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Help me, cloudy-WAN-Ciscobi, my SaaS needs A New Hope

Cisco has decided that wide area networks need more automated attention, so has released two complementary WAN analytics products. The company’s interest in WAN performance comes from its observation that plenty of organisations are more WAN-reliant than ever before, either to connect remote offices to HQ or to access …
Google Transfer Appliance

Google Cloud plays GTA in Snowball fight with AWS

Google's started a Snowball fight with Amazon Web Services by announcing a “Transfer Appliance” to get data out of your data centre and into its cloud. AWS already has just such a machine: its Snowball is a ruggedised storage appliance with 80TB capacity that the cloud colossus sends to your premises so you can load it up full …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jul 2017
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While we weren't looking, the WAN changed

Sysadmin Blog: Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions are not discussed enough in the tech press. We babble incessantly about consumer broadband, or some new top end fibre speed achieved in a lab, but this is merely a fraction of the story. There is a very real revolution in WAN connectivity that is occurring right now, today. It goes largely …
Trevor Pott, 5 Feb 2016
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SaaS without an internet connection: what strange magic is this?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been spruiked as all about you, an internet connection, and software running in a super-secure bit barn somewhere. Serious SaaS providers let you integrate your on-site security somehow, but still rely on all the fun and variability of the public internet for some of the journey between your …
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jul 2015

Capita and Updata ink £325m Scottish PSN deal

Capita and Updata Infrastructure UK pipped BT and a joint bidding team from Vodafone and Virgin Media to scoop up the mega Scottish Wide Area Networking (SWAN) framework gig. The nine-year contract, valued at £325m, involves building and running a public sector network to be accessed by up to 4,600 sites in the country, …
Paul Kunert, 17 Feb 2014

Riverbed to slurp Opnet for cool $1 billion

Network gear manufacturer Riverbed Technology is about to slurp software firm Opnet Technologies for a cool $1bn. Opnet's software manages traffic on networks, an area of the industry that has held steadier than orders for network hardware. Like everyone else in the world, telcos are tightening their belts and waiting for the …
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Profit-disaster CEO at Blue Coat: I'll get my coat

Blue Coat boss Michael Borman has fallen on his sword following declining sales and profits in fiscal first quarter 2012. The web security and WAN optimisation minnow saw sales come in at $109.5m (£66.7m) down 9 per cent sequentially and 11 per cent on last year, as profits fell 70 per cent quarter-on-quarter to $2.7m (£1.6m) …
Paul Kunert, 17 Aug 2011

Riverbed pumps up software with Zeus, Aptimize buys

WAN optimization appliance maker Riverbed Technology turned in a very good second quarter yesterday and decided to blow some of its cash hoard buying two companies to pump up the applications that run on its Steelhead and other appliances. The first company that Riverbed is snapping up is Zeus Technology, the maker of traffic …

What’s with WAN optimisation?

The data centre is no longer alone. It's not a facility that occasionally releases data sporadically, on special occasions for particular jobs. As IT functions become increasingly centralised within the data centre, it's hammered constantly for both input and output by all parts of the business. This has huge ramifications for …
Manek Dubash, 11 May 2011

Riverbed looking to expand by buying Expand

Riverbed is looking to develop its WAN optimisation product line by buying its competitor, Expand Networks. The Israeli Globes media outlet reports that advanced negotiations are under way, although neither company would comment. Both companies have technology to speed the transmission of data across wide area networks (WAN …
Chris Mellor, 17 Nov 2009

Bridgeworks sidesteps latency with pipelining and AI

Network latency is a fact of life. There is nothing you can do about it, except join the network queue and wait. But Bridgeworks thinks it has solved the latency problem with pipelining and artificial intelligence. Can it be true? SANSlide is the product that does this and it aims to increase the speed of storage backup …
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 2009
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Cisco and IBM come together over SAN WAN links

Cisco and IBM have partnered to improve wide area communications for mainframe SAN users with a specialised Cisco WAN acceleration offering. It accelerates data traffic across long-distance, wide-area networks (WANs) for IBM z/OS mainframe users of Global Mirror, a business continuity and disaster recovery replication product …
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 2009

Riverbed accelerates AutoCAD again

AutoCAD users with tortoise-like WAN file transmission across Riverbed optimised networks can breathe a sigh of relief: AutoCAD 2010 files sprint across the network like hares on steroids. Riverbed's Steelhead WAN optimisation appliance speeds TCP/IP network transmission and also deduplicates files to reduce the number of …
Chris Mellor, 27 May 2009
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WAN optimisation: the good, the bad, or the ugly

The on demand version of this week's Regcast on WAN Optimisation is available from the Register Library . Dishing out expert opinions and advice, Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Riverbed's Mark Lewis join Reg moderator Tim Phillips in the studio. The panel delivers a practical real world look at WAN optimisation, …
Jamie Bodkin, 23 Apr 2009
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Verizon lands 10-year deal to unify DHS networks

US telco Verizon yesterday announced it had won a $678.5m, ten-year deal to tie together the many disparate networks within the vast US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). "The Department of Homeland Security has entrusted Verizon Business to support its critical mission of protecting our country and its citizens," said …
Lewis Page, 16 May 2008
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Video clips go corporate

Blue Coat Systems has added video to the list of network services it can optimise over WANs. Like most others in the internet gateway business, it used to treat video as potentially unwanted network traffic, but has picked up on its increasing use in business. "In the past you either didn't want video at all, or you didn't want …
Bryan Betts, 1 Mar 2007

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