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UK actor Kayode Ewumi in character as clueless "know-it-all" "Roll Safe". Hood Documentary ( BBC Three)

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

Who, Me? Welcome once more to Who, Me? The Register's weekly column featuring readers' tales of the things they'd rather forget having done. This week's face-palm moment comes from "Dennis", who wrote in to tell us about a time in 1996 when he was stationed in a northern UK town rolling out Windows 95 at a chemical plant. Dennis and …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Oct 2018

Scanning an Exchange server for a virus that spreads via email? What could go wrong?

Who, Me? Just like clockwork, another weekend is over and Monday is here again. To lighten the load, El Reg is offering you the latest instalment of Who, Me?, our weekly sysadmin confessional column. This time we meet "Romeo", who was working at a large music company in London at the time in question. It was his first job for a big …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Oct 2018
Cheesy pic of man holding face in shame as accusatory finger emerges from display. Photo via Shutterstock

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-

Who, Me? After a hopefully relaxing weekend, we at El Reg want to kick off your week the right way – with a full-scale facepalm. And so we bring you this week's instalment of Who, Me?, where readers share their cock-ups, large and small. This week, meet "Wallace", who wrote in to tell us about a time he forgot himself – almost …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Oct 2018
Man has panic attack in front of computer

Rookie almost wipes customer's entire inventory – unbeknownst to sysadmin

Who, Me? Welcome once again to El Reg’s weekly instalment of Who, Me?, where readers get monumental cock-ups and heart-stopping near-misses off their chests. This week, Reginald tells us a personal horror story from the ‘80s, when he worked for what was then a top five minicomputer biz. At the time, he was on site at a customer – a …
Rebecca Hill, 1 Oct 2018
Angry man wields keyboard at a computer

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank

Who, Me? Good Monday morning, Reg readers, and welcome once more to Who, Me? – our regular trip down memory lane for those with something to get off their chest. This week, we meet “Alan” who once took out an entire trading floor at an arm of a US bank. Back in 1996, Alan had just graduated from a software engineering degree and had …
Rebecca Hill, 24 Sep 2018
man in tie eats slice of pizza, looks sad while doing so

Sysadmin misses out on paycheck after student test runs amok

Who, Me? Welcome once more to the world of Who, Me? – El Reg's weekly trip down memory lane with our dear readers. This week, our confessional column is taking a trip back to a college in the late ‘80s, with “Bryan”. While Bryan was at college, he was simulating a communication channel for binary data, which he described thus: “Take a …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018
penny wise but pound foolish

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds

Who, Me? Welcome once more to Who, Me?, where El Reg readers share their IT catastrophes. And it doesn't get much more catastrophic than this week's story from "Marty". At the time of the incident, Marty was working in the trenches at a financial institution. "When I was first employed, the rack-mount servers for our division were …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Sep 2018
drinks cans

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question

Who, Me? Monday morning can mean only one thing. No, not a general sense of foreboding – it’s Who, Me?, El Reg’s way of easing you into the week ahead with tales of other people’s mistakes. This week, “Giovanni” writes in to tell us about the time his candour had his bosses fizzing with rage. “In the early ‘90s – the era where Dot …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Sep 2018
Swearing and ranting

Experimental 'insult bot' gets out of hand during unsupervised weekend

Who, Me? It's that time of the week again, where Reg readers 'fess up to IT errors and jokes that went awry, in the hope of some catharsis. Since it's a Bank Holiday for those in the UK, today we've chosen a tale from "Gary" in which some harmless fun got out of hand over a weekend. Back in 1984, Gary was working in the research arm …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Aug 2018

Techie's test lab lands him in hot water with top tech news site

Who, Me? Monday morning arrives once more for those of you holding the fort while colleagues are on holiday.So why not enjoy this extra special instalment of Who, Me?, El Reg’s weekly confessional column. Because this week, Vulture Towers plays a leading role in the tale that our brave reader "Victor" recounts. "Perhaps 13 years ago, …
Rebecca Hill, 20 Aug 2018
Man holds hand over mouth as he looks at monitor in a worried manner

Prank 'Give me a raise!' email nearly lands sysadmin with dismissal

Who, Me? Welcome again to Who, Me?, where we invite Reg readers to begin the week crossing their fingers it will be better than those of our featured techies. This week, meet "Damian", whose tale is a warning not to get too cocky when demonstrating a security glitch. Damian's tale is of a time when he was working as an admin …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Aug 2018
Road closed sign

'Can you just pop in to the office and hit the power button?' 'Not really... the G8 is on'

Who, Me? Monday, bloody Monday. If you haven't quite recovered from the weekend, just thank your lucky stars there aren’t any major global diplomatic events to tangle with today. Unlike this week’s IT sinner, “Peter”, who writes in to El Reg’s regular confessional column Who, Me? to get an old incident off his chest. At the time in …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Aug 2018
Business man with suitcase jumping over urban obstacles

Early experiment in mass email ends with mad dash across office to unplug mail gateway

Who, me? It's Monday morning and we've all been buried under the avalanche of emails we abandoned at pub o'clock last week. Take solace in the latest instalment of Who, Me?, where Reg readers confess their past blunders. And email is the name of the game this week. Reader "Steve" tells us about the time he was a sysadmin at a small …
Rebecca Hill, 30 Jul 2018
A fractal hole

Sysadmin sank IBM mainframe by going one VM too deep

Who, me? Welcome to another glimpse inside the dark-curtained (in)box that is "Who, me?" – El Reg's confessional column in which readers seek penance for sins of the past. This week, meet "George", who many years ago was one of two sysadmins in the office products division of a three-letter computer company. And was bored. Bored, bored …
Rebecca Hill, 23 Jul 2018
person in chemical repelling suit with a suspicious bottle

Tech team trapped in data centre as hypoxic gas flooded in. Again

Who, me? Welcome once more to “Who, me?”, in which we help Reg readers to unburden themselves by telling anonymised stories of big, bad, mistakes. This week meet “Luke” who told us that about 20 years ago he was in charge of disaster recovery “for an insurance company in San Francisco” and had “a series of ‘oh shit’ days.” Lue’s …
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jul 2018
Ethernet cable rises up like a snake (artist's impression). Image via shutterstock

Tired sysadmin plugged cable into wrong port, unleashed a 'virus'

Who, me? Welcome once more to “Who, me?”, in which Reg readers ‘fess up to messes they made in the pursuit of IT excellence. This week meet “Iqbal” who told us about a Week from Hell he experienced in the year 2010, when working for a law firm. First came “a virus outbreak that infected Windows desktops” that required him to travel …

Security guard cost bank millions by hitting emergency Off button

Who, me? Special Welcome to a special edition of “Who, me?” The Register’s opportunity for readers to get their worst mistakes off their chests. We’re usually here on Mondays, but with the United States Independence Day making for slow news days, we decided to keep The Register’s servers red-lining by running an extra column. When we sneak in …
Finger pushes power button

Sysadmin shut down server, it went ‘Clunk!’ but the app kept running

Who, me? Hello? Anyone there? We understand that plenty of you in the northern hemisphere might not bother this week. For those of you who are still working, welcome to another instalment of “Who, me?”, The Register’s confessional column in which readers reveal their worst mistakes. This week meet “Rick” who told us that in the mid- …

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