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Soz, web devs: Google snatches its Wallet off the table

If you sell digital goods on a website using Google Wallet to take payment, you have a little over three months to find an alternative. The service is being “retired” on 2 March 2015 and will not be replaced. Google argues that there are enough alternative solutions, which might translate to mean “no one was using it”. The …
Simon Rockman, 17 Nov 2014
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Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook

MWC 2013 Samsung has unveiled a developer preview of its upcoming Wallet app, and to say that it was inspired by Apple's iOS Passbook app may be a gross understatement. Like Passbook, Samsung's Wallet stores retail coupons, airline boarding passes, membership cards, and event tickets, according to The Verge. Also like Apple's offering …
Rik Myslewski, 27 Feb 2013
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Google opens up pay-by-bonk Wallet to all credit cards

Vid Google has extended its phone-based wallet into its cloud, allowing it to claim that any credit card can now be used to pay with a bonk of the handset. The arrangement, announced yesterday in a blog posting with suitable video accompaniment, means a Google-Wallet-enabled phone can make payments using wireless Near Field …
Bill Ray, 2 Aug 2012
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Google pockets card payment biz, slips it into Wallet

Google has bought payment processor TxVia to beef up its Wallet offering, putting scalable payment and token management into the Chocolate Factory's hands. TxVia provides a back-end service for prepaid cards including gift tokens, loyalty schemes and travel cards. It has 100 million customers and links to all the important …
Bill Ray, 3 Apr 2012
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Google mulls bribing operators to stuff its Wallet into pockets

Network operators may be offered a cut of Google's Wallet as the Chocolate Factory struggles to find ways to get customers to embrace pay-by-bonk. Bloomberg has been chatting to "people with knowledge" who claim Google will offer financial incentives to Verizon and AT&T in the hope of getting them to join Sprint in offering …
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2012
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Google tightens its Wallet after PIN reset goof

Google has started provisioning electronic wallets again having fixed the more trivial security flaw in its product - though determined hackers will still get in. Google suspended the supply of Wallets after it emerged that simply clearing the application data resulted in the protecting PIN being reset, so now anyone trying to …
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2012
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Google Wallet falls open after casual hack

Turns out it's not necessary to decrypt the PIN, or even hack into Google's Wallet, just ask the phone nicely and it will let anyone root though its innards. The flaw was spotted by The Smartphone Champ, and unlike yesterday's efforts which required root access and a modicum of brute force, this hack barely qualifies for the …
Bill Ray, 10 Feb 2012
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ISIS signs Gemalto, aims to scoff Google Wallet's lunch

The ISIS Consortium has awarded the contract for running its NFC platform to Dutch specialist Gemalto, claiming that two thirds of proximity transactions will end up being routed through the company's service. ISIS can make that claim as it counts AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon as its members, and will be managing the …
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2011
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Google Wallet phone-pay is coming - but how will it work?

Analysis In six hours Google Wallet will be announced, but we don't know if Google wants to get into payments itself, or just plans to make money from someone else's service. We do know that Google Wallet will be announced this afternoon (Thursday mid-day, New York time) and that the service will go live in September - whatever that …
Bill Ray, 26 May 2011
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R&D tax credits knocked out in Congressional punch-up

Tech vendors had another reason to cry into their beer today, as it emerged that the congressional logjam that has scuppered the White House’s $700bn bank bailout has also iced the restoration of their beloved R&D tax credit. Similar breaks on the development of renewable energies have also run into the ground, as Congress …
Joe Fay, 30 Sep 2008
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Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

The US Transportation Security Administration has done a backflip on a policy of adding people who had forgotten their ID to its database of suspect fliers. The scheme kicked off in June, according to USA Today, the same time the agency officially declared people could not board planes in the US unless they showed ID. At the …
Joe Fay, 13 Aug 2008
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Tech giants team for online ID cards

A group of software and online payment companies are teaming up to find a better way than passwords to protect, and prove, your identity online. Problems with passwords are well known - people require ever more passwords which means they either get forgotten, or people use the same word for several different services which is …
John Oates, 30 Jun 2008

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