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Sony's 4.6mm TV

Sony's well and truly 4Ked with skinny TVs and cheap cams

CES 2015 Sony Pictures' epic hack means that part of the Sony empire is well and truly cooked, now the electronics side of the biz is aiming to get you thoroughly 4ked. The company used its press conference at this year's CES conference in Las Vegas to introduce a super-thin TV and a pair of new video cameras capable of shooting 4K …
Shaun Nichols, 6 Jan 2015
JC Boyle saluting device patent

Tales from an expert witness: Prior art and patent trolls

John Watkinson is an expert witness and on many occasions has had to deal with patent litigation. Here he describes the application of ideas in the art of invention both historically and currently from Galileo to patent trolls. A patent is a form of contract between society and the inventor that benefits both. In return for …
John Watkinson, 15 Jan 2014

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Sony has launched an Android-based Walkman, the F800, with which it hopes to topple the supremacy Apple's iPod Touch holds in the PMP market. Good luck. The Sony Walkman F800 boasts a 3.5in display and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, providing access to Google Play and its wide array of apps and games. It'll come in 8GB …
Caleb Cox, 18 Jul 2012

Sony squares up with Walkman refinement

Sony has spruced-up its MP3 player collection with another refresh of its Walkman music clips. The Sony Walkman NWZ-B170 is almost identical to last year's NWZ-B160 - in fact the only noticeable change is the design, with a push towards slightly squarer corners. Sony Walkman NWZ-B170 All previous features remain, including …
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Android smartphone

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Review Sony Ericsson is still producing standalone Walkman devices, but the natural home for the oldest portable music player brand these days is on a phone. The Live With Walkman delivers the latest version of the music player in an Android phone with a 5Mp camera and a nippy 1GHz processor. Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Android …
Dave Oliver, 11 Nov 2011
Sony Ericsson Mix with Walkman mobile phone

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

Review Recent figures may show that smartphones are now outselling no-so-smart mobiles in Europe, but that’s not to say ordinary handsets are dead and buried. New to their ranks is Sony Ericsson’s Mix Walkman, which attempts to put some life into the old dog by exploiting Sony’s music player branding. The Mix is rather chunky - it's …
Alun Taylor, 5 Oct 2011
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson outs social music smartphone

Sony Ericsson is to mix music and social networking in a new smartphone. The Live with Walkman runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sports what SE called "deep Facebook integration", which basically means building Facecrack links into all the key apps. Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman The handset has a Walkman button to trigger …
Hard Reg, 22 Aug 2011

Sony Walkman refresh signals wireless streaming

Sony has touched up its Walkman series, tweaking its line of PMPs in a refresh that introduces wireless Bluetooth streaming. The Walkman NWZ-A860 becomes the company's premium PMP, benefitting from a 2.8in touchscreen display and the new Bluetooth transmission function. Walkman NWZ-A860 The Walkman NWZ-S760 series also …
Caleb Cox, 27 Jul 2011
Sony Walkman W

Sony intros washable sports Walkman

Sony has restyled its Walkman W series, its wearable MP3 player that's now washable too - the company has the notion you won't take it off after running, you'll wear it in the shower too - 25 per cent lighter, and gains the word "Sports" to increase its sales appeal to the sedentary. Sony Walkman W Aspirational? Sure is. …
Hard Reg, 14 Jul 2011
Sony MiniDisc Walkman

Sony to can MiniDisc Walkman

While the news will prompt an uncomprehending look from 99 per cent of Brits, the few remaining fans of Sony's MiniDisc format will mourn the MD Walkman's passing when production ceases in September. Last year, Sony canned production of cassette Walkman players. The MD Walkman was launched in Japan in 1992, and that's one of …
Tony Smith, 8 Jul 2011
Sony Ericsson logo

Sony Ericsson reveals handsets for TwitBookers

Sony Ericsson has unveiled a pair of handsets today, the Mix Walkman and txt pro, both aimed at social networkers. The company boosted its MP3-phone series with the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman, which features a 3in touchscreen display and heaps of musical tools. There's a karaoke function which EQs-out vocals, as well as that …
Caleb Cox, 9 Jun 2011

Sony flicks to B-side with Walkman refresh

Sony has modified its MP3 player collection, with this year's refresh of Walkman Music Clips. Over the past year, Sony has seen its fair share of transformation. The same can't quite be said for its Walkman range. The Sony Walkman NWZ-B160 is almost identical to last year's NWZ-B150 - what's new is a nanoscale size reduction …
Caleb Cox, 5 May 2011
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Sony hits stop on Walkman tape players

Sony is ditching the groundbreaking Walkman cassette player in its home market, 30 years after first launching its assault on the hearing of teens and the patience of the people sat next to them. The electronics giant said that demand for the serial crinkly recording format had nosedived in Japan. "There is still demand in …
Joe Fay, 25 Oct 2010
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Sony readies compact music, video Walkman

There's a new Sony Walkman out next month: the S750. The 55g movie and music player sports a 2in glossy LCD and a choice of 8GB or 16GB of storage. Sony Walkman S750 If the screen's too wee for your videos - and with a resolution of just 240 x 320 it might well be - the S750 can be connected to a telly. The snag: its output …
Hard Reg, 20 Sep 2010
Sony Walkman NWZ-A845

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 media player

Review If you can live without support for FLAC or Ogg Vorbis, then Sony's Walkman PMPs have long been the obvious choice for anyone concerned about sound quality but not wanting to chance lesser known players from Cowon or iRiver. Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 Thin sound? Sony's NWZ-A845 Walkman Sony also tends to bundle decent …
Alun Taylor, 28 Jul 2010
Sony Walkman W252

Sony flavours Walkman line with MGS

Sony is preparing a limited edition of its "wearable" Walkman music player, the W252, to celebrate the release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The latest title in Konami's popular franchise runs on the PlayStation Portable and is due to go on sale next month. Sony Walkman W252 The limited edition W252 has cammo styling …
Hard Reg, 12 May 2010
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Sony Ericsson intros Flac friendly music phone

Sony Ericsson has extended its new 'give phones names not numbers' approach to nomenclature to its Walkman line, introducing the Zylo and Spiro. Sony Ericsson Spiro Sony Ericsson's Spiro: music maestro? Both phones are sliders and sport the usual Walkman track controls around the navpad. Both do A2DP Bluetooth stereo audio …
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2010

Sony slims Walkman's girth

If your New Year’s resolution is to pound the treadmill more frequently then a bulky MP3 player won’t help. Sony knows this and so has launched its thinnest ever Walkman. Walkman_A845 Sony's A845 Walkman: super-slim Despite sounding like it was named an English road, Sony’s A845 Walkman measures just 7.2mm from front to …

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