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It's 2017, and command injection is still the top threat to web apps

The Open Web Application Security Project will on Monday, US time, reveal its annual analysis of web application risks, but The Register has sniffed out the final draft of the report and can report that it has found familiar attacks top its charts, but exotic exploits are on the rise. A late pre-release version of the Project' …

Amazon opens Appstore doors to web apps

Amazon has begun accepting web apps and mobile-optimized websites for sale in its Amazon Appstore for Kindle and Android devices, allowing developers to market their HTML-based wares to mobile users in over 200 countries. "By launching support for HTML5 web apps in the Mobile App Distribution Program, we're giving web …
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Code-probing, not Angry Birds, will define cloud's success

Open ... and Shut The cloud promises a new era of cost reduction and agility for IT, and enterprises are diving in (warning: PDF) to secure these benefits. But the process for moving applications to the cloud can be messy, particularly for those companies that haven't battle-tested their applications to ensure they can run in the cloud at scale …
Matt Asay, 6 Dec 2011
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Opera pushes out 10.6 preview

Opera has released a public beta of its next browser release, 10.6 - featuring support for royalty-free WebM video and HTML5 offline web apps. This will be the next major milestone for Linux and BSD users, since Opera is skipping an official 10.5 release for those platforms. Opera claims the JavaScript engine is up to 75 per …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jun 2010
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Sun hails rise of self-scaling software

CloudWorld Lew Tucker envisions a world in which web applications can scale up their own hardware resources. Apps will not only run in the proverbial cloud, he says, they'll have the power to grab more cloudiness whenever they need it. "As we look into the future, we're going to see that applications are going to be increasingly …
Cade Metz, 13 Aug 2009
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Chrome: A new force for web applications?

Review Google's new web browser has provoked an orgy of comment almost rivalling that for a new trinket from Apple. There's plenty of froth, but for once the interest is justified. This is not just a browser: it is a vehicle for delivering web applications, and it significantly changes the balance of power between those trying to …
Tim Anderson, 4 Sep 2008
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Google releases open source browser

Google is releasing an open source browser called Google Chrome which it promises will be small, fast and stable. Available for download shortly, the tabbed browser is explained in a 38 page comic by Scott McCloud. The comic explains that browsers are now very different from when first introduced - they are used for running …
John Oates, 2 Sep 2008
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Jobs in 'Apple not perfect' shock

An internal email sent by Steve Jobs admits that MobileMe was "not up to Apple's standards" and that the company tried to do too much too quickly. The shock missive, which tips the world upside down for Mactopians, goes on to admit that they've still got a lot to learn about internet services. The details are being reported …
Bill Ray, 5 Aug 2008
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Microsoft and Zend juice PHP for Windows

Zend PHP 07 Zend Technologies, the industry's PHP steward, today delivers the first fruits of its collaboration with Microsoft while expanding the companies' relationship. The open source scripting specialist will open its PHP Conference and Expo today announcing the release of FastCGI for Microsoft's IIS in Windows Server 2003 and the …
Gavin Clarke, 9 Oct 2007
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Blockbuster and Netflix stop suing each other

Blockbuster and Netflix have ended their patent litigation battle, Blockbuster revealed today. No terms have been announced, but in an SEC filing the video retailing giant said the settlement would not affect financial performance. Twelve months ago Blockbuster filed a counter-claim, accusing Netflix of using deceptive …
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2007
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Google search rivals full of sound and fury

Analysis The rumor hit the web early this month. Citing an anonymous source, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reported that Microsoft was putting together some sort of uber search team at its Silicon Valley outpost in Mountain View, California. Gathering at least twenty “rock star” developers - including 23-year-old wunderkind Sanaz Ahari …
Cade Metz, 27 Jun 2007
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Appeal judge moots 'middle ground' in Vonage patent flap

The black clouds that for the last three months have been hanging over VOIP service provider Vonage parted ever so slightly today, allowing through the tiniest sliver of sunshine as a federal appeals judge raised the possibility of a compromise in its patent war with Verizon. Those following the dust-up will remember that a …
Dan Goodin, 25 Jun 2007

Social networking: Now it's CDW's turn

So you are a small business and you buy your PCs from CDW? Need customer support? Why don't you get support from customers instead? CDW, America's biggest computer dealer, is getting into user-generated publishing, with today's launch of ConduIT@CDW. Top of the features check list are tech forums - "peer-to-peer …
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2007

Google Search with Ajax

We’ve all used Google to search the web. What if we could add Ajax to the web search operation? Google Ajax Search API does just that – could this facilitate searching? Ajax is a web technique which refreshes content on a web page without reposting the web page and the Google Ajax Search API provides a search control and …
Deepak Vohra, 24 Jun 2007
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Defamation lawsuit seeks to unmask anonymous cowards

They should've known better than to flame law students. Two female law students at Yale University have filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Connecticut against an operator and several anonymous users of - "the most prestigious college discussion board in the world," according to its own billing. The …
Kevin Fayle, 24 Jun 2007
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Day-of-silence protest hits Net radio

On Tuesday, more than 10,000 U.S. web radio broadcasters will participate in a nationwide "day of silence", canceling their usual programming in protest of an impending royalty hike that threatens to put most of them out of business. Members of the SaveNetRadio coalition - including everyone from Yahoo! to WebRadioPugetSound - …
Cade Metz, 22 Jun 2007
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Creating a Portlet from a JSF Application with WebCenter

A portal is a web application that aggregates a collection of web applications (portlets) running on a page in separate windows. A portlet is a web component (application) that runs in a portlet container, processes requests and generates dynamic content. Portlets are the pluggable user interface components in a portal page. …
Deepak Vohra, 21 Apr 2007

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