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Steam engine

Valve says no Steam Machines until 2015, fingers crossed

Video-game kingpin Valve has announced that its Steam Machine console hardware will likely be delayed by as much as a year, owing to ongoing development of the device's ambitious controller. In a blog post on Tuesday, Valve developer Eric Hope said that a private beta program using prototype versions of the wireless controller …
Neil McAllister, 29 May 2014

Nintendo says sorry, but there will be NO gay marriage in Tomodachi Life ... EVER

Gaming heavyweight Nintendo says it's sorry to disappointed customers for not including same-sex relationships in its Tomodachi Life simulation game, but that it's too late to do anything about it. The Mario Bros. maker posted a public note of apology to its website on Friday saying it was "committed to advancing our longtime …
Neil McAllister, 10 May 2014

4G networks are BIG TIME SUCK for us videogame-obsessed Brits

Brits with 4G mobile contracts are wasting more time than ever by crunching their way through content - with over a quarter of them using their gadgets to download videogames. More people are also using the faster mobile networks to shop online, especially to track down the best deals. That's the findings from market research …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Nov 2013

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.

Did Atari really bury millions of unsold videogame cartridges in the New Mexico desert in 1983? A documentary film crew aims to find out. When the home videogames market went bust in 1982, the story goes, Atari was left saddled with millions of dollars in unsold Atari 2600 game consoles and cartridges. Legend has it that …
Neil McAllister, 31 May 2013
Space Invader

Twenty classic arcade games

I’d better say it from the outset: picking 20 all-time arcade game classics is a nightmarish task, not simply because of the almost endless array of titles available to choose from, but because of all the really good ones you have to omit. Space Invader Here then, are the titles that made the cut, either because they have …
Giles Hill, 5 Mar 2013
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Scammers exploit wannabe demon-slayers hyped by Diablo III

Cybercrooks latched onto the release of Diablo III on Monday with a run of scams themed around the widely anticipated video game. Blizzard's games systems collapsed due to the higher than expected demand for the demon-slaying game, The Guardian reports. The software company is attempting to stop pirates from nicking the new …
John Leyden, 15 May 2012

Videogame piracy figures show decline

Videogame piracy may be in decline, according to a study investigating which games were illegally downloaded the most last year. The annual report from TorrentFreak sees Crysis 2 take the centre podium in the PC realm after it was illegally downloaded roughly 3.92 million times. Modern Warfare 3 was close behind, followed by …
Caleb Cox, 4 Jan 2012
Modern Warfare 3

Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure

Four MPs have tabled a motion calling of Parliament to express "deep concern" about how videogame Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 allows players to "engage in gratuitous acts of violence against members of the public". The MPs are Keith Vaz (Labour, Leicester East), Bob Russell (Lib Dem, Colchester), Sir Alan Meale (Lab, …
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2011
Sergiokillo's console collection

Gamer claims complete console collection

Collectors take things to extreme measures, such is the nature of their interest. Videogame enthusiasts have a similar mentality. Therefore, imagine what happens when the two combine. While in Valencia last week, I ran into 'Sergiokillo' - as mentioned in my Campus Party roundup - a bloke who has spent a long time building up …
Caleb Cox, 21 Jul 2011
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Videogame developer defies hacker threat

The publisher of the Runes of Magic videogame is defying a hacker who has threatened to release personal details and payment information on users. The threats were made in posts to the Runes of Magic forum, promising dire consequences unless staff at games publisher Frogster were treated more fairly and the security of the …
John Leyden, 4 Feb 2011
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Unhackable PS3 finally jailbroken, video claims

An Australian seller of videogame modchips claims Sony's PlayStation 3 console has been jailbroken by a hack that allows users to run backup and home-brewed copies of games — not to mention titles that have been pirated. posted three videos on YouTube that purport to show a fully current version of the console …
Dan Goodin, 19 Aug 2010
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Study shows gaming can hinder reading, writing progress

A study has confirmed what any savvy parent could have told you: young boys who are given games consoles may fail to advance as far academically as their Wii, Xbox and PlayStation-less peers. A team from the Denison University in Ohio led by psychologists Robert Weis and Brittany Cerankosky gave PlayStation 2s to 32 boys out …
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010
Bandai Stadium Events

Rare NES title takes $43,000 at auction

The seller said it was a "priceless" item, and while bidding didn't quite reach infinity, one lucky bidder has now agreed to buy a "one of a kind" copy of Bandai's 1986 videogame Family Fitness Stadium Events for $41,300 (£27,102). Developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the game was released in Europe in 1988, …
Tony Smith, 1 Mar 2010

Cambridge Uni to probe games' impact on kids

Some people believe videogames affect a child’s physical and mental behaviour, while others will swear blind that they don’t. Now Cambridge University hopes to discover the truth and has created a department dedicated to studying the messages kids absorb from “cultural sources”. The university’s Centre for Children's …

UK suffers videogame 2009 sales blow

The games industry is often perceived as going from strength to strength, with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 claiming record sales figures. But 2009 actually saw UK sales plunge, market watchers said today. Over-the-counter unit sales of console games were down six per cent compared to 2008's figure. Sales of …

UK videogaming sales shrink in 2009

The value of videogame and console sales in the UK fell 18 per cent in 2009. This is not as bad as it may seem at first sight - 2008 was a record year and 2009 ranks as the second best for the games sector. According to figures from industry watcher GfK Chart-Track, UK gamers spent £3.3bn on videogames last year – down from £ …

Sonic the Hedgehog to make 2D comeback

He’s blue, a hedgehog and – from next year – will be back in 2D, Sega has announced. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The videogame developer has released a teaser trailer for Sonic’s latest adventure, which will see the spiky mammal return to his two-dimensional roots in a title codenamed 'Project …

Venezuela to ban violent videogames?

An end to the sale of violent videogames in Venezuela has moved one step closer to becoming a reality. Venezuela’s National Assembly recently considered the Prohibition of Video Games and Toy Weapons bill, which it subsequently approved after just one debate. The bill’s exact details aren’t widely known, but the title …
James Sherwood, 28 Aug 2009

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