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Webcast follow-up: HP makes the case for convergence

One of the things that surprised many in our recent Regcast on converged infrastructure (CI) was the claim by HP’s Clive Freeman that hardware optimisation for well-defined workloads far outstrips the performance you would get for the same price using software optimisation on a standard platform. Afterwards, I asked Clive how …
Tim Phillips, 5 Sep 2014

Didn't have time to ask about it in our security Regcast? No problem

Our Regcast Security: Knowing what you don't know - and what you can do about it (on demand version here) brought together Raimund Genes, CTO of Trend Micro, and Freeform Dynamics' Tony Lock, chief security nagging officer of the analyst community. They gave us a fascinating insight into how the security landscape has changed …
Tim Phillips, 11 Apr 2014

Top500 founders talk big

As many of you know by now, there’s a new computer at the tippy top of the just-published Top500 list. I found out a bit earlier than most, via a webcast I was recording at 3:00 a.m. my local time on Sunday. It was a bit of a struggle to record it; their net connection kept breaking, and the sound quality on my side was like a …
Dan Olds, 22 Jun 2011
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The practicalities of unified comms implementation

On-Demand Webcast Earlier this week we published the first part of our Unified Comms video series. Today, in Part Two, we're looking at the practicalities of a unified comms implementation. Our end user guru, Darren Lloyd, from Newport City Homes is once again driving the proceedings and sharing the wisdom he’s gained from his recent, green …
Team Register, 27 May 2010
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Business intelligence for real

On Demand Just last Thursday we had a live broadcast from our illustrious studios that explained how business intelligence can be used to good effect in your business – given the new end-user demands everyone is facing. In the moderator's chair was The Reg’s own delightful Tim Phillips. He was joined by Martin Atherton from Freeform …
Team Register, 25 May 2010
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The rise of targeted attacks

Webcast Earlier this month Paul Wood of MessageLabs joined Freeform Dynamics’ Jon Collins in the Reg studio to discuss targeted attacks and their affect on the modern business. This thirty minute audio webcast with accompanying slides is now available to watch free of charge from the Reg Archives. Volumes of targeted attacks are on …
Team Register, 25 Nov 2009
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The Register's threat predictions for 2010

Webcast Find out what threats lie in wait for your business throughout 2010 and how to avoid them, with this free to view audio slideshow from The Register, in association with MessageLabs. Last week we invited Freeform Dynamics' Jon Collins and Paul Wood of MessageLabs to bring their crystal balls to the Reg studio and give us their …
Team Register, 19 Nov 2009
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Service management: The state we're in

Webcast Last week we ran a live webcast on the huge topic of service management. This is now available on-demand. Our 60-minute webcast features industry analysts Martin Atherton and Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics, who donning business and IT hats respectively, as they assess the development of service management across the …
Jamie Bodkin, 15 Oct 2009
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Deploying VoIP in the real world

webcast So you want to some cash on your business telco bills, and are wondering if VoIP might be an option - but you're too busy to do the research? We've got just the tonic for you. On 21 October, at 2pm BST, we squeeze some VoIP experts into the Reg studios who will give you the low-down on the choices, challenges and consequences …
Team Register, 6 Oct 2009
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Looking at the threat landscape

Regcast Be it Botnets or targeted attacks, increasingly sophisticated threats to your organisation are lurking just around the corner. Stay bang up to date on the latest techniques and how to best combat them by tuning into The Register’s Understanding The Threat Webcast. This 35 minute audio webcast with accompanying slide deck …
Jamie Bodkin, 16 Sep 2009
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This is the El Reg Agile Data Center Summit

With less than a day to go, we are counting down the hours to our Agile Data Center Summit, tomorrow 12.30pm EST, 5.30pm BST. It’s live, fully interactive and broadcasting straight to your browser. Take a minute to reserve your spot . Featuring seasoned experts, leading analysts and you, our beloved readers, the event will …
Jamie Bodkin, 14 Sep 2009
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Open source, proprietary or a little of both?

Webcast Replay The Register's latest video webcast, an expert look at open source and traditional proprietary software models, is now available on-demand from the Reg archives. This broadcast explores the relative merits of open source and traditional proprietary software, and discusses how they can best be made to co-exist happily. El Reg …
Team Register, 17 Aug 2009
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App dev security – where are the risks?

Thanks for some great comments from the article about making applications more secure. One of my favourites was, “It's all very well trying to make your software idiot proof, but the problem is that the world keeps creating bigger and better idiots.” How true this often appears. Meanwhile, from secure applications we can turn …
Jon Collins, 17 Jul 2009
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Can outsiders improve MS-Exchange?

Regcast Last week Chris Scharff of Dell joined Gabriel Consulting’s Dan Olds in the Reg studio, to discuss the big challenges that organisations face in minding the company email. their This 30-minute audio exclusive with accompanying slides is available to download free of charge from the Reg Library. As email volumes soar, sorting …
Jamie Bodkin, 14 Jul 2009
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How to improve your application security

Regcast With major security breaches in the news almost daily, IT security practitioners are starting to pay more attention to the how rather than the why when it comes to application security. This is the topic of our upcoming webcast: Jump start your Application Security initiatives. This interactive event goes out live on July 21 …
Jamie Bodkin, 30 Jun 2009
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Dell takes Reg readers to the Cloud

Last week Samy Aboel-Nil, Dell market dev director, popped into Vulture Central to discuss the company’s ambitious drive into Cloud-based software and security services. Those who missed the live webcast/ slideshow can now tune into the on-demand edition. Samy linked up with The Register’s event moderator Tim Phillips and Dan …
Team Register, 26 Jun 2009

TechNet Virtual Conference goes on-demand

Microsoft’s TechNet Virtual conference is now available on-demand. You can catch the proceedings at your own leisure here. Held on June 19, TechNet Virtual brought together Microsoft experts and the IT community. The Register was the official media sponsor. The conference ran in two separate “auditoriums” and was designed to …
Jamie Bodkin, 25 Jun 2009
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Demanding times for storage platforms

Regcast Our Regcast “Storage Platforms and Business Advantage” is now available on-demand . Our experts look at the pressures that ever-changing business requirements place on storage platforms. And the panel discusses the solutions that help to better align storage performance, protection and availability with business needs. Over …
Jamie Bodkin, 23 Jun 2009

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