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BAE Systems' Jetstream 31 testbed, G-BWWW. Pic: BAE Systems

BAE Systems' autonomous research aircraft flies itself to Scotland

An autonomous aeroplane that uses onboard cameras to "see" events around it is being tested by BAE Systems. The modified Jetstream 31 aircraft operates from BAE's base at Warton and normally flies with two pilots aboard, who are in charge of takeoffs and landings. Building on previous research and development work which took …

British firm to build world's first offshore automated ship

In January, the British firm Automated Ships and its Norwegian partners Kongsberg Maritime will begin work on the first offshore vessel that can be run with no captain, crew, or engineers. The ship, named the Hrönn, is being designed as an offshore support vessel capable of delivering cargo to remote locations, launching and …
Iain Thomson, 4 Nov 2016
US Army robotised trucks. Credit: Lockheed

Unmanned, autonomous ROBOT TRUCK CONVOY 'drives though town'

The US Army says it has successfully conducted a test in which not just one but an entire convoy of unmanned, autonomous, robotized military lorries successfully drove through "urban areas" on their own without crashing into anything or running over any pedestrians. US Army robotised trucks. Credit: Lockheed Goddammit, …
Lewis Page, 3 Feb 2014

US Navy robot stealth fighter in first unmanned carrier landings

Vids The last of the great barriers has fallen: an unmanned aircraft has successfully made autonomous arrested landings on the deck of an aircraft carrier. It's now plain that robots are not just as good as human pilots - they are as good as the best human pilots. As most regular Reg readers will be aware, the X-47B project …
Lewis Page, 11 Jul 2013
The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System at its rollout ceremony

UN to call for 'pre-emptive' ban on soulless robot bomber assassins

Comment Picture this dystopian scenario. A robotic jet aeroplane takes off on a bombing mission. But this is not one of the "Predator" or "Reaper" drones in use today above Afghanistan - there's no human pilot in constant control as there is with those, and once the jet is in the air there's no way for human commanders to communicate …
Lewis Page, 30 May 2013
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Robo-warship sub hunter: Free DARPA crowdsauce game

No doubt regular readers will recall the US military's cunning plan to develop unmanned submarine-hunting robotic frigates - warships which would prowl the oceans like automated Mary Celestes, remorselessly tracking enemy submarines regardless of how their pale, sweaty, malodorous captains* might twist and turn. Screenshot …
Lewis Page, 7 Apr 2011
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US robot ornithopter spy-hummingbird in flight test triumph

Amazing news from the world of tiny robot spy ornithopters today, as developers have announced successful flight trials of the tiny robot spy ornithopter "Hummingbird" prototype – so named perhaps because it is roughly the size of a hummingbird, weighs as much as a hummingbird and looks like a horse ... no, sorry, like a …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2011
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Robot naval stealth fighter takes to the air

Vid The disappearance of swaggering pilots from the flight decks of US naval aircraft carriers came a step closer on Friday with the first flight of the X-47B robot tailhook stealth jet. The X-47B is intended to demonstrate that unmanned aircraft can take off from aircraft carrier catapults and land back on deck again using …
Lewis Page, 7 Feb 2011
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Battlefield skyhook robocopter 'passes US Marines' test'

The deadline for makers to bring forward unmanned skyhook robocopters - intended to move battlefield supplies in Afghanistan as soon as this year - is upon us, and one team at least is claiming a successful demonstration. The Kaman K-MAX intermesh rotor helicopter. Credit: Kaman Now available without that heavy, expensive, …
Lewis Page, 9 Feb 2010
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US plans crewless automated ghost-frigates

Those splendid brainboxes at DARPA - the Pentagon's in-house bazaar of the bizarre - have outdone themselves this time. They now plan an entirely uncrewed, automated ghost frigate able to cruise the oceans of the world for months or years on end without human input. The new project is called Anti-submarine warfare Continuous …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2010
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Israeli ducted-fan robo sky-jeep in hover trials

The Israeli designers of a radical flying jeep style vertical-takeoff-and-landing "fancraft" have announced long-belated flight tests. However, the trials of the pilotless "AirMule" have so far seen the aircraft tethered and restricted to just two feet off the ground. The AirMule in initial hover testing. Credit: Urban Aero …
Lewis Page, 13 Jan 2010
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Roboplane tech can deal with air-traffic control directly

Flying cars - or personal aircraft anyway - have moved a step nearer, as ongoing trials using robot aeroplanes and next-gen air traffic equipment in America are said to offer the option of "reduced crews" on commercial cargo flights. US aerospace firm GE Aviation has been participating in joint trials with the Federal Aviation …
Lewis Page, 5 Jan 2010
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Mantis Reaper-clone drone flies

UK-headquartered arms globocorp BAE Systems has announced completion of initial flight trials by its large, twin-engined "Mantis" unmanned aircraft above Australia. Mantis on show at last year's Farnborough airshow Praying for pork. “This achievement is testament to the can-do approach of the whole team working on this …
Lewis Page, 13 Nov 2009
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Flying car & roboplane-worthy air traffic digi-net go for 2025

Moves to replace conventional air-traffic infrastructure - at present reliant on slow and inaccurate radar and voice comms - with modern satnav and digital networking tech are reportedly "on the right track". Present-day air traffic is handled primarily by ground controllers using radar, either primary (where the pulse from …
Lewis Page, 1 Oct 2009
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VTOL hovership in semi-successful X-Prize attempt

A Californian firm has carried out the first untethered flights of its alcohol-fuelled hover rocket, able to take off and land vertically and potentially offer ballistic flights beyond the Earth's atmosphere. The rocket in question is the XA-0.1B (aka "Xombie") rocket from Masten Space Systems, fuelled on alcohol and liquid …
Lewis Page, 23 Sep 2009
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US to deploy 'optionally manned' hover-dirigible in 2011

The US military will deploy an "optionally manned" 250-foot surveillance airship to Afghanistan by the middle of 2011, according to reports. The dirigible spy-ship will be able to lurk high above Afghan battlefields for up to three weeks at a time, relaying information to ground commanders. Aviation Week reports that the …
Lewis Page, 22 Sep 2009
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Five-year-mission solar stratocruiser prototype is go

The famous Pentagon tech wildcards at DARPA have announced plans to move forward with a flying, full-size prototype "Vulture" strato-wingship able to cruise the upper atmosphere for 5 years without landing. The Vulture programme got underway last year with three competing industry teams carrying out development work on …
Lewis Page, 21 Sep 2009
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3-tonne robot flying saucer offered to world's militaries

DSEi A struggling British firm, restored to life by an anonymous private backer, is exhibiting a concept "flying saucer" aircraft able to lift a payload of one tonne, as well as smaller surveillance models down to pocket size. Company reps say that the firm is in contention for a significant European naval contract. The Hoder …
Lewis Page, 10 Sep 2009

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