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VMware rejiggers acquired Shavlik tools for SMBs

VMworld Europe During the VMworld Europe shindig in Copenhagen, Denmark this week, server virtualization juggernaut VMware gussied up two management tools it gained back in May when it acquired partner Shavlik Technologies, and promptly slapped its brands on them. Shavlik was founded in 1993 by one of the hotshot programmers who worked at …
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VMware ramps crusade to make sysadmins redundant

VMworld Europe Having already made major revisions to its ESXi hypervisor, vSphere add-ons, and vCloud extensions in the 5.0 releases that came out over the summer, VMware isn't making any blockbuster announcements at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen this week – unless you count some management tools for infrastructure and platform clouds that …
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VMware corks hypervisor security hole

Server and PC virtualization juggernaut VMware has issued a patch for the Workstation hypervisor that plugs a privilege-escalation hole on machines that use Linux as the host environment for the hypervisor. Machines that use Windows as a host environment for the Workstation hypervisor are not affected by the local privilege- …

VMware hooks up private and public clouds

Another piece in the vCloud cloudy infrastructure puzzle snaps into place today for VMware, with the delivery of a tool called vCloud Connector. With this plug-in for the vCenter management console for the company's vSphere server hypervisor and related stack, system administrators can now view and control the virtual machines …

VMware boost vCloud Director cloud creator

VMworld Europe At its VMworld Europe conference in Copenhagen this week, the server virtualization powerhouse and wannabe cloud seeder VMware rounds out its vCloud Director tool that it announced at the end of August, developed as Project Redwood. Two different but related add-ons to vCloud Director come out of Copenhagen Tuesday. The first …
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EMC shuffles Ionix to VMware

EMC is keeping up appearances that its VMware subsidiary is still a separate company. Today, it transferred a number of system management products that were part of its evolving Ionix brand to VMware for $200m in cash. Last July, after five years of making systems management tool acquisitions, EMC slapped the Ionix brand on …

3PAR plugs-in more power to VMware

3PAR is giving more power to VMware administrators to protect, copy and manage virtual server-related data on InServ arrays, with a pair of software plug-ins. 3PAR's Recovery Manager plug-in for vSphere enables VMware admins to rapidly provision new virtual machines (VMs), using VM copies. They can create hundreds of VM-aware …
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VMware bakes disaster recovery into vSphere stack

VMware has rounded out its vSphere stack of software around the ESX Server 4.0 hypervisor, with integration of vCenter Site Recovery Manager that started shipping in June. While VMware likes to make it look like the vSphere stack consists of lots of different code, thereby making it worth lots and lots of money, there are …

VMware vSphere gets more gadgets

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware kicks off its VMworld fest in San Francisco today by rounding out its vCenter management tools for the new vSphere 4.0 stack, which wraps around the new ESX Server 4.0 hypervisor. The company is also launching a free Web-based, hosted management tool that will allow companies that use …

VMware copes with performance, chargeback anxiety

VMware has given its vCenter management tool an overhaul, giving admins the ability to monitor application performance and charge back departments for the privilege. VMware has kept its tools for managing server virtualization separate from the ESX Server hypervisor that implements virtualization and the features and functions …

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