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UK ISPs may be handed cock-blocking powers

Internet providers in the UK could be given powers to block user access at their own discretion in an amendment to the controversial Digital Economy Bill. The Bill, currently being scrutinised by the House of Lords*, will introduce age verification checks for online porn. Under the proposed legislation, pornographic websites …
Kat Hall, 25 Jan 2017

Brit ISPs ordered to add more movie-streaming websites to block list

The UK’s biggest ISPs must block customers from accessing another two unlicensed movie-streaming sites, SolarMovie and Tubeplus. High Court Judge Lord Justice Arnold has ruled that the ISPs should add the sites to the ever-growing list of websites which it must prevent customers from accessing. The Big Five ISPs – BT, Sky …
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2013

Pakistan in YouTube unblock rumours

Pakistani authorities could finally be ready to unblock YouTube after a year-long ban in the country following the appearance of a provocative anti-Muslim video on the site. Sources there told TechInAsia that the Google site had become available to some web users again, although it wasn’t working across the board. YouTube was …
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Men's rights activists: Symantec branded us a 'hate group'

A men's issues website has cried foul after it was apparently classified as a "hate" site by Symantec. Surfers visiting A Voice for Men ( were confronted by a message stating that it is a "known hate site" blocking from going any further by web-filtering technology in Symantec. A Voice for Men angrily …
John Leyden, 11 Feb 2013
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Iran: Sorry for the Gmail blockade – we were trying to block YouTube

Iran has restored access to Gmail and other Google services, but a block on YouTube remains in place. The Islamic Republic blocked a wide range of Google services last week in the wake of the controversy about the Innocence of Muslims, an amateur anti-Islamic film whose trailer was uploaded to YouTube. Surfers in Iran were …
John Leyden, 1 Oct 2012
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Oi, missile boffins! Stop ogling web filth at work - Pentagon

Pentagon top brass have ordered missile defence boffins to stop using government computers to surf for porn. An official memo, dispatched by Executive Director John James Jr, reprimanded employees and contractors over "inappropriate use of the MDA [Missile Defense Agency] network" over recent months. "Specifically, there have …
John Leyden, 2 Aug 2012
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Iran's plan to UNPLUG the INTERWEBS back from the dead

Analysis Iran's plans to unplug consumers from the internet – replacing the network with an insular walled-garden intranet restricted to the Islamic republic – are unlikely to come to anything. A story about a supposed alternative 'clean' alternative network has been doing the rounds, alleging that the repressive state was building a …
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2012
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Websense yanks censorware from Yemen

Websense has blocked two ISPs in Yemen from receiving updates after it emerged that they were using its filtering technology in a government-mandated censorship scheme. The OpenNet Initiative, a pressure group that identifies and documents Internet filtering and surveillance, found that YemenNet and TeleYemen/Y.Net were using …
John Leyden, 11 Aug 2009
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Watchguard bags BorderWare to push content security

Net security firm WatchGuard has acquired privately-held email and web security firm BorderWare Technologies, of Toronto, Canada. Terms of the deal, announced Tuesday, were undisclosed. Watchguard said the deal will allow it to add BorderWare's messaging, content security and cloud-based security services to its portfolio. …
John Leyden, 4 Aug 2009
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US calls for China to revoke censorware plan

The US adminstration is pushing China to review its controversial policy of mandating the installation of specific content filtering software on new PCs. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and US Trade Representative Ron Kirk argue China may be placing itself in violation of World Trade Organization regulations by insisting on the …
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2009
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Websense mistakes for hack site

Websense briefly classified the home page of networking giant Cisco as a hacking site earlier this week. As a result of the snafu, corporate users of Websense's web filtering technology were denied access to for about 15 minutes on Tuesday. Websense explained that the censorware cock-up arose because an IP address …
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2009
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Primary schools hit by smut hack

UK primary school sites are being targeted by sleazy hackers in an attack that has reportedly resulted in hardcore porn appearing on web pages bearing school logos. Twenty schools' sites have fallen victim to the spoofed or defaced web page porn assault, the Times Educational Supplement reports. Many of the sites use Moodle, …
John Leyden, 4 Feb 2009

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