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Dell melts in face of investor dissent, ups offer for Class V stock

Dell Technologies has upped the buy price for Class V stock to win support from shareholders that threatened to block the proposed transaction and hinder the company’s return to the US stock market. The final per share offer is for $120 in cash, subject to an aggregate $14bn cap, or to swap each unit for between 1.5043 and 1. …
Paul Kunert, 16 Nov 2018
Lenovo's new ThinkSystem servers

VMware and Lenovo are about to hit go-go on Project Dimension beta

VMware and Lenovo intend to run beta tests of Project Dimension from next month – think of it as VMware's infrastructure-as-a-service cloud that runs on a customer's data centre on-premises and at edge locations. A few details of the project were released in August. VMware said customers like the ease of spinning up VMware …
Chris Mellor, 8 Nov 2018
Couple shocked by something on a smartphone

The Register translates VMware's VMworld Europe 2018 news into plain English – our free guide for every reader

Today marks the opening of VMware's VMworld Europe 2018 event in Barcelona, Spain. The Dell-owned virtualization giant has a bunch of announcements to kick off its shindig. Now, your humble vulture has seen his fair share of marketing departments' techno-biz babble in his time during product launches, but has gotta say: VMware …

Tax me if you can: VMware UK tosses shrunken offering to HMRC

Trendy social media firms and ad slingers often come under attack for hiring beanies to minimise their tax contribution, something they see as sensible commercial practice. VMware UK may fall into that bracket too. Virtzilla's Brit ops paid an actual tax rate equivalent to 11.52 per cent or £1.997m on the £17.331m pre-tax …
Paul Kunert, 2 Nov 2018
Carl Icahn at  at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

Icahn't let you do this: Stock botherer fires off sueball to scupper Dell's 'coercive' deal

In a move that probably caught nobody by surprise, corporate raider Carl Icahn has launched a lawsuit to block Dell's proposed purchase of V-class shares – stock known by the ticker DVMT. AI_doomsday_clock Two weeks before Chrimbo? When Dell V-Class shareholders get to vote on THAT deal READ MORE Icahn revealed on his …

Two weeks before Chrimbo? When Dell V-Class shareholders get to vote on THAT deal

A fortnight before Christmas, investors in Dell Technologies tracking stock will finally get the opportunity to vote on whether to cash them in or swap them for a piece of the company when it goes public again. The date for the vote is set for 0800 Central US Time on 11 December (1400 UTC), though Dell Technologies has plenty …
Paul Kunert, 23 Oct 2018

Party like it's 1989... SVGA code bug haunts VMware's house, lets guests flee to host OS

Get busy, VMware admins and users: the virtualisation virtuoso has patched a programming blunder in ESXi, Workstation Pro and Player, and Fusion and Fusion Pro products that can be exploited by malicious code to jump from guest OS to host machine. The bug, disclosed here, is designated CVE-2018-6974. The out-of-bounds read is …

Icahn to Dell investors: You can't touch this DVMT offer

Michael Dell could be about to lock horns again with Carl Icahn - the activist investor is opposed to Dell Technologies offer to buy DVMT tracker stock at a price he claims will rip off existing shareholders. Half a decade or so ago, Icahn challenged Dell the man over his plans to take Dell private, arguing it undervalued the …
Paul Kunert, 15 Oct 2018
3d head representations

Slow your roll: VMware urges admins to apply workarounds to DoS-inducing 3D render vuln

VMware has warned users about an "important" denial-of-service vuln in ESXi, Workstation and Fusion that hinges on a problem with 3D rendering. The vuln (CVE-2018-6977) allows an attacker with normal local user privileges to trigger an infinite loop in a 3D-rendering shader. According to VMware, a "specially crafted 3D shader …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Oct 2018
Dell logo

Dell Tech: We have a plan B for bog standard IPO

Dell Technologies has finally confirmed what the rest of the industry has suspected for some time: it is considering a straightforward IPO in addition to a torturously tangled reverse merger involving VMware. Talk of Dell going public again first surfaced last month, when a loquacious insider told Reuters that a plan was on …
Dell Poweredge R730 motherboard

x86 marks the spot: Dell reports upswing, keeps mum on going public

Dell outearned IBM in its latest quarter, reporting revenues of $22.94bn in Q2 2019 ending 3 August, compared to the $20.1bn turned over by Big Blue in its own latest quarter. However, the firm expressly refused to answer the question on everyone's lips – about the potential Dell plans to go public – in the earnings call. …
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2018
man shocked when reading newspaper

Who wants to read 34 pages about getting VMware Private Cloud to run on NetApp HCI?

NetApp has produced a verified architecture for VMware on its Element hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), promising deployment in under 30 minutes if its rules are obeyed. VMware Private Cloud (VPC) is basically VMware installed on-premises. NetApp's Element HCI is, as we understand it, a converged system, with separate …
Chris Mellor, 31 Aug 2018
Border Grill at Mandalay Bay

VMware 'pressured' hotel to shut down tech event close to VMworld, IGEL sues resort giant

VMware has been accused of slyly shutting down and evicting a partner's four-day tech event running this week alongside the VMworld US conference in Las Vegas. Just as IT industry bods were biting into their lunch at the Border Grill restaurant in the Mandalay Bay hotel during the second day (27 August) of enterprise software …

It's 2018 – so, of course, VMware is touting open-source blockchain code, Internet-of-Things tools

VMworld US It's day two of VMware's VMworld 2018 US conference in Las Vegas, and here's a quick guide to what's new. The hypervisor giant has emitted an Apache 2.0-licensed codebase dubbed Project Concord, and put it on GitHub. This is roughly 30,000 lines of open-source C and C++ code that can be used to build blockchain-based software …
Chris Williams, 29 Aug 2018
Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

VMware, AWS preview database-on-vSphere

VMworld US VMware's quest to automate admins out of a job continued at VMworld, with the company bedding down with Amazon to add a bit of its virtualisation sauce to the AWS Relational Database Service (RDS). The tie-up is pitched at letting VMware customers pull Amazon's cloudy database admin capabilities into their on-premises and …
Slide teasing ESXi for Arm64

ESXi on Arm? Yes, ESXi on Arm. VMware teases bare-metal hypervisor for 64-bit Arm servers

VMworld US VMware today showed off a port of its bare-metal ESXi hypervisor for 64-bit Arm servers at its VMworld US shindig in Las Vegas. This morning's keynote audience briefly glimpsed vSphere Client managing a 64-bit Arm Cortex-A72-powered host that was running four virtual machines. The box apparently had four logical processors, …
Chris Williams, 27 Aug 2018
VMware at a trade show

VMware AWS cloud goes down... under, launches in Asia-Pacific, touts devops-ish tools, etc

VMworld US The VMware world's VMecca – VMworld 2018 US – is upon us this week in Las Vegas. The virtualization giant has a large bunch of stuff to announce to kick off its three-day conference today. It likes to talk about holistic experiences such as empowering the vision of cloud native workload deployment velocity synergies with the …
Chris Williams, 27 Aug 2018
Raining cash from the clouds

All clouds rain into VMware's steadily swelling coffers

VMware keeps growing its sales like, depending on your opinion of the virtualization giant, weeds in an unkempt garden, or a lottery jackpot prize pool. For the second quarter of its fiscal 2019 – the three months to August 3 – services revenues rose to $1.27bn, up 11 per cent year-on-year. Along with $90m in licensing, up 15 …

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