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US Navy robot war-jet refuels in air: But Mav and Iceman are going down fighting

A US Navy X-47B unmanned aircraft demonstrator has successfully carried out air-to-air refuelling from a tanker, the last of the feats the X-47B project was intended to accomplish. The two robot jets will now be retired, either to museums or the Pentagon's famous desert aircraft boneyard in Arizona. The test took place …
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Ban drones taking snaps of homes, rages Google boss... That's HIS job, right?

Google supremo Eric Schmidt has demanded tough rules on civilians flying surveillance drones, branding the tech a threat to privacy. The executive chairman of the internet advertising giant that snaps photos of millions of front doors worldwide is upset that cheap camera-toting aircraft can be used by anyone from terrorists to …
John Leyden, 15 Apr 2013
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US robochopper cargo skyhook gets another $47m

The US Army and Marines' ongoing effort to get unmanned robot supply helicopters into service continues, with a further $47m contract award announced yesterday. The unmanned cargo version of the Kaman K-Max helicopter. Credit: Lockheed You can put a flyboy in there if you want one for some reason The deal, awarded by the …
Lewis Page, 17 Aug 2011
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Airborne killer robot destroys Libyan anti-aircraft missile

Analysis In news which will send a cold chill down the necks of fast-jet pilots and air forces around the world, it has been announced that an unmanned "Predator" drone has destroyed a heavy Libyan surface-to-air missile in Tripoli on Sunday. A Tornado GR4 en route to operations over Libya, pictured from a refuelling tanker aircraft. …
Lewis Page, 26 Apr 2011
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Blighty's expensive Watchkeeper spy-drone in further delays

The troubled, extremely expensive Watchkeeper project intended to supply unmanned surveillance aircraft to the Royal Artillery has hit further technical delays. The first robot spyplanes should have been delivered in February - eight months later than the original contract called for - but they will now arrive "toward year's end …
Lewis Page, 2 Mar 2011
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Robo stealth bomber piggybacks on NASA's shuttle jumbo

Pic US arms'n'aerospace megacorp Boeing has now moved its Phantom Ray robot stealth fighter to Edwards Air Force Base in California for flight testing. The unmanned jet was shipped there on the back of one of NASA's well-known piggyback jumbo jets, more usually employed moving space shuttles about. The Phantom Ray UAS piggybacked …
Lewis Page, 14 Dec 2010
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A software error, combined with an unfortunate user action, led to a US military robot helicopter - developed from a manned version and capable of carrying a fearsome arsenal of weapons - straying into restricted airspace near Washington DC, according to reports. Fire Scout robot helicopter La la la, I'm not listening Mr …
Lewis Page, 26 Aug 2010
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Robocopter combat cargo skyhook chosen by US forces

A US military competition aimed at finding a robotic unmanned helicopter able to haul supplies to isolated bases in Afghanistan has a winner, according to reports. The unmanned cargo version of the Kaman K-Max helicopter. Credit: Lockheed OK, flyboy, you go and have your mandatory aircrew sleep time - you've slept yourself …
Lewis Page, 25 Aug 2010
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UK's Zephyr robo sun-plane in record-buster 2-week flight

The "Zephyr" solar-powered unmanned plane, which has been airborne continuously for the past two weeks above the Arizona desert, has made a successful landing to break several aviation records. The Zephyr solar-powered UAV before trials in Arizona. Credit: Qinetiq Today, Arizona. Tomorrow, the world - well, the hot bits …
Lewis Page, 23 Jul 2010
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'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

A British-made solar powered aircraft has been airborne above a US military test range in Arizona for more than seven days continuously, it has been announced. The Zephyr solar-powered UAV before trials in Arizona. Credit: Qinetiq Make the most of it lads, your sons will be doing the next servicing. The "Zephyr", made by …
Lewis Page, 16 Jul 2010
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'Phantom Ray' robot stealth jet rolls out

US arms'n'aerospace goliath Boeing yesterday held a public unveiling of its "Phantom Ray" jet-fighter sized robot stealth plane. The firm has no customer for the Phantom Ray, which is intended to fly by the end of the year, but evidently Boeing executives consider that it would be fatal to be left behind in the military robojet …
Lewis Page, 11 May 2010
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'al-Qaeda suicide cat' sends US Iraq war robots out of control

Control over heavily armed US war robots fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan was lost last year after a cat climbed into machinery at an American command base and "fried everything", a US officer has confirmed. The news comes from Colonel Grant Webb, describing technical problems at Creech Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, Nevada …
Lewis Page, 19 Apr 2010
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Blighty's first home grown war robot takes to Welsh skies!

The UK tentacle of French arms giant Thales is delighted today to announce that its new "Watchkeeper" drone aircraft for the British Army has made its first flight in UK airspace. The machine first flew in 2008, above Israel, where the Hermes 450 it is based on is made. The Watchkeeper makes its first UK flight. credit: Thales …
Lewis Page, 15 Apr 2010
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US Marine robot supply skyhook compo: Enter the A160T

Mighty aerospace mammoth Boeing has made a late entry in the contest to supply the US Marines with robot helicopter supply skyhooks, able to move stuff in and out of isolated forward bases in Afghanistan without input from human operators. The A160T robocopter during autonomous supply trials. Credit: Boeing Don't worry lads, …
Lewis Page, 16 Mar 2010
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Reaper aerial killbots enlist mobile phones against owners

American Predator and Reaper unmanned flying hunter-killer robots will soon be equipped to track and listen in on mobile phones. The move is sure to be greeted with fear among tinfoil-clad bunker residents, but could also lead to calls for a no-nonsense enforcement campaign against noisy cellphone users in public places. …
Lewis Page, 28 Apr 2008

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