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Quit WebEx now if you want to live! (Bad bugs, not killer slideware)

It's time for Cisco's Midweek Misery, netadmins, with four critical vulns to patch and a slew of others to look over if you have time. WebEx has two nasties, CVE-2018-0112 and CVE-2018-0264. CVE-2018-0112 is a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in two clients (the WebEx Business Suite client and WebEx Meetings), and …

Cisco snuffs Spark, renames it 'WebEx Teams'

Roundup Cisco leads the networking roundup this week, with news that there's one fewer way to avoid its WebEx brand: as part of a product reorganisation, what was Cisco Spark is to become WebEx Teams. It's more than a rebrand, Cisco's Jonathan Rosenberg insisted here, because in the Olde Worlde, Sparkies could join Spark meetings, and …

Flash! Ah-ahhh! WebEx pwned for all of us!

Cisco has patched a serious vulnerability in its WebEx software that lets an attacker remotely execute code on target machines via poisoned Adobe Flash files. Switchzilla is today advising all users running WebEx Business Suite or WebEx Meetings (both client and server) to update their software in order to patch CVE-2018-0112 …
Shaun Nichols, 19 Apr 2018
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Russian malware scum post new rent-an-exploit

WebEx on Firefox is among the targets of a new exploit kit that's started circulating on Russian nastyware exchanges. The Disdain-based exploit kit is described here by security services outfit IntSights, which says the exploit kit is offered by someone using the handle "Cehceny". David Montenegro (@CryptoInsane) says Disdain …
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On the interactive web conference, nobody will hear you are a dog

Cisco's updating the old internet anonymity maxim - "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" - by training its WebEx conferencing wares to recognise sounds. The company says that "in the next couple of weeks, sounds like knocking, typing, sirens, and barking dogs are classified as background noise by WebEx." Artificial …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Aug 2017

Cisco plugs command-injection hole in WebEx Chrome, Firefox plugins

Cisco has patched its Chrome and Firefox WebEx plugins to kill a bug that allows evil webpages to execute commands on computers. A malicious page, when visited by a vulnerable Windows machine, can exploit the security flaw (CVE-2017-6753) to run arbitrary commands and code with the same privileges as the browser. In other …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Jul 2017

Cisco TelePresence control software had remote-exploitable bug

Cisco has turned up a packet fragmentation issue in its TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit software that opens up a denial-of-service and remote code execution vulnerability. Announced here, the bug has been patched, but if you need time to install the fix, you can configure the TelePresence system to run in “transcoded” …
Tavis Ormandy's WebEx Proof-of-concept

Cisco's WebEx Chrome plugin will execute evil code, install malware via secret 'magic URL'

Updated Malicious websites can remotely execute commands on Windows systems that have Cisco WebEx's Chrome extension installed. About 20 million people actively use this broken software. All attackers need to know is a “magic URL” hidden within WebEx, Google Project Zero bug hunter Tavis Ormandy revealed on Monday. We think a secret " …

Cisco drops patch for nasty WebEx remote code execution hole

Cisco is warning admins to apply a patch for a critical WebEx vulnerability, one of nine fixed this week. The remote code execution flaw (CVE-2016-1482) could allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands on WebEx servers. Admins can only apply the patch and do not have an option to deploy work-around mitigations. "A …
Darren Pauli, 16 Sep 2016
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Cisco plugs WebEx for Android bug

If you work for the kind of company that imposes the WebEx experience even on mobile users, it's update time. A bug rated medium severity by Cisco has emerged, in which a malicious Android app could borrow the permissions held by WebEx Meetings for Android. Unfortunately, those permissions are quite extensive (app developers …

Change the plan for Sat night, hackers. No more biz meetup eavesdrop LOLs

Cisco has patched four holes in WebEx that allowed attackers to gain access to video conferences and gain other administrative functions. The popular platform contained a cross site request forgery in versions 1.5 and below. Cisco slapped a moderate severity rating on the bug (CVE-2014-8031). "A vulnerability in the web …
Darren Pauli, 14 Jan 2015
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WebEx gets shiny Chromebook look

Cisco and Google have agreed to play nice in the enterprise, with the two deciding to collaborate to put the WebEx collaboration service on Chromebook machines. Cisco's Rowan Trollope, senior veep and general manager for the Collaboration Technology Group, made the announcement along with Google's Rajen Sheth at Enterprise …
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Cheeky SalesCrunch flips Cisco $1 for WebEx biz

A serial entrepreneur with a penchant for sales has made Cisco Systems an offer that it most certainly can refuse and also snicker at: $1, plus a 15 per cent equity stake, in rival SalesCrunch if Cisco hands over its WebEx online meeting biz. In a statement, New York-based SalesCrunch tried to make the case that the online …

Cisco refuses to deny it will sell off Linksys

Cisco is understood to be planning to sell off its consumer router Linksys business. The company has declined to squash the rumour. According to people familiar with the situation, the network giant is mulling over letting go of its WebEx brand, too. The moves could come as soon as next week. A Cisco spokesman told The …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 May 2011
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Cisco stakes out 30 markets for IP world domination

Analysis In 2003, Cisco selected six key emerging markets on which to focus to drive growth and new revenue streams. Recently, it has increased that number to a huge 30, all unified by the common theme that they are driven by the explosion of data traffic over wired and wireless IP networks. Cisco’s new markets Last week Cisco CEO …
Wireless Watch, 21 May 2009
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Nokia sees easy meat with Easy Meet

Nokia's BetaLabs has conjured up a virtual meeting system with an emphasis on mobility and informality, rather than the usual ability to administer death by PowerPoint from a distance. Nokia's BetaLabs generally turns out interesting, if niche, applications for Symbian-based handsets. Easy Meet is cross-platform, however, …
Bill Ray, 15 Apr 2009

Cisco eyeballs IBM and Microsoft with SaaS conferencing

Cisco is offering a new collaboration portfolio and offering to whup IBM and Microsoft's collaborative asses with a software-as-a-service WebEx-based offering. The company is once again moving up from network stack into network-based applications and updating its Unified Communications System platform to release 7.0 to support …
Chris Mellor, 24 Sep 2008
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Cisco plugs online meeting bug

Cisco has plugged a buffer overflow flaw involving its popular WebEx online meeting client. The vulnerability, which involves a bug in an ActiveX control, was revealed in a posting by security researcher Elazar Broad on 6 August, more than a week before Cisco issued an advisory on Friday (15 August). Cisco told Broad it was …
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2008

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