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Firefox to speed up dev cycle, go multi-process, rip and replace UI – soon

Mozilla is planning big changes in how it builds its Firefox web browser, including speeding up its release schedule and – in the long term – getting rid of some of the Mozilla-specific technologies that have traditionally been used to build the browser's UI and add-ons. The decisions were discussed at Moz's "Coincidental Work …
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Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage

Microsoft says it decided to start from scratch with a new web rendering engine for Windows 10 because keeping up with web standards while maintaining compatibility with older, noncompliant versions of Internet Explorer had simply become too much of a burden. "Fixing long standing interoperability bugs with other modern …
Neil McAllister, 26 Feb 2015
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Yes, Virginia, there IS a W3C HTML5 standard – as of now, that is

After nearly 10 years of development, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has promoted the HTML5 specification to Recommendation status, its highest level of maturation, effectively making the markup language a formal web standard. "For application developers and industry, HTML5 represents a set of features that people will be …
Neil McAllister, 28 Oct 2014

Microsoft throws old versions of Internet Explorer under the bus

Microsoft has confirmed that it's ending support for old versions of Internet Explorer, and it's giving you just shy of 18 months to get up to date. Roger Capriotti, director of the IE team, blogged on Thursday that beginning on January 12, 2016, only the most recent version of IE on any supported version of Windows will …
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It's War: Internet of things firms butt heads over talking-fridge tech standards

Intel’s Internet of Stuff standards-seeking group is planning to have a first code drop of middleware ready for developers in the third quarter this year, the firm told The Register. Smart home Gary Martz, Chipzilla's wireless product line manager, said that between members like Intel, Broadcom, Samsung, Dell and Atmel, the …

Microsoft: IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 is TOO GOOD. So we'll cripple it like Safari

The forthcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update will include plenty of tweaks and fixes for Internet Explorer 11, and while many of them are designed to improve the browser's web standards compliance, Redmond says others are designed to do exactly the opposite. The problem, to hear Microsoft tell it, is that IE11 on Windows Phone is …

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software

Compatibility problems continue to plague Internet Explorer 11, with some Microsoft customers once again complaining that the company's latest browser doesn't work with one of its own products. Users first raised red flags about IE11 in October, when reports surfaced that the browser was rendering a number of sites strangely, …
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Google to put Chrome Frame to pasture in 2014

After four years Google is retiring Chrome Frame, its browser plug-in that embeds the Chrome HTML rendering and JavaScript engines inside Internet Explorer. "It's unusual to build something and hope it eventually makes itself obsolete," Chrome engineer Robert Shield wrote in a blog post on Thursday, "but in this case we see …
Neil McAllister, 13 Jun 2013
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jQuery 2.0 kicks old Internet Explorer versions to the curb

Popular JavaScript library jQuery has reached version 2.0, and as expected, the new release drops support for older versions of Internet Explorer, including IE 6, 7, and 8. Many developers have come to rely on jQuery to ease some of the headaches of developing sophisticated, cross-browser web UIs, particularly where it comes …
Neil McAllister, 19 Apr 2013
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Microsoft teases IE10 for Win7 with Blocker Toolkit

Microsoft has dropped a strong hint that the long-awaited version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 might actually ship soon – ironically, by releasing a tool that blocks installation of the browser on users' PCs. According to Microsoft's FAQ, the Internet Explorer 10 Blocker Toolkit will prevent Windows Update from …
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Microsoft: Old Internet Explorer is terrible and 'we want to help'

As every web developer knows, one of the biggest headaches of building modern, standards-compliant web pages is getting them to look and work right in Internet Explorer. Well, coders, apparently Microsoft feels your pain, because it has released a new set of free tools to help you do just that. The tools, collectively dubbed …
Neil McAllister, 31 Jan 2013
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Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has moved ahead with plans to develop the next two versions of the HTML web markup language, having released new draft specifications of HTML5, HTML 5.1, and related standards. On Monday, the web standards body published the first "candidate recommendation" of HTML5, bringing the standard to …
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2012
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HTML5 still floundering in 'chicken and egg' era, says Intel

IDF 2012 The new HTML5 APIs may have triggered an arms race among desktop browser vendors to see who could deliver the best performance and standards compliance, but when it comes to anything but a traditional PC, developers should be prepared for serious challenges – or so says an Intel rep. "You're going to run into fragmented levels …
Neil McAllister, 12 Sep 2012
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Microsoft claims IE8 is 'a leap forward in web standards'

Microsoft may have failed the Acid3 test with the release of its Internet Explorer 8 browser, but that hasn’t dampened Redmond’s spirits a jot – in fact the company is busy making all sorts of noises about its new-found web standards credentials. The software giant claimed on Friday that the arrival of IE8 represented “a leap …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Mar 2009
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Mozilla insists Firefox 3.1 won't hit bum note for developers

Mozilla Corporation has claimed that the transition to Firefox 3.1 won’t be “a major pain-in-the-ass” and pledged developers will not be hit by “surprises along the way”, after royally hacking off users with the 3.0 launch. The company's platform evangelist Mark Finkle said on his blog that extension developers, who suffered …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jul 2008

'IE8 compatible' - the cure for web standards headache?

MIX07 It took Microsoft six years to move Internet Explorer versions from 6 to 7. IE8 should be along a little quicker - it is slated for release within two years, less than three years after IE7's October 2006 debut. But Microsoft has a big, big task on its hands: how to improve support for web standards in IE, without breaking …
Gavin Clarke, 1 May 2007

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