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US gourmets sizzle in bacon-scented underwear

It may be a couple of rashers too far, but we feel obliged to alert readers to the immediate availability bacon-scented undies, courtesy of purveyors of all things pork J&D's Foods. The bacon-scented underwear The $19.99 hand-crafted his'n'hers smalls feature "state of the art moisture-wicking, scent-emission technology …
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2015
Intel and Chromat make a bra which breathes

Chipzilla has its knockers … and now they’re cool in this venting sports bra

Chipzilla’s latest move into wearable tech embraces fashion, with a partnership that sees the company jumping into bed with sportswear brand Chromat. The companies have produced a sports bra which opens vents when it senses a certain level of heat and sweat. Chromat said its designs are based on “Becca McCharen’s theoretical …
Simon Rockman, 16 Sep 2015

Thongs of praise: Slip on Japan's skimpy mobe knickers

Pics The Japanese adult male is widely considered to be utterly obsessed with young women’s small clothing. While we’d rather not pander to this particular stereotype, we have to admit the Land of the Rising Sun doesn’t do itself any favours. Well, not with products like these coming out of it. Exhibit A is a set of “panties for …
Adrian Frills, 10 May 2013
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Brazilians slap health warnings on knickers

Brazil's Congress has decreed that in future underwear must come with warnings of the perils of cancer, a healthy 12 years after the idea was first proposed by former congressman Barbosa Neto. According to the Telegraph, packaging for bras will advise women to examine their assets regularly, while chaps unwrapping pants will …
Lester Haines, 13 May 2011
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US Marines splurge on Brit troops' armoured pants

It doesn't happen often, but today it has. US troops, serving alongside British forces in combat, have looked enviously at the kit furnished to our boys and girls and demanded that the Pentagon get off its ass and buy them similar stuff. More normally, things would be the other way around. The kit in question is the armoured …
Lewis Page, 14 Apr 2011
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US man slips into perv scanner-busting undies

US firm Rocky Flats Gear is apparently doing a roaring trade in novel perv scanner-busting underwear - an attractive range of intimate apparel which may protect your naughty bits from radiation and the prying eyes of drooling airport security operatives. According to the blurb, the kit's main aim is "protecting the traveling …
Lester Haines, 23 Nov 2010
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Underwear obligatory for Florida city workers

The council of Brooksville, Florida, has clamped down on malodorous city employees sporting Spandex halter tops and exotic piercings while further prejudicing the town's "public image" by turning up for work without underwear. The new dress code specifically mandates the use of deodorant, while banning "distracting, offensive …
Lester Haines, 19 Jun 2009
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Plymouth nurse punted panties on eBay

A Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing yesterday considered the case of a Plymouth nurse who punted clean and soiled underwear on eBay while on duty at the city's Derriford Hospital, the local Herald reports. Sheena McMillan, 24, in April 2007 set up a listing entitled 'naughty knicks' with the username Sheena66c. It …
Lester Haines, 28 Oct 2008
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Oz minister walks plank for dancing drunk in his smalls

An Oz state government minister was yesterday obliged to resign after it was revealed he'd thrown a few shapes to techno music in "very brief" underwear during a drunken late night party in his in his Parliament House office, the Guardian reports. Matt Brown apparently strutted his stuff three months ago while he was New South …
Lester Haines, 11 Sep 2008
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DARPA working on T-ray spyeye spectacle tech

Pentagon boffinry chiefs have sprung aboard the terahertz technology bandwagon which has been gathering speed in recent times. Funding is now on offer for those who can have a credible stab at making the slippery T-ray easier to generate and detect, potentially unlocking a huge techno treasure vault stuffed with goodies such …
Lewis Page, 17 Jun 2008

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