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That voice you hear from the cloud is Microsoft’s

Unified communications (UC) is the joining up of email, instant messaging, voice, video and whatever else we can come up with. Microsoft offers an on-premises UC software package – Exchange, Lync, Outlook and so forth – but for the first time you can order “UC as a service” via Office 365. Singing in harmony From a …
Trevor Pott, 27 Jun 2013

Fears mount over future of Voyager Networks

Concerns are mounting over the future of Coventry-based Cisco Gold partner Voyager Networks. The unified communications specialist, established in 1993, is already on many distributors' watch lists after posting a string of results that show declining trade and operating losses. But sources claim Voyager has seen its credit …
Paul Kunert, 17 Sep 2012

I was working in the lab, late one night...

Sysadmin blog The most important message I have for those considering Office Communications Server is to take the time to play with it in the lab. My experience with OCS prompted me to install it in a lab environment to see what it could really do, even though I had already installed it directly into a production environment as a replacement …
Trevor Pott, 30 Aug 2010
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Living with Unified Comms

On-Demand Webcast This final instalment in our unified comms series gets to the meat and potatoes of living with Unified Communications. It’s a detailed look at what you can expect once you’ve implemented a unified communications solution. As ever, the programme is fronted by our highly experienced end user, Darren Lloyd, from Newport City …
Team Register, 2 Jun 2010
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Unified communications in context?

Webcast We've seen from Reg research that a lot of you have considered and are exploring the notion of unified comms so we’ve been trying to do some work on your behalf. Last week we got a whole range of end users and experts in the field of unified comms to do a series of videos on the challenges, benefits and management of such …
Team Register, 25 May 2010
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Will UC stop you being exposed?

Workshop Delving around the Web recently, I happened upon a very neat analogy in a couple of unrelated instances that really encapsulated exactly what Unified Communications (UC) had the potential to become. You know how the old fairytale goes, where an emperor is tricked into believing he is wearing exquisite robes far superior to …
Josie Sephton, 23 Apr 2010
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How ready is your business for unified communications?

Workshop Although unified communications (UC) still has some way to go before it achieves mainstream adoption, businesses increasingly understand what it is and what it can deliver in terms of benefits to the business. Moreover, sentiment towards UC is generally positive, with a significant proportion of companies already having it on …
Josie Sephton, 26 Mar 2010
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You think unified comms is just about productivity?

Workshop When we talk about Unified Communications (UC), a lot of us are guilty of dwelling on generalities and how attractive the notion of smoother communications would be to us as individuals. After all, who wouldn’t want to get shot of having to wrestle with multiple phone numbers, worry about multiple inboxes, and having to suffer …
Josie Sephton, 24 Mar 2010
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US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

A federal judge has told the University of California that when considering applicants, it has the constitutional right to ignore high school course work grounded in the notion that the Bible is infallible. On Friday, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Judge James Otero denied claims from a group of Christian high …
Cade Metz, 14 Aug 2008

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