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Microsoft's elderly .NET Framework shakes stick at whippersnapper Core while Visual Studio drops another preview

A third preview of Visual Studio 2017 15.9 made an appearance last night, along with teasers for what Microsoft has planned for its .NET Framework and Core products. ARM64 for everyone and Siri Shortcuts in Visual Studio It has been possible to build Arm apps in Visual Studio for some time, but building a Universal Windows …
Richard Speed, 5 Oct 2018
Nvidia GeForce

Microsoft updates Visual Studio 2017 for devs chewing the CUDA

Inhabitants of the Venn set overlap between Microsoft Visual Studio users and Nvidia CUDA developers, rejoice. CUDA 10 is once more compatible with Visual Studio. Hidden away among the goodies of Nvidia's CUDA 10 announcement was the news that host compiler support had been added for Visual Studio 2017. Clang 6.x, ICC 18 and …
Richard Speed, 2 Oct 2018
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Why did Visual Studio Marketplace go down in the Great Azure TITSUP? Ask Azure DevOps

The team behind Microsoft's Visual Studio Marketplace has issued an explanation as to why it also took the day off after Azure's weather-based wobble. In a commendable act of openness, the software giant laid out what went wrong with its Marketplace in a blog post that points a shaky finger at Azure DevOps for the outage back …
Richard Speed, 26 Sep 2018

C++ devs take a Step Back, let the UWP guy play with Visual Studio

Microsoft has served up a second preview of the next version of its Visual Studio 2017 product with new toys for UWP and C++ devs. Version 15.9 of Visual Studio inched a little closer to release last night as Microsoft released Preview 2 to developers brave enough to take the early code out for a spin. The release also hinted …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018

Using Python in Visual Studio Code? Microsoft has new toys for you

Microsoft has updated the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, giving devs some new debugging toys and a beefed-up language server. Visual Studio Code is a free and open-source code editor, based on Electron, and much beloved by developers (at least according to Stack Overflow). Python is one of the many languages …
Richard Speed, 6 Sep 2018
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Thunderstruck: Azure Back in Black(out) after High Voltage causes Flick of the Switch

Microsoft is blaming bad weather for the massive outage that knocked a number of Azure cloud and Visual Studio Teams services offline Tuesday. The Windows giant revealed its South Central US facility in Texas was crippled after severe storms and lightning strikes overloaded its cooling equipment, forcing its servers and other …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Sep 2018
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Azure Dev Spaces has hit public preview, so El Reg took it for a spin

Azure Dev Spaces is one of those technologies that looks great in demonstrations, but can end up being infuriating when introduced to real life. Shown off at this year's Build conference and subsequently released in private preview, the toys were released to public preview this week, and The Register was keen to get its talons …
Richard Speed, 11 Jul 2018
Microsoft Corporate VP Julia Liuson, responsible for programming langauges and tools

Microsoft programming chief to devs: Tell us where Windows hurt you

Build "We're going to reinvigorate Windows desktop development," claimed Julia Liuson, Microsoft's corporate VP responsible for developer tools and programming languages. This is one of five missions on her mind, she told The Reg, another is "Visual Studio Live Share going public. We think that will transform how teams interact and …
Tim Anderson, 10 May 2018
Group of young people yawning/looking bored. Photo by shutterstock

Qualcomm, Microsoft drag apps for Win-10-on-Arm into 64-bit world

Qualcomm and Microsoft will finally let developers start building native 64-bit Windows applications for Snapdragon-based PCs. The 64-bit support is in Visual Studio 15.8 Preview 1, unveiled by Microsoft at its Build conference on Tuesday. As the two companies explained in their joint announcement, the Qualcomm-powered “ …
Windows 10 by Anton Watman, image via Shutterstock

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps

Remember when Microsoft first hyped the Windows 10 development platform? "One Windows" was the theme. "Just one API and one package to reach all Windows 10 devices – PC, tablet, phone and more," said Windows developer corporate VP Kevin Gallo at the time. That was in April 2015. Just two months later, everything was different …
Tim Anderson, 25 Oct 2017

Visual Studio Team Services having some 'performance issues'

Microsoft has said it suspects a code change has caused "performance issues" for its cloud-based code repository and dev collaboration platform, Visual Studio Team Services. At 7:21 UTC this morning, Redmond's team members noted on the status page that "a potentially customer impacting alert" was "being investigated" for the …
Andrew Silver, 10 Oct 2017
Las Vegas - Circa July 2016: Microsoft Retail Technology Store Mall Location III Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss /

After 20 years of Visual Studio, Microsoft unfurls its 2017 edition

First Look Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017, marking 20 years of the software development tool's, er, development. Visual Studio 97 was released on March 19, 1997. It came in two editions, Professional and Enterprise, and included Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 5.0, Visual J++ 1.1, Visual InterDev and Visual FoxPro. Microsoft has …
Tim Anderson, 8 Mar 2017
Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac image

Microsoft leaks Visual Studio for Mac, then scrubs the news

Microsoft Visual Studio, or something like it, will soon be available for macOS, a shift that reflects the company's effort to be more open toward non-Windows technology. Microsoft published the announcement prematurely and then withdrew it. The news, captured by, is scheduled to coincide with Microsoft Connect …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Nov 2016
surprised nerd, image via Shutterstock

Microsoft cracks open Visual Studio to Linux C++ coders

BUILD2016 Microsoft’s love of Linux is extending to its flagship Visual Studio suite. Redmond has released for download an extension it has developed that lets you roll C++ code for Linux servers, desktops and devices. Visual Studio will copy and remote build source and launch the application with a debugger. There’s added support in …
Gavin Clarke, 31 Mar 2016
R Plotting in Visual Studio

R you ready? Open source stats come to Visual Studio

There's no longer any particular surprise to hear the words “Microsoft” and “open source” in the same sentence: in the latest addition to its stable, Redmond is wrapping the venerable statistical package R in its warm embrace. The company has offered a first look at R Tools for Visual Studio (RTVS) here. While commercial …

Microsoft explanation for Visual Studio online outage leaves open questions

Microsoft has posted a resolution report on a recent problem with Visual Studio Team Services, a cloud-based code repository and developer collaboration platform. Users have been unable to log into Visual Studio Team Services "Between 09:10 and 14:28 UTC on 04 Feb 2016, customers attempting to log into their Visual Studio …
Tim Anderson, 5 Feb 2016
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Mega Microsoft dev tools update includes Clang codegen for Windows

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 with a ton of new features, including an option to build Windows dynamic libraries with the open source Clang compiler. The developer team at Microsoft has been in overdrive these last few years, coping with the challenge of keeping up with the company's ever-changing platform …
Tim Anderson, 1 Dec 2015
Funnel of cash. Credit: via SXC –

Bloke clicks GitHub 'commit' button in Visual Studio, gets slapped with $6,500 AWS bill

A web developer from South Africa said a bug in a tool for using Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE with code-sharing site GitHub inadvertently exposed his sensitive data – and the error cost him more than $6,500 (£4,250) in just a few hours. Carlo van Wyk of Cape Town–based Humankode said he used the GitHub Extension for Visual …

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