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Scientists tail whales, hails their tales of record 14,000-mile migration

The habits and movements of three highly evolved creatures have been tracked by scientists using sophisticated technology for more than five months, The Register can reveal. Bio-boffins collected copious amounts of data on the three Western Pacific Grey Whales — Vavara, Agent and Flex — who were tracked from Russia via Alaska …
Jennifer Baker, 16 Apr 2015

Icelandic brewers knock up whale 'nad beer

Icelandic beer botherer Stedji has unsurprisingly rather annoyed conservationists with the imminent release of a winter brew flavoured with smoked whale testicles, Visir reports. The "Hvalur 2" brew comes on the heels of last winter's successful Hvalur ("Whale") concoction, which contained "among other things the viscera and …
Lester Haines, 13 Jan 2015

MOULDY DICK: France aims to snatch EXPLODING WHALE crown from U.S.

French explosives experts have been put on high alert as officials consider plans to carry out a controlled detonation of a beached whale. The 15-ton beast washed ashore near Montpelier earlier in the month and quickly turned into a stinking and potentially dangerous mound of rotting horribleness. Dead whales are not just a …
Jasper Hamill, 12 Nov 2014

Unsung DEAD WHALE EXPLODER hero, who gave the early internet a purpose, passes away

Obituary The internet is mourning the sad death of George Thomas Thornton, the man who gained immortal fame for blowing up a dead whale on TV and so created what was probably the first truly viral video. The video of the infamous exploding whale. Thornton became famous when a video showing his rather ill-advised decision to get rid of …
Team Register, 5 Nov 2013
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EXTREMELY RARE never-seen-alive WHALES found (briefly) alive

A pair of rare whales that boffins thought might be extinct has washed up on a New Zealand beach. A Grays beaked whale A Grays beaked, not a spade-toothed beaked, whale Marine biologists previously only knew the spade-toothed beaked whale (Mesoplodon traversii) from a few old bones: but then, not one but two of the rare …

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

A young Beluga whale spent four years apparently trying to speak English recently, according to scientists in California. The cetacean's enunciation was apparently clear enough that it was actually discovered when the creature ordered a startled diver to get out of the water. “The whale’s vocalizations often sounded as if …
Lewis Page, 23 Oct 2012
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Beached whale on Suffolk coast - Reader snap

Pic The UK media is giving some big play to the unfortunate whale which has trapped itself on a beach in Suffolk. We can't normally spare cross-platform media operatives for tasks of this sort: but even so the Eye of the Vulture misses little, and in this case we have a picture from the scene. A sad day on the beach at Shingle …
Team Register, 1 Oct 2012
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Whale versus shark in KIWI DEATH MATCH!

New Zealand residents were treated to a spectacular event just before New Year, when a beachside encounter between orcas and sharks turned into a surf-churning blood-in-the-water battle worthy of a cheesy horror flick. The bloody battle, captured on video by local residents, took place at Blue Cliffs Beach in Tuatapere in New …
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Prof pooh-poohed in pig-v-whale hippo genealogy brouhaha

Rival Canadian and American boffins went head to head this week, battling to resolve one of the most hotly-disputed scientific questions of recent times. That is of course: are hippos a type of amphibious whale, or are they in fact a freshwater pig? Heading up the porker-potamus school is Professor J G M Thewissen of the …
Lewis Page, 20 Mar 2009
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Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Analysis There's widespread media panic at moment over the news that French and British nuclear-missile submarines collided beneath the Atlantic earlier this month. But in fact atomic-powered and -armed submarines have been bumping into each other - and sometimes sinking - for decades with no significant effects. No, seriously. They …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2009
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Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

Analysis For the last twenty-four hours or so the news has been full of beached dolphins, following incidents since Monday near Falmouth in which more than 70 of the marine mammals got into trouble and reportedly up to 30 have died. Various theories have been advanced for the mass stranding, the largest seen in Britain for a quarter- …
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2008

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