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Dutch court says BREIN should get e-book uploaders' names

A Netherlands court has ordered two Usenet providers, Eweka and Usenetter, to hand over subscriber details over alleged copyright violations. The case was launched by anti-piracy group BREIN, which is trying to hunt down whoever uploaded more than 2,000 e-books to Usenet via the providers. Eweka and Usenetter cancelled the …
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Another Usenet download haven axed, Leeds pirates avoid jail

Two Leeds brothers behind the pirate download links website have received suspended prison sentences for copyright infringement. The men, Faraz Saddiq, 27, and Ayaz Saddiq, 26, also operated and presented both online outlets as legit operations. In reality, the websites merely pointed to unlicensed …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Dec 2012
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Piracy haven Newzbin2 gives up, can't pay the bills

Downloads search engine Newzbin2, formerly Newzbin, has thrown in the towel. The Usenet-scouring website was the centre of a landmark legal judgment brought by Hollywood studios against BT, which resulted in the website being blocked by UK ISPs for copyright infringement. Now the operators at have blamed a variety …
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Provider: Anti-piracy ruling has 'killed Usenet'

Europe’s biggest Usenet provider News-Service Europe (NSE) says anti-piracy organisation BREIN has "killed Usenet". The Dutch organisation this week lost a landmark case in which it was ordered to remove all pirated content or risk fine of €50,000 per day. "It is technically as well as economically impossible to check the …
Jan Libbenga, 30 Sep 2011
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Google promises fix for jittery Usenet addicts

Usenet diehards are complaining that Google is no longer mirroring the venerable internet discussion forums on its web-based Google Groups service, but the company has reassured them that this is merely a glitch that will soon be resolved. On August 1, Google Groups seemed to stop updating its Usenet forums, and as of Tuesday …
Cade Metz, 10 Aug 2011
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Competition Czar weighs into copyright, trademarks

The European Commission has published its blueprint on IP, in a document with suggestions for orphan works, music licensing, trademarks, counterfeiting and online liabilities. The Commission wants multi-territory licensing of music rights, rather than forcing users of copyright (in the traditional sense) to negotiate country …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 May 2011
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Newzbin comes back to life

As predicted, Newzbin has come back to life. The Usenet indexer and search engine was shut after it was found guilty of copyright infringement at the end of March after action by the Motion Picture Association. A message on its website said: "Regrettably the Newzbin website has to close as a result of the legal action against …
John Oates, 2 Jun 2010
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Newzbin code leak could lead to return of Usenet indexer

A clone site of Newzbin could be winging its way onto the interwebs soon, after its source code was stolen. Just last week the Usenet indexer went titsup due to legal action from the Motion Picture Association of America. Not long after that Newzbin admins confirmed in a blog post that the code had unsurprisingly been leaked …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 May 2010
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Newzbin goes titsup

Usenet indexer Newzbin has gone titsup thanks to legal action from the Motion Picture Association. A message on the homepage says: "Regrettably the Newzbin website has to close as a result of the legal action against us." The page also links to a blog post, although its author makes clear he has no relationship to the site …
John Oates, 19 May 2010
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AT&T jettisons the last of its Usenet

AT&T has dealt another blow to the internet relic known as Usenet. Sometime next month, the American telcom giant will terminate its entire newsgroup service. "Please note that on or around July 15, 2009, AT&T will no longer be offering access to the Usenet netnews service," reads a note sent to AT&T and posted on the company' …
Cade Metz, 9 Jun 2009
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Comcast plays New York anti-porn game

After a legal threat from New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo, Comcast has joined the grandstanding American politician's quixotic crusade against online child pornography. In signing Cuomo's anti-child porn "code of conduct," the country's second largest ISP has agreed to shutdown certain Usenet newsgroups containing " …
Cade Metz, 30 Jul 2008
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New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has threatened Comcast with legal action if it doesn't fall in line with his quixotic campaign against online child pornography. And the American ISP is set to do exactly what he wants. Over the past several weeks, Cuomo strong-armed five stateside ISPs into signing his very own anti- …
Cade Metz, 22 Jul 2008

Anti-spammer fined $60K for DNS lookup 'hack'

David Ritz, the veteran American spam-fighter, has been hit by $60,000 in fines plus lawyers fees after losing a civil suit that accused him of illegal hacking. Sierra Corporate Design, a North Dakota business run by alleged former spammer Jerry Reynolds, sued Ritz for hacking and trespass offences. Ritz was accused of …
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2008
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Scientology tries to discredit BBC documentary

The Church of Scientology has launched an online campaign against the BBC, ahead of the broadcast of a Panorama documentary investigating the organisation as a "cult". Journalist John Sweeney has been targeted with a DVD made by the Church, which has distributed copies to MPs. Sweeney got a little over-excited, during one …

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