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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty daddy considers launching own movie studio

Videogame kingpin Activision Blizzard is reportedly considering launching its own movie studio division to turn its games into films and TV shows. Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil This movie adaptation of Resident Evil was quite popular for some reason... Videogame adaptations have had mixed success to say the least, with …
Sega Toylet

Sega squirts urinal game console onto shop shelves

Sega's videogame business hit a 'new flow' this week when the firm pushed its urinal games terminal, the Toylet, out into retail in Japan. That means that those who took a shine to Sega's Toylets after using them in various bathrooms across the country, now have the opportunity to put them in their own homes, the company …
Caleb Cox, 1 May 2012
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Mass Effect 3 crooks trick gamers with fake 'alternate ending'

Scammers are targeting gamers left unsatisfied by the controversial ending of popular video game Mass Effect 3. Gamers dissatisfied by the conclusion of the recently released final chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy of video games, which completes the story of main character Commander Shepard, are invited to download an " …
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2012

Paper pictures failed hostage rescue with Call of Duty shot

The Sunday Times' use of a Call of Duty character to illustrate an article about a real-life military operation has left bloggers up in arms. Some claim the use of such an image is not ethically right. Alongside an article this past Sunday about the failed rescue mission in Nigeria, the Sunday Times published an image of John …
Caleb Cox, 14 Mar 2012

Activision denies Modern Warfare 2 Russian ban

The publisher behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has dismissed claims that the videogame has been banned in Russia because of a violent level set within a Russian airport. “Reports that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been banned in Russia are erroneous,” Activision said. The source of Russian contention is MW2’s “No …
James Sherwood, 17 Nov 2009

First 'videogame census' conducted

A “virtual census” of videogame characters has concluded that the industry is unfairly biased towards white, adult males. In what’s thought to be the first analysis of its kind, researcher Dmitri Williams from the University of Southern California – with help from Indiana University and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute – …
James Sherwood, 23 Sep 2009

Gaming exec calls for videogame price hike

Sony’s former European President thinks the average cost of a blockbuster videogame should rise to £70 ($115/€82). Only a price jump would ensure a continued supply of groundbreaking games, according to Chris Deering, who noted the huge increase in development costs in recent years. “In order to price these games at a level …
James Sherwood, 31 Jul 2009

Germany facing violent-videogame ban

Just days after rape games hit the buffers in Japan, it has emerged that several of Germany’s politicians hope to ban the production and distribution of all violent videogames in the country. Sixteen Interior Ministers have reportedly banded together in an effort to demand that Germany’s national parliament introduce the ban …

Movie-quality games in 15 years, claims gaming veteran

Movie-quality videogame graphics will be possible within 10 to 15 years, an industry heavyweight has forecast. Tim Sweeny, founder of videogame firm Epic Games, said issues including realistic in-game lighting and movie quality static scenes or motion are just a matter of brute computing power. “We’re only about a factor of a …
James Sherwood, 26 May 2009

Spielberg: Games consoles doomed

Steven Spielberg has suggested that games consoles will, one day, be replaced by in-home virtual reality entertainment. Spielberg told The Guardian that while he’s keen for 3D games to be developed in the short term, he’s confident that after the glamour of such titles has worn off the future “will certainly be virtual reality …
James Sherwood, 21 May 2009

Tony Hawk prepping skateboard gaming peripheral?

Gaming peripherals look set to become much more realistic, following the revelation that skateboarding superstar Tony Hawk’s latest title will use a hi-tech skateboard add-on. Tony_Hawk_ride Will this board be sold with Tony Hawk's latest title? Activision – the firm behind his new Tony Hawk Ride videogame – has released a …
James Sherwood, 15 May 2009

Volvo test-drive goes virtual

Test-driving a car will never be the same again, at least if you’re thinking of buying a Volvo S60 Concept. Why? Because the Swedish car firm has designed a videogame to let you try out its motor. Volvo_videogame_01 Volvo - The Game is a virtual test-drive Volvo – The Game will apparently introduce potential customers to …

Man quits job using videogame

There are various ways to resign: calling your boss into a meeting room, sending them an email, or playing their head like a bongo drum while you shout 'I quit!' But one Australia-based games developer decided to quit his job using a videogame. Resignation_videogame_01 Woods' game annouces his resignation Jarrad Woods …
James Sherwood, 29 Apr 2009

Texas passes videogame tax break bill

The US state of Texas has passed a bill that will see local videogames firms awarded development tax breaks. The legislation – known as House Bill 873 – gives the Texas Film Commission a remit to offer financial help to videogame projects in addition to the fiscal aid it can already grant local film and TV content producers. …
James Sherwood, 27 Apr 2009

Videogames aid 'life skill' development

Looking to develop your life skills? Then forget lowly work experience or charity endeavours - just get back on your games console. Playing games helps develop a whole range of life skills... according to gamers A massive 84 per cent of “tech enthusiasts” think playing videogames has enhanced skills that help them in their …
James Sherwood, 20 Apr 2009
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Recession takes chunk out of game sales

"Recession-proof" ain't what it used to be. First Google's secret money making machine starts coughing up smoke, and now the video games industry takes a hit. What's next, recession? Rainbows and unicorns going broke? March sales for the games industry as a whole dropped 17 per cent compared to a year ago, according to NPD …
Austin Modine, 17 Apr 2009

PS3 players prefer gaming to bonking

A survey has discovered that almost three-quarters of PlayStation 3 owners would happily swap a night of passion with their partner for time to try a newly released game. The silly survey quizzed 1130 British blokes who own a PS3. If you’re wondering why Xbox 360 owners weren’t asked, it’s because the research was commissioned …

Action games 'improve eyesight'

Playing a certain type of videogame can help to improve adult eyesight, a study conducted by a North American university has concluded. Over the course of nine weeks, two groups of 11 adult volunteers each played a total of 50 hours of games. One group played action titles – including Call of Duty 2 - and the other set played …
James Sherwood, 30 Mar 2009

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