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Don't Menshn the snore: Chick-lit queen's jabber site killed in its sleep, the sleepy chatroom-blogging thing co-founded by former Tory MP Louise Mensch, has closed following a falling out between its two principals. Mensch and the site's co-founder Luke Bozier, a one-time Labour party flack who defected to the Conservatives last year, are no longer on speaking terms, prompting a decision …
John Leyden, 7 Feb 2013
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Wikipedia failing to recruit any new admins

The number of people approved as full Wikipedia admins is falling faster than expected, according to a report from the Wikimedia conference by The Atlantic yesterday. The admins or sysops are the crack nerd troops of Wikipedia - they have the power to delete posts, block editors or protect pages that are being vandalised. …
Anna Leach, 18 Jul 2012
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Biz social networking set for take-off

The market for enterprise social media and Web 2.0 tools is growing by over 20 per cent a year and will top $126m (£80m) by 2017 as firms look for better ways to collaborate and manage content across Asia Pacific, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan. The analyst’s Enterprise Social Media and Web 2.0 Market 2010 …
Phil Muncaster, 28 May 2012
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Rub Facebook pals in your wealth with 'social' credit card

Those who don't feel they're sharing enough can now sign up for a Citibank Clear.24.7 card, linked to their Facebook account and earning awesome badges of recognition. Not just badges, the Clear.24.7 card offers coupons and the usual loyalty points to Citibank customers in Singapore, but it's the social integration the company …
Bill Ray, 12 Mar 2012
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Square pushes pay-by-facial recognition

Web 2.0 darling Square is promising to make everyone a regular by promoting pay-by-face: just smile and ask to have your purchase put onto your bill with no authentication required. The system, which is opt in, knows which store you are in from the location of your phone, so presents the iPad-equipped shopkeeper with …
Bill Ray, 4 Nov 2011
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Fire burns away the Kindle dream of interactivity

Amazon's new Kindles don't have keyboards, an omission which says more about how the Kindle has evolved than any of the shiny new capabilities which have been added. To understand why the keyboard was so central to the Kindle's aspirations, it is important to remember that Kindle wasn't just supposed to be just an electronic …
Bill Ray, 30 Sep 2011
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Facebook's complexity will be its doom

Open...and Shut Facebook released some impressive updates to its ubiquitous social platform at last week's F8 developer conference. It also managed to scare the pants off even the most ardent Facebook admirers. Like me. But the fear, at least in my case, is less about Facebook's relentless invasion of users' privacy, and more about how its …
Matt Asay, 27 Sep 2011
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Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work

Viruses, loss of confidential data and fear of employees tooling around doing sweet FA on Twitter are the top reasons that employers give for putting the brakes on social media in the workplace. And it's stopping them benefiting from new collaborative technologies, says ClearSwift Research. The company surveyed 1,529 employees …
Anna Leach, 7 Sep 2011
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LinkedIn sets float price

Facebook for workers website LinkedIn has set the price for which its shares will initially be sold. The company will sell shares at between $32 and $35 each, which will raise about $271m. This is the first time that LinkedIn is offering shares to the public. It is selling 7.84 million shares, according to MarketWatch. The …
John Oates, 9 May 2011
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Wills and Kate to wed live on YouTube

Those of you hoping to escape the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton had better stick YouTube on your list of proscribed media, because the 29 April wedding will be streamed live on The Royal Channel. According to St James's Palace, you'll need to switch off your PC and hide in a darkened room between …
Lester Haines, 19 Apr 2011
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Apple smears Web2.0rhea across online support

Apple has moved its online support discussion forum into Web 2.0–land by inaugurating a new social-networking service called Apple Support Communities (ASC). The ASC service has been a long time in gestation: it was first announced in mid-August of last year – so long ago that one of the topics discussed in the original …
Rik Myslewski, 18 Apr 2011
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Amazon splatters ads to cut Kindle price

Amazon is offering an advertising-subsidised version of its flagship Kindle, putting adverts on the idle screen and main menu in exchange for a $25 discount on the hardware. The company is making much of the fact that the adverts will link to special deals and money-off vouchers, but they're still adverts that will hang around …
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2011
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Site to highlight social networks' security soft spots

Security researchers have set up a site designed to prod social networking websites into practising what they preach about web security., which aims to publish details of security vulnerabilities on Web 2.0 sites such as Xing or Facebook, was set up last weekend by security researchers frustrated with …
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2011
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Facebook suspends personal data-sharing feature

Facebook has "temporarily disabled" a controversial feature that allowed developers to access the home address and mobile numbers of users. The social network suspended the feature, introduced on Friday, after only three days. The decision follows feedback from users that the sharing of data process wasn't clearly explained …
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2011
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MySpace employees face uncertain 2011

Beleaguered News Corp web property MySpace reportedly looks set to plan significant lay-offs in the New Year. But given the recent comments coming from the company's own COO Chase Carey, who in November this year admitted “We’ve been clear that MySpace has been a problem,” it's hardly surprising that rumours about potential …
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Dec 2010
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Democratic phone network turns dictatorial

A mobile network billed as being "run by you" is bowing to commercial pressure, adopting the more-dictatorial tone common to its competitors. Giffgaff is a virtual network owned by Telefonica. While it runs in Telefonica's infrastructure, it promises cheaper costs though peer-support (instead of call centres), and tariffs …
Bill Ray, 15 Nov 2010
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Why Zadie Smith is wrong about Facebook and autism

Andrew's Mailbag Isn't it time for a War on Stupid Generalisations? These usually need a Czar, and I'd gladly volunteer. Novelist Zadie Smith has written about the movie The Social Network and wonders if Mark Zuckerberg's apparent extreme autism doesn't manifest itself in both the reductive view of humanity that Facebook (and Web 2.0) software …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Nov 2010
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Microsoft surrenders Live Spaces future to WordPress

Microsoft's killing another me-too Web 2.0 service, sinking its fledgling Live Spaces blog network and shifting 30 million users to WordPress. The director of Windows Live product management Dharmesh Mehta revealed Live Spaces' execution order during a gushing partner announcement with WordPress' parent Automatic on Monday …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Sep 2010

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