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Google wants permission to build an experimental wireless 2.5GHz network to test secret technology using 50 base stations and 200 devices. The network will squeeze into two 2MHz-wide slots, starting at 2524MHz and 2567MHz, and will use both directional and omni-directional antennas mounted on walls and ceilings across the …
Bill Ray, 24 Jan 2013
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Jocks strap into new gov-funded White Space boffinry base

The Scottish Funding Council has bunged Strathclyde University cash to set up a boffinry base to develop cunning uses of spare radio frequencies known as White Space. The technology aims to put unused spectrum to good use by dynamically assigning empty airwaves to wireless microphones and such things. It is hoped to enable …
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013
Weightless logo

WTF is... Weightless?

Weightless, the would-be world standard that allows devices to talk to devices without human intervention, reaches its first major release milestone this spring. Version 1.0 of the technology specification is set to be published in March or April and then it will be able to begin making the much-hyped but yet to be delivered ‘ …
Tony Smith, 21 Jan 2013
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FCC: Kids, here's 100MHz of radio spectrum - but you have to share

US regulator the FCC will hand over another 100MHz of radio spectrum to unlicensed wireless users, just as long as they let someone know they're using it, as the White Space expands to fill every gap. The band runs from 3550MHz to 3650MHz, making it slightly larger than the 2.4GHz band used for Wi-Fi. It's currently occupied …
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012
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Ofcom: White Space. We're bloody serious this time. ONE YEAR

Ofcom has laid out the rules regarding White Space devices, kicking off a consultation process which could see devices on the shelves around the end of next year. The rules are complicated, because devices operating in White Spaces have to consult with an online database for usable frequencies, and check back regularly to …
Bill Ray, 23 Nov 2012
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Investors toss $5m to UK firm: Just keep making that White Space kit

Cambridge-based developer of White Space kit Neul has raised another $5m to keep it operational while hardware improves, and Ofcom gets round to making its devices legal. The money follows the $12.8m which Neul has been spending since June last year, and comes from various investors including Mistui & Co. The money should …
Bill Ray, 6 Sep 2012
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White Space trial: First Cambridge, then... THE WORLD

Despite blanketing Cambridge with trials, and White Space kit becoming legal in the USA, the White Space Summit in Duxford yesterday was still focusing on trying to convince the world that the technology will change everything – and for the better. In the UK, White Space devices should be legal around the end of 2012, and …
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2012
White Space networking

WTF is... White Space radio networking?

Feature 2012 will be the year White Space radio starts delivering networks of unprecedented speed and range, but if it works then White Space will also change how radio is used across the spectrum. The first commercial radio networks utilising White Space are already running, but in eagerness to associate White Space with the ever- …
Bill Ray, 12 Mar 2012
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Ofcom supremo dreams of filling WORLD'S cracks

Ofcom's chief executive has been telling Brussels about the importance of White Spaces, and how Europe should be leading the shift to dynamic spectrum allocation rather than following behind the Americans. Speaking at the Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum, Ed Richards reminded the crowd that filling the White Spaces – locally …
Bill Ray, 8 Mar 2012
Wi-Fi Alliance

Hands off our brand, Wi-Fi body warns 'white space' tech firms

Don't call wireless networks that operate at frequencies formerly reserved for TV transmissions "Wi-Fi", the owner of the brand has warned. The Wi-Fi Alliance doesn't like the idea that chip makers and other tech companies promoting products that operate in the electromagnetic spectrum's "White Space" zones are pitching their …
Tony Smith, 1 Feb 2012
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Microsoft carves up Wi-Fi into White Spaces

Researchers from Microsoft have proposed running Wi-Fi in White Spaces, by slicing up the Wi-Fi signal into bundles small enough to fit between the broadcast TV channels. The proposal, termed Wi-Fi Narrow Channel (Wi-Fi NC), means reusing lots of Wi-Fi technology. But unlike those who want to just squeeze the existing wireless …
Bill Ray, 13 Jan 2012
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It's going to be a White (Space) winter after all

The FCC has announced that the world's first White Space database will go live on 26 January 2012, allowing unlicensed devices to find unused frequencies, as long as they're in Wilmington, North Carolina. The FCC has, as expected, granted the first database to Florida-based Spectrum Bridge, who recently completed a set of …
Bill Ray, 28 Dec 2011
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Ofcom squeezes local TV into 20 cities' tight White Spaces

Ofcom has identified 20 locations where it believes local telly, broadcast in White Space, is technically possible, and stands the best chance of being commercially viable. The list includes Birmingham and Glasgow as well as Norwich and Leeds, but it's the London site which will most likely be contested by bidders. Those …
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2011
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White space database trial points to 2011 launch

The first trial of a live white space database has completed, and demonstrated that the technology works – even if the people using it need a little more work. The 45-day trial was run by Spectrum Bridge, and is a necessary precursor to FCC certification as an official white space database. With the trial completed, the FCC …
Bill Ray, 7 Nov 2011
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Huawei stuffs LTE into TV bands

While the world's network operators pay billions for 4G radio frequencies, Huawei is calmly testing LTE in the licence-free white space spectrum, though squeezing it into the required mask will be tough. Huawei will be testing the technique, which uses time division duplex (TDD) LTE in the television-broadcast bands not being …
Bill Ray, 25 Oct 2011
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US White Space XML blueprints emitted

Eight of the companies planning to run US databases of White Space have published the XML schema, and polling protocol, they intend to use to keep their data synchronised. The two documents, Database Interoperability Specification (65-page PDF/1.2MB, very XMLy) and the Channel Calculation Guideline (19-page PDF/965kb, very …
Bill Ray, 12 Oct 2011

Does white space need to be Weightless?

Next week will see the formal launch of the Weightless radio protocol, designed for use in the soon-to-be-available white space frequencies. But can a protocol without weight really do it all? Next Friday (30 September), all the major companies in the UK white space business will be gathered in Cambridge to talk about which …
Bill Ray, 25 Sep 2011
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UK to make White Space devices legal

The feedback from Ofcom's consultation on White Space has convinced the regulator to push ahead of Europe and get deployments by 2013 – if the technology can be shown to work. Ofcom received 25 non-confidential responses to its consultation, which was published in November last year. Based on those comments the regulator is to …
Bill Ray, 1 Sep 2011

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