile browser, so developers can see how their pages will look on a mobile phone and even create a widget or two. Opera Mobile now runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, and renders pages just as they would appear on a mobile phone running the diminutive browser. What's more, …
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2010
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World's biggest app store starts stocking shelves

Vodafone's Joint Innovation Labs is open for business, promising to approve applications in ten days and eventually provide access to more than a billion customers. The 'Lab was set up a couple of years ago by Vodafone and China Mobile, with the intention of setting standard APIs for AJAX-style applications. Those APIs were …
Bill Ray, 9 Apr 2010

Chumby internet-connected alarm clock

Review The Chumby is one of those strange little gadgets that defies easy categorisation. If we absolutely had absolutely to try to sum it up in half a dozen or so words, it would be: Wi-Fi internet radio alarm clock with widget support. Chumby Chumby: internet-connected, squeezable blob This description applies to a 150 x 100 x …
Alun Taylor, 12 Dec 2009
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BONDI is all beachy with W3C

The OMTP's widget framework BONDI now complies with the W3C's definition of the term, paving the way to properly-cross-platforms applications. BONDI extends the W3C definition of a Widget to include a security policy and mobile-specific APIs, but the OMTP is pleased to report that its reference implementation now passes the …
Bill Ray, 3 Dec 2009
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Sony Ericsson goes web crazy

Sony Ericsson has decided web applications are the way of the future, with a new SDK and emulators enabling the development of cross-platform applications. Like many of the non-aligned manufacturers Sony Ericsson is forced to support application development on a variety of platforms, including Android and Symbian, so shifting …
Bill Ray, 19 Nov 2009
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung plans Symbian-free future

Samsung's roadmap includes Windows mobile, Android and its new Bada platform, but there's no sign of Symbian in the plan. The details come from Samsung VP Don Joo Lee, who told Digitimes that the company would be giving up on Symbian to focus on Android, Windows Mobile and Bada-based handsets, in its continuing campaign to …
Bill Ray, 11 Nov 2009
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W3C sidesteps Apple over widget-patent

The W3C has spent the last three months poring over Apple's patent on remote updating, and the web standards organization thinks the patent can be avoided by careful wording and tweaking a couple of APIs. Apple revealed its patent in March this year, throwing the W3C's attempts to create a standard for widgets into confusion …
Bill Ray, 9 Oct 2009
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Nokia admits killing off Widsets

The first effective platform for mobile widgets, Widsets, was killed by Nokia back in April - but no one noticed as the company successfully obfuscated the murder behind Ovi. Nokia's all-encompassing brand Ovi has swallowed up several services including Download! and MOSH, but unlike the other services Widsets was a platform …
Bill Ray, 30 Jun 2009
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W3C launches appeal to scupper Apple patent

The W3C, custodians of web standards, have launched an appeal for prior art to contest an Apple patent that appears to cover any kind of automated updating procedure, including the Widget standard on which the group is working. The patent, filed in 1995 and awarded in 1998, and which Apple revealed to the W3C in March, covers …
Bill Ray, 17 Jun 2009
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Nokia's Ovi absorbs WidSets

Nokia's Ovi Store gobbled up the Java-based WidSets platform this morning, as Nokia struggles to build the portal into all things to all men before the start of June. Nokia is working hard to bring its disparate projects under one roof, and into one brand, with the more-successful projects being last to find themselves …
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2009
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Verizon clocks on at the widget factory

Verizon has signed up to the Joint Innovation Lab set up by Vodafone and China Mobile last year, pushing the (potential) customer base for the as-yet unpublished mobile-widget standard to over one billion. Verizon joins Softbank, as well as Vodafone and China Mobile, in the operation that was set up just shy of a year ago to …
Bill Ray, 1 Apr 2009
Samsung P3

Samsung P3

Review After a little over a year as the standard bearer for Samsung's PMP range, it's time for the YP-P2, aka the Yepp P2, to retire. But is its replacement - the YP-P3 – an evolution or a revolution? And has it got what it takes to lure buyers away from the default purchases in the segment: the ubiquitous multifunction iPod Touch and …
Alun Taylor, 30 Mar 2009
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BONDI gives mobile widgets a day in the sun

The Open Mobile Terminal Alliance has launched version one of its Web-2.0-widget platform BONDI with a reference implementation, software developer's kit and endorsements from Opera and the other Linux consortium. BONDI is a selection of extensions to ECMAScript (the scripting language formally, and informally, known as …
Bill Ray, 9 Feb 2009

LG Cookie budget touchscreen phone

Review Just because it’s a touchscreen phone, it doesn’t have to be wallet-stingingly expensive. Following on from its high-end eight-megapixel touch-controlled Renoir, LG is now bringing the joys of finger tapping and thumb stroking to the masses with the Cookie KP500. Initially available in the UK on various pay-as-you-go packages …
Phil Lattimore, 23 Dec 2008

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