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All your bass are belong to us: Soundcloud fans raid site for music amid fears of total collapse

Music hosting biz SoundCloud, having just axed 40 per cent of its staff, is now trying to ward off rumors that it will go broke in less than two months. The song-sharing service was rumored to be in crisis mode and had to shut its doors, with just 50 days of funding left before it ran out of cash. A spokesperson insisted …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Jul 2017

Ready, aim... Ignition! Valley VC bigwig ejects after conduct complaints

Frank Artale, managing partner at Ignition Ventures, has resigned at the request of the board following multiple claims of inappropriate behavior. In a statement on Tuesday evening, Ignition said it had received a complaint about Artale on July 5, this year, and had investigated the allegation. The bigwig also had a gripe …
Iain Thomson, 12 Jul 2017

Silicon Valley VCs ranked one to 100

Silicon Valley's top 100 venture capitalists have been ranked and the results posted online, sparking an ego explosion in Northern California. Startup tracking company CB Insights has been working with The New York Times for a few months in an effort to rank the moneymen. In order to do so, they came up with the very-Valley …
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Mar 2016

Coding is more important than Shakespeare, says VC living in self-contained universe

Close on the heels of Marc Andreessen's anti-colonialism comments about India, a second billionaire Silicon Valley VC has exploded his ego all over the internet. But whereas Andreessen's offensive comments were restricted to a 140-character tweet, Vinod Khosla has written over 5,000 words to explain why kids should learn …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Feb 2016

IT security is a safe job? Tell that to Norse staff laid off this week

Exclusive One of the more promising security startups of recent years has laid off a sizable chunk of its staff, citing business pressures. Norse – which you may remember from its FreeBSD fault finding or its global cyber-attack map – is one of a growing number of firms that uses a worldwide network of sensors and server racks to track …
Iain Thomson, 5 Jan 2016
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Hey, software entrepreneurs! Open Ocean puts €100m up for grabs

Helskini-based Open Ocean has announced a €100m fund to target early-stage investment in European software startups, with 20-year veteran of the European tech entrepreneur scene Richard Muirhead being brought in to recruit and lead its London operations focusing on the UK market. The fund is to focus on "data-led, fast-growth …

A bubble? No way, we're in a bust, says rich VC living in alternate reality

Analysis Those concerned that Silicon Valley is inside a tech bubble fit to burst, have no fear – because according to true disruptive thinking, the opposite is true. Speaking at a conference on Wednesday, tech investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen batted back a question from Fortune editor Alan Murray about the over-the-top …
Cash in garter belt. Pic: Elliott Bledsoe

Six Degrees love triangle: Final bids for data outfit due tomorrow

Two suitors vying to acquire Brit managed services and data centre provider Six Degrees have until tomorrow to lodge a winning bid. The Penta Capital-owned business was put on the market by corporate financier DC Advisory in February, as El Chan exclusively revealed. The private equity backer is looking to at least treble the …
Paul Kunert, 9 Jun 2015

Dissing the Valley and ignoring unicorns: The tech boom Oakland style

Analysis "Last year, people were surprised that Vator Splash came to Oakland, this year they're thinking 'yeah, that's about right'." So claimed Libby Schaaf, the new mayor of the Bay Area's hippest place to be, the new "Brooklyn by the Bay" – yes, we're talking about Oakland. Schaaf was opening 2015's Vator Splash conference this …
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2015
car acceleration

$23m to a WordPress biz? Why top-end hosting is big money

Analysis Website hosting may not be the first thing you consider when looking at tech industry growth, but venture capitalists North Bridge are betting different. This week, the investment biz sank $23m (£15.4m) in WP Engine, a hosting company in Austin, Texas, that specializes in the WordPress open-source online publishing software. …
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Mar 2015

Venture Capital investment in Silicon Valley hits dot-com boom levels

Analysis We're now at dot-com bubble levels of investment in Silicon Valley, according to the latest stats, raising the specter of another tech crash. PricewaterhouseCoopers' MoneyTree report, which tracks venture capital investment across the US, has announced (though not yet published) its Q4 2014 results, and revealed that in the …
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2015

ePassport to Transnistria: NEXTIFYING the Nation State with BONG

¡Bong! [The story so far: Bong has summoned the world's most sought after enterpreneurs and thinkfluencers to Transnistria for the first Disruptive Mindfulness Unsummit. But... why?] The sea of mud stretched in every direction. Ancient, rusty Soviet tractor parts mocked us with their silent tales of record-breaking production …
Steve Bong, 10 Oct 2014

Storage startups: Hey VCs, it's not just the size, it's the frequency

Comment The funding pattern for storage startups has radically changed as newer young companies in hotly contested marts race for growth. The chart shows the various funding events we have recorded for 32 individual storage startups. These may be declared VC funding rounds or strategic investments. The units are millions of dollars, …
Chris Mellor, 7 Oct 2014

Couchbase relaxes into golden couch stuffed with 60 meellion dollars

Upstart database firm Couchbase has pulled in $60m in filthy valley lucre to help the company take business away from Oracle and IBM. The funding round was announced on Thursday and led by WestSummit and Accel Growth Fund. It represents a big bet that new database systems are getting popular enough to steal some business away …
Jack Clark, 26 Jun 2014
Soylent prepared

Anti-food startup Soylent pours sugar daddies' $1.5m into its gloopy mix

Soylent, the geek-run startup that aims to defeat food by replacing all meals with a pint and a half of beige gloop, has slurped down $1.5m in filthy valley lucre. The funding was announced on Monday and will give the controversial upstart the ability to do some hiring, perhaps fund a medical trial, and investigate the …
Jack Clark, 21 Oct 2013
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Google brings in blue-chip VC firms for 'Glass Collective'

Google is hoping its Project Glass augmented-reality headsets will be the next big thing and has convinced two of the most venerable VC firms to put their money behind the venture, creating what they're calling the "Glass Collective." Glass Collective Welcome to the Collective "We've formed the Glass Collective, an …
Iain Thomson, 10 Apr 2013
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Nokia chucks another $250m at its mobile VC biz

Nokia is setting up a third investment fund, putting $250m on the table for its VC business to invest in mobile-related ventures. It has also announced the appointment of a new MD and principal in its brand-new offices in China, where it is looking to expand operations. Not that David Tang, the new Beijing-based managing …
Bill Ray, 29 Jan 2013
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Investors shovel another $10m of 'fuel' onto the SkyFire

Cloud-optimised browsing company SkyFire has landed another $10m investment, on top of the $30m it has already spent, to push its mobile browsing solution into Europe and Asia. Mobile browsing optimisation company SkyFire has raised another $10m from investors, on top of the $30.5m that has already been poured into the company …
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2012

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