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Party like it's 1989... SVGA code bug haunts VMware's house, lets guests flee to host OS

Get busy, VMware admins and users: the virtualisation virtuoso has patched a programming blunder in ESXi, Workstation Pro and Player, and Fusion and Fusion Pro products that can be exploited by malicious code to jump from guest OS to host machine. The bug, disclosed here, is designated CVE-2018-6974. The out-of-bounds read is …
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Now, watch this... Network time protocol bugs sting Juniper operating system

It's time for Juniper Networks' semi-regular bugfest, with 22 fixes announced today, two of which carry a “critical” rating and should be applied immediately. The company's software defined networking-supported NFX Series CPE, if running Junos OS version 18.1, had an insecure default setting in the Juniper Device Manager: CVE- …
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Which? That smart home camera? The one with the vulns? Really?

Which? Magazine has been called out for recommending a line of smart home cameras with known vulnerabilities. The Consumers' Association magazine has worked hard to build trust in its consumer-focused product reviews. The fact that the Samsung SmartCam SNH-P-6410 smart home security camera still has Which's "Best Buy" …
John Leyden, 8 Oct 2018
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The weekend starts here... right after you've installed these critical Cisco bug patches

Cisco admins, maybe you'd like to clear your Friday, because there's a fresh batch of critical-rated vulnerabilities to assess and patch as needed. The three worst bugs lie in Cisco's Prime Infrastructure and Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center products, and are among 26 bugs disclosed this week. One of the critical- …

TLS proxies? Nah. Truthfully Less Secure 'n' poxy, say Canadian infosec researchers

Enterprises buying TLS proxies to improve their network security could easily be making things worse, according to Canadian research out this week. dunce_cap_648 TLS proxies: Insecure by design, say boffins READ MORE The analysis is depressing enough on its own, but it comes from a group with a long history of demonstrating …

Cisco coughs up baker's dozen of vulns and other security nasties

Cisco's six-monthly security update contains a baker's dozen of vulns and flaws in its IOS and IOS XE suites – including a backdoor that "could allow an unauthenticated, local attacker to bypass Cisco Secure Boot validation checks and load a compromised software image on an affected device". The Cisco IOS ROM Monitor (ROMMON) …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Sep 2018

Linux kernel 'give me root, now' security hole sighted, dubbed 'Mutagen Astronomy'

A Linux kernel vulnerability that can only be exploited locally is nonetheless proving a bit of a nuisance. It's a classic local privilege escalation bug, dubbed CVE-2018-14634, and lets an intruder or logged-in rogue user obtain root-level control over the machine. Eggheads at cloud security biz Qualys discovered the …
John Leyden, 27 Sep 2018

Crypto-jackers' best pal Monero resets the 'days since a critical bug' counter back to zero

Monero's developers have emitted their second software bug postmortem examination in a month – this time for a flaw miscreants could have exploited to burn through exchanges' digital cash. The organization behind the XMR cryptocurrency – favored by some crypto-jackers as well as legitimate netizens – explained on Tuesday the …
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Open-source software supply chain vulns have doubled in 12 months

Use of vulnerable open source components has doubled over the last year despite their role in the high profile Equifax mega-breach. Sonatype’s fourth annual Software Supply Chain Report, published on Tuesday (available here, registration required), revealed a 120 per cent rise in the use of vulnerable open source components …
John Leyden, 25 Sep 2018
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Cisco sneaks hardcoded secret root backdoor into vid surveillance kit

If you run Cisco's video surveillance kit, hop over to Switchzilla's support site and download the latest version of its management software. Late last week, the networking giant admitted that its Cisco Video Surveillance Manager Appliance has an undocumented root account with static hard-coded credentials. Reading between …
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Microsoft's Jet crash: Zero-day flaw drops after deadline passes

Updated The Zero Day Initiative has gone public with an unpatched remote-code execution bug in Microsoft's Jet database engine, after giving Redmond 120 days to fix it. The Windows giant did not address the security blunder in time, so now everyone knows about the flaw, and no official patch is available. The bug, reported to …
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Patch for EE's 4G Wi-Fi mini modem nails local privilege escalation flaw

Telco EE's Mini Wi-Fi modem needs to be updated with a recently issued patch. A local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Alcatel-manufactured tech, discovered by ZeroDayLab, could be used to plant malware or steal info from Windows computers that use the kit for internet connectivity, the researchers warned. This …
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2018
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Check out this link! It's not like it'll crash your iPhone or anything (Hint: Of course it will)

Apple iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers that stray onto websites with malicious CSS code, while using Safari, can crash or fall over – due to a flaw in the web browser. The WebKit rendering engine vulnerability can be triggered by just a few lines of code in a cascading style sheet (CSS). On iOS devices, at least, it all …
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2018
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Kernel sanders: Webroot vuln creates route to root Macs

Details of a locally exploitable but kernel-level flaw in Webroot's SecureAnywhere macOS security software were revealed yesterday, months after the bug was patched. panic Webroot antivirus goes bananas, starts trashing Windows system files READ MORE The fact that the memory corruption bug (CVE-2018-16962) is locally …
John Leyden, 14 Sep 2018
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M-M-M-MONSTER KILL: Cisco's bug-wranglers swat 29 in single week

Cisco has taken delivery of a bulk order for 29 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) IDs. If you're running the end-of-life RV110 Wireless-N VPN firewall or RV215W Wireless-N VPN router, bad news: some of their security vulnerabilities won't be patched and there's no workaround – so it is probably time to replace them …
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C'mon, if you say your device is 'unhackable', you're just asking for it: Bitfi retracts edgy claim

Bitfi finally and reluctantly retracted its unhackable claim last night in the face of a new cold boot attack. The John McAfee-backed hardware crypto-wallet firm got under the skins of security researchers by marketing its device as "unhackable" when it launched in July. The $120 Wi-Fi-enabled Bitfi wallet is a hardware …
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2018
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Security bods: Android system broadcasts enable user tracking

Security researchers have found a way to sniff Android system broadcasts to expose Wi-Fi connection information to attackers. Tracked as CVE-2018-9489, the issue was discovered by Nightwatch Cybersecurity and published yesterday. If you can, upgrade to Android 9 (Pie), because there's no plan to fix older versions. What they …
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We're all sick of Fortnite, but the flaw found in its downloader is the latest way to attack Android

A newfound way to hack Android using a technique dubbed "Man-in-the-Disk" is central to the recent security flap about Fortnite on the mobile platform. Man-in-the-Disk can circumvent sandboxes and infect a smartphone or tablet using shared external storage through a seemingly harmless Android application. Sandboxing isolates …
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2018

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