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London Underground's Holborn station, Central Line. Pic: Shutterstock

London 'not-spots' look out! Mayor wants team to tackle crap signal

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to deploy a "not-spot" team to tackle poor connectivity in the capital, under plans unveiled today which include re-announcing 4G on the underground for 2019. The squad will be hitting London's most problematic connectivity spots to work with local authorities and identify ways to improve …
Kat Hall, 10 Aug 2017
Alice in Alice's Adventures Underground. Pic credit: Jason Joyce

Alice's Adventures Underground: Don't be late for this very important date

Theatre Review As I head down to the revived Vaults below London's Waterloo, I figure that the Jabberwocky must be up to some mischief as the performance starts an hour and a half late due to a power outage. This wait, combined with an open bar, could see the opening gala of Alice’s Adventures Underground become more of a scene from an …
Lucy Orr, 19 Apr 2015

Soil and sand harden as SPEEDING MISSILES and METEORS SLAM into GROUND – boffins

Physicists have claimed that soil and sand toughen up when struck with hefty force from meteors and missiles hitting the ground at high speed. A lab-based test to simulate such impacts was carried out by boffins at Duke University, after they secured financial backing from the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. They studied …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Apr 2015

Feel free to BONK on the TUBE, says Transport for London

From 16 September you will be able to pay for your journey on the London Underground with your pay-by-bonk contactless card or NFC-enabled phone. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who uses the London Underground regularly and will have heard the announcements (and seen the posters) warning people to keep their Oyster and …
Simon Rockman, 25 Jul 2014
Night scene of bank station in central london

London: Hey Amazon, wanna slip your speedy packages down our tubes?

Transport for London (TfL) is apparently talking to Amazon about moving into the soon-to-be-vacated ticket offices on the London Underground and turning them into drop boxes for its goods. The giant etailer is just one of a few names that have been mentioned in conjunction with the ticket offices, whose closure was only …
The Register breaking news

Londoners can bonk their way to work without Oyster cards TODAY

Ticket machines on London buses are set to accept pay-by-tap credit and debit cards from today, it has been announced. The capital's Underground system is expected to follow suit sometime later, wirelessly siphoning cash from commuters and bypassing the Oyster card system. The system will use MasterCard's PayPass platform: but …
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012
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London Underground platform Wi-Fi set to cost £2 daily for many

Virgin's underground Wi-Fi network, which stretches to platforms at 72 London Tube stations, will start charging from January: but customers on the right network will continue to get a free ride. EE and Vodafone have signed up to have Virgin connect their customers for free, with Virgin Media customers (broadband and/or mobile …
Bill Ray, 22 Nov 2012
Jordan Raskopoulos as Trax, Alex Williams as Julian Assange and Callan Mcauliffe as Prime Suspect

Assange movie portrays leaker as teen rebel

Review A car passes through a foggy forest. In the back seat, memories wash through a floppy-haired teenaged boy's mind. He recalls another night drive, one on which his mother spirited him away before a stepfather could despatch him to live on a creepy cult's hidden commune. Years later the family emerges from the same car and …
Virgin Media

Virgin to touch up Tube with wireless

Transport for London (TfL) has picked the broadband provider who will equip the Underground with wireless networking. The winner is… Virgin Media. Virgin now has to fit hotspots at 120-odd Tube stations. Let's hope it does install 120 of its poorly received SuperHub broadband modem-cum-routers. Smartphone user on Tube …
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2012
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Huawei to gift underground coverage to London

Huawei is apparently planning to give away the kit necessary to connect up the London tube, with O2 and Vodafone paying for installation the underground could be covered by the Olympics. The Chinese kit supplier will make money maintaining the systems, and will get a decent foothold in the UK market by supplying the hardware …
Bill Ray, 21 Feb 2011
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DARPA working on inertial-nav 'Smart Boot' tech

Elite Pentagon deathnerds have just awarded a contract for development of a highly accurate inertial navigation module which will fit in the heel of a shoe. Massachusetts sensors'n'tracking company Intersense were chuffed to announce the deal this week, in which the firm will work with Case Western university to deliver tiny …
Lewis Page, 14 May 2009
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RFID goes Underground

London's underground network will benefit from 30,000 RFID tags - one attached to each escalator step - by the end of 2010. This will reduce the time taken to find a specific step from five hours to 45 minutes. Two escalators in Moorgate, as well as one in Victoria station, have already had an RFID tag glued on to the back of …
Bill Ray, 7 May 2009
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TfL cans mobiles on the tube plan

Transport for London has given up on plans to get mobile phones working underground. TfL said the technology was available but it was unable to get anyone interested enough to pay to get the kit installed underground. We're betting the real reason is that it is so damned noisy on most parts of the Underground that you wouldn' …
John Oates, 16 Mar 2009
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Nudie subterranean rat protein could arrest human ageing

US boffins believe they may be on the track of longevity-enhancing technology, by analysing the unusual proteins found in naked mole rats. These wrinkly, hairless burrowing creatures from East Africa live many times longer than other rodents, and remain attractive, fit and virile the whole time. MIT Tech Review reports on the …
Lewis Page, 20 Feb 2009
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Boffins monitor strato-weather from half-mile underground

Ever since there have been weather people, aviators and sailors have taunted them for failing to simply step outside - or go to the window - and look at the sky. But now meteorology boffins have struck back, saying that actually one of the best places to monitor weather conditions is a disused mine tunnel half a mile underground …
Lewis Page, 22 Jan 2009

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