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Opera sings WebKit's tune for new mobile browser

WebKit, the open source web page rendering engine used in Chrome and Safari, is about to pick up another sliver of market share after Norwegian browser-maker Opera revealed it will drop its own rendering engine in a forthcoming mobile browser. Opera has, for many years, used its own Presto rendering engine, but that apparently …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jan 2013
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MS plans response to HP's webOS ... in 2013

Hewlett-Packard's recent presentation of its plans to place webOS at the heart of a broad cloud strategy highlighted a route that Microsoft, Google and Amazon will also take, in their different ways. Essential to HP's desire to offer an end-to-end cloud platform – giving it control of a vast range of web apps and devices – is …
Wireless Watch, 27 Mar 2011
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Apple security update leaves iPhone 3G users unprotected

Apple is leaving some of its older mobile devices unprotected with its latest patch batch. An iOS 4.3 update, which includes a number of critical security fixes, is incompatible with the still widely used iPhone 3G and older versions of the iPod Touch. The latest version of Apple's mobile software can only be applied on the …
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2011
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Microsoft U-turns on WebKit extension for Mobile IE

The Microsoft team building Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7 has U-turned on plans to add an extension from WebKit to their browser. The company will only offer a Microsoft-specific prefix to scale text using the next CSS in its mobile phone browser, and it won't add support for the -webkit-text-size-adjust CSS selector …
Gavin Clarke, 12 May 2010
TomTom Go Live 1000

TomTom to brings apps, always-on connectivity to satnavs

TomTom has unveiled its next-gen navigator - a gadget it hopes will bring downloadable apps to satnavs and allow it to cash in on the craze the way Apple has. The TomTom Go Live 1000 will go on sale in the summer. When it's here, it will incorporate cellular connectivity - Vodafone is TomTom's data partner, and the two have a …
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2010
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Apple joins expanded HTML 5 leadership team

Apple is stepping up to an expanded leadership team helping steward the magnum opus that is HTML 5. The manager of Apple's WebKit WebApps Team, Maciej Stachowiak, has been named co-chairperson of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML 5 working group. Stachowiak is a longtime developer on the WebKit open-source browser …
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2009
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RIM joins WebKittens litter with Torch-Mobile buy

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry, has acquired Torch Mobile, developers of the WebKit-based Iris Browser. A brief posting on Torch Mobile's blog says: "Our team of developers will join RIM’s global organization and will now be focused on utilizing our WebKit-based mobile browser expertise to contribute to the …
Rik Myslewski, 24 Aug 2009
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Adobe CTO calls for JavaScript coordination

Adobe MAX Adobe Systems' chief technology officer has placed his faith standards bodies to help overcome Balkanization in an important web technology, despite losing a recent round of vendor combat. Kevin Lynch said at MAX that Adobe would continue participation in bodies like ECMA, even though they aren't moving as fast as his company …
Gavin Clarke, 18 Nov 2008
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WebKit passes third Acid test

WebKit - the framework that underpins Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome browser, and its Android phone platform - has become the first browser to pass the full Acid 3 test. The Acid tests are designed to check how compliant a browser is with the web standards laid down by the Web Standards Project (WaSP). Acid 3, reckoned to be …
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Chrome: A new force for web applications?

Review Google's new web browser has provoked an orgy of comment almost rivalling that for a new trinket from Apple. There's plenty of froth, but for once the interest is justified. This is not just a browser: it is a vehicle for delivering web applications, and it significantly changes the balance of power between those trying to …
Tim Anderson, 4 Sep 2008

Apple's fourth Leopard spits out 25 patches

Apple has coughed up 25 security updates that come bundled with yesterday's release of Mac OS X 10.5.4. The firm said its latest Leopard release addresses operating system and application performance issues and fixes a heap of security flaws. The update affects operating system components that include CoreTypes, c++filt, Net- …
Kelly Fiveash, 1 Jul 2008

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