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US Marine Corps to fly F-35s from HMS Queen Lizzie as UK won't have enough jets

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed that the US Marine Corps will be flying F-35Bs from HMS Queen Elizabeth on the aircraft's carrier's maiden operational deployment. He said: “I can welcome the commitment of the United States to deploying F-35s on the first operational deployment of Queen Elizabeth – the HMS Queen …
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Britain's Harrier jump-jets reprieved to fly and fight again

Blighty's famous force of Harrier jump-jets, controversially disposed of during last year's defence review along with the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers, have been reprieved: the radical vectored-thrust jets, believed by many to have been the best strike planes in Britain's arsenal, will fly (and almost certainly, fight) again …
Lewis Page, 15 Nov 2011
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US Marines not allowed to fart in Afghanistan

US Marines fighting in Afghanistan have been banned from farting in order to avoid upsetting the local population, it has been reported. The Marine Corps Times has the scoop: Audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange [slang roughly meaning 'in the warzone'] because it offends the Afghans ... So, for all …
Lewis Page, 25 Aug 2011
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US Marine gets date with Meg Griffin on YouTube

A US Marine serving in Afghanistan has successfully obtained a date with Hollywood star Mila Kunis by asking her out in a YouTube video. Sergeant Scott Moore can be seen below making his digital move on the actress, famous as the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy and as Mona Sax in gamebased offering Max Payne. Kunis was also …
Team Register, 12 Jul 2011
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Bradley Manning now in nicer Army prison

Imprisoned US soldier Private Bradley Manning, who is charged with leaking huge amounts of classified data from military computer systems, is now under a much less severe confinement regime. Manning's lawyer, David Coombs (a former Army judge and reserve Lieutenant-Colonel) reports in a recent blog post that his client's move …
Lewis Page, 5 May 2011
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Obama gets personal V-22 Osprey tiltrotor

President Obama's personal helicopter fleet will soon include the famous, controversial V-22 Osprey tiltrotor, according to reports. However it seems unlikely that the amazing plane-copter combo craft will land on the White House lawn very often. A V-22 Osprey coming in to land at the Pentagon. Credit: US Navy/Mass …
Lewis Page, 14 Apr 2011
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US Marines splurge on Brit troops' armoured pants

It doesn't happen often, but today it has. US troops, serving alongside British forces in combat, have looked enviously at the kit furnished to our boys and girls and demanded that the Pentagon get off its ass and buy them similar stuff. More normally, things would be the other way around. The kit in question is the armoured …
Lewis Page, 14 Apr 2011
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US Marine hover-jeep to get robotic hands-off controls

The well-known robotics department at Carnegie Mellon university - famed among other things for accomplishments in the field of self-driving cars and for giving the world the 600-tonne automated Godzilla truck - has now been selected to provide an autopilot system for a military flying-jeep project. The Lockheed ducted-fan …
Lewis Page, 9 Nov 2010
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DARPA orders miracle motor for its flying car

Intriguing news today on the flying-car front - and indeed many other fronts. A Californian space-rocket company says it has received US government funding to develop a miraculous engine that would offer as much power-for-weight as a gas turbine, but would be much cheaper and simpler to make and maintain. SR/C concept for …
Lewis Page, 21 Oct 2010
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FLYING CAR, full hover, fairly quiet, offered to US Marines

Who remembers the "Transformer TX" flying-car project, intended to equip the US Marines with a small four-seat vehicle able to drive about on the ground like a jeep, hover like a helicopter, or fly like a plane? The first team to publicly offer a contending design has now stepped forward. The Tyrannos flying car concept. …
Lewis Page, 7 Jul 2010
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V-22 Osprey downblast scatters spectators like skittles

Spectators were blown "thirty feet" along the ground and battered by flying debris including branches ripped from trees by downwash from a V-22 Osprey tiltrotor landing in a park at the weekend. The MV-22B aircraft, operated by the US Marines, was landing in Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island as part of Memorial Day …
Lewis Page, 2 Jun 2010
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DARPA, US Marines team on proper flying car project

Big news for flying-car lovers today, as US military boffinry chiefs have unveiled full details of their plan to produce an excellent flying Humvee or sky-jeep type vehicle - and have a prototype flying by 2015. Plans for the so-called "Transformer TX" were revealed in Pentagon budget documents last year, but details were …
Lewis Page, 14 Apr 2010
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US Marine robot supply skyhook compo: Enter the A160T

Mighty aerospace mammoth Boeing has made a late entry in the contest to supply the US Marines with robot helicopter supply skyhooks, able to move stuff in and out of isolated forward bases in Afghanistan without input from human operators. The A160T robocopter during autonomous supply trials. Credit: Boeing Don't worry lads, …
Lewis Page, 16 Mar 2010
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Supersonic stealth jumpjet in first hover-system flight test

Vid The world's first supersonic stealth jumpjet, the F-35B, has belatedly begun flight tests of its vertical-thrust technology - much of which is from Blighty. The radical plane is intended to replace the famous Harrier in the services of many nations, including the UK. Here's a vid of the test aircraft trying out its downward- …
Lewis Page, 12 Jan 2010
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First ever supersonic stealth jumpjet starts hover tests at last

The world's first supersonic stealth jumpjet, intended to replace the famous Harrier in British, US and other forces worldwide, has arrived at the American airbase where it will finally begin to flight-test its vertical-lift and hover capabilities. F-35B doors open from below. Credit: JSF Program Doors open - but nothing …
Lewis Page, 16 Nov 2009
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US Marine murder trial will use Google Earth

The trial of a US Marine accused of murdering an Iraqi man will make use of Google Earth, according to a ruling last week. Corporal Trent Thomas is one of eight Marines accused of killing ex-policeman Hashim Ibrahim Awad in April last year. Technology issues have already figured in hearings regarding the slaying, as prosecution …
Lewis Page, 21 May 2007
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US Marines spoofed drone to cover up murder, court told

US Marines in Iraq staged an elaborate fake gunfight to foil an overhead surveillance drone and cover up a murder, according to court testimony. Wired reports that the Marines successfully spoofed infrared imagery, producing the appearance of a legitimate combat engagement. Only a surprise confession by a Navy medic (or " …
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2007
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US Marines stomp suburbia

Remote-controlled operated garage doors, a basic freedom held dear by every home-owning American, have become the latest innocent victims of the War on Terror. According to a report in the Washington Post, efforts by the Marines to reclaim narrow band spectrum for national security reasons has meant that garage owners around …

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