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How to remote hijack computers using Intel's insecure chips: Just use an empty login string

Code dive You can remotely commandeer and control computers that use vulnerable Intel chipsets by sending them empty authentication strings. You read that right. When you're expected to send a password hash, you send zero bytes. Nothing. Nada. And you'll be rewarded with powerful low-level access to a vulnerable box's hardware from …
Intel Unite London demo

Intel Unite: For the workers of the world and their absentee bosses

Pics Ever keen to sell an extra chip, Intel has been pushing its Unite platform in London this week. It’s all part of the plan to bring “compute to the boardroom” as Chad Constant, the company’s biz client platforms head honcho explained. Intel Unite London demo with Chad Constant Intel Unite London demo with Chad Constant and …
Bob Dormon, 9 Jul 2015
The NSA Unchained

'Occupy' affiliate claims Intel bakes SECRET 3G radio into vPro CPUs

Intel has apparently turned up one of the holiest of holy grails in the tech sector, accidentally creating an zero-power-consumption on-chip 3G communications platform as an NSA backdoor. The scoop comes courtesy of tinfoil socialist site Popular Resistance, in this piece written by freelance truther Jim Stone, who has just …

Dell juices Latitude line with Haswell Ultrabook, skinny lappies

Dell is slimming down and powering up its business laptop line with three new Latitude families running Intel's latest-generation chippery, including a carbon-fiber Series 7000 Ultrabook that the company claims is the most secure in the world. All of the new Latitude systems ship with Windows 8 or Ubuntu 12.04, and have the …
Iain Thomson, 28 Aug 2013
Intel Core i7-3770K processor

Ultrabooks adopt Chipzilla's vPro

Intel has shown off kit galore using the third generation of its Core-i-series PC silicon in Australia, but used the press event at which it did so the emphasise that the new kit is imbued with its vPro management toolkit it aims at enterprise customers with fleets of PCs. The inclusion of vPro in the new silicon makes it …
Broken CD with wrench

Pass the remote control: vPro eases systems management

Desktop management is big money. It’s a critical topic for any size business seeking to optimise its IT. The right combination of software and hardware results in very impressive desktop management capabilities. The heavy hitter on the hardware side is without question Intel. The vendor’s vPro provides unprecedented hardware- …
Trevor Pott, 4 Nov 2011

Intel's vPro biz chips cross Sandy Bridge

Updated The vPro line of Core chips for business-class desktop PCs launched today, and Intel is working on extending vPro to upcoming laptops and workstations, too. The vPro iterations of Intel's Core family of processors have extra goodies that businesses will pay a premium for, such as enhanced security features. Intel also hopes …
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Intel pours vPro sauce on latest Core chips

Intel yesterday unveiled a raft of vPro products based on the Core designs it debuted last month, showing the oft overlooked business desktop market a rare bit of love. The vendor unveiled its 2010 client chip lineup at CES last month, in the shape of the Core i5 and Core i7 parts. The parts are built on Nehalem and have been …
Team Register, 5 Feb 2010

AT&T juices PC rescue service with Intel's Fast Call for Help

Intel and AT&T are cuddling up to provide remote help-desk support for small and midsized businesses. That is, if those companies' laptops and desktops support Intel's vPro hardware-assisted remote management and security technology - here's Intel's list of those that currently do. The service, announced yesterday and …
Rik Myslewski, 18 Sep 2009
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Lost laptops cost companies $50k apiece

A single lost or stolen laptop costs a business an average of nearly $50,000. At least, that's the word from an Intel-sponsored study by the Ponemon Institute. That figure is based on Ponemon's recent voluntary survey of 28 US companies reporting 138 separate cases of missing laptops. Value of missing kit was mathmagically …
Austin Modine, 23 Apr 2009

Intel gears up for for 45nm frenzy in 2008

It's time to synchronise watches, check diaries and make sure we're all up to speed on Intel's 2008 processor launch plans. First make a note on 7 January that the chip giant will be formally unveiling its 45nm 'Penryn' mobile processors, part of what it calls the 'Santa Rosa Refresh' - an update to the latest generation of …
Tony Smith, 20 Dec 2007

Intel puts more hardware security in vPro line

After months of hyping, Intel is rolling out an update to its vPro technology featuring improved hardware-based security and manageability tools for its chips. The latest rev of vPro will see the introduction of Intel's hardware-based Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), which the company says will defend PCs against attacks …
Austin Modine, 24 Aug 2007

Intel eyes big biz with Centrino Pro

Intel has formally launched the Centrino Pro brand, designed to promote business-oriented notebooks incorporating the chip giant's corporate-friendly vPro platform technologies. Centrino Pro combines Intel's upcoming 'Santa Rosa' incarnation of the Centrino laptop platform - due to debut in May by all accounts - and vPro …
Tony Smith, 5 Apr 2007

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