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Nvidia taps Transmeta team for x86 chip, claims analyst

Nvidia has taken on staff from one-time star of low-power processor design Transmeta, an analyst has claimed, to drive its own x86 core development programme. In a note sent to investment clients yesterday, Doug Freedman of research house AmTech said Nvidia has to be considering a move into the x86 CPU market "by necessity to …
Tony Smith, 4 Nov 2009

Blade pioneer dies

We're very saddened to hear of the death of Reg friend Chris Hipp, who has died suddenly aged 49. A competitive cyclist who used to race with Lance Armstrong, Chris turned his boundless energy and curiosity to the computer business a decade ago. Seeing the potential of using low-power laptop chips to create high-density …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 2009
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Transmeta IP sold to not-patent troll

Transmeta - the low-power chip supplier that tried to make netbook silicon before there was a market for netbooks - is officially dead and picked apart. The company's $255m acquisition by Novafora closed late last week and a good chunk of the its patent portfolio jumped to the IP licensing firm, Intellectual Ventures. IV said …
Austin Modine, 2 Feb 2009
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Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer

Coulda shoulda chip vendor Transmeta has thrown in the towel and put itself on the auction block. The low-power chip vendor, which launched in 2000 and IPO’d later that year, said yesterday that it had “initiated a process to seek a potential sale of the Company”. The decision came after it had actively explored “a full range …
Joe Fay, 25 Sep 2008

Transmeta hooks Nvidia for $25m power payment

Transmeta - yes, you remember them - has picked up a prominent licensee scalp in the form of Nvidia. Transmeta today revealed that Nvidia will pay a one-time fee of $25m for a license to Long Run and LongRun2 - a pair of power management technologies. Such licensing deals have become Transmeta's main path to revenue - outside …
Ashlee Vance, 6 Aug 2008
Paul Otellini

Can the Atom help Intel's CEO meet otherworldly demands?

Interview Exclusive Strolling towards Intel's headquarters, I hoped my meeting with Paul Otellini would not be as awkward as the last encounter with an acting Intel CEO. Back in 2001, Craig Barrett delivered a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which required him to emerge from a huge tub of Jello. Intel had hired its …
Ashlee Vance, 10 Apr 2008

Ex-Transmeta CEO Ditzel joins - wait for it - Intel

Exclusive A pig with wings went flying over Santa Clara, as Intel hired former Transmeta chief David Ditzel. Our sources reveal that Intel acquired Ditzel as a member of the Digital Enterprise Group (DEG), which tackles both server and PC products. Ditzel will work with Stephen Pawlowski, an Intel senior fellow and CTO of DEG. Beyond …
Ashlee Vance, 8 Mar 2008
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Cash-burning Montalvo tapes out Silverthorne rival

Montalvo, Montalvo, Montalvo. Few chip start-ups without an actual product on the market have received so much attention. Those who know exactly what Montalvo Systems is up to remain sworn to secrecy. Still, some information has leaked out of the company's hidden lair, revealing that Montalvo hopes to release a low-power x86 …
Ashlee Vance, 13 Feb 2008

Angry investor offers to buy Transmeta

Cash-starved chip designer Transmeta has received an unsolicited buyout offer from its largest, and very irate, shareholder. Banking firm Riley Investments wants to pay $15.50 a share in cash to transform the troubled company into a full-fledged patent squatting joint. The firm aims to kill most of the company's predicted …
Austin Modine, 1 Feb 2008

Chip pioneer David Ditzel talks Transmeta, Sun and Bell Labs

Radio Reg Episode 7 of Semi-Coherent Computing thrusts us back into the history of computing track in style, as Chris Hipp and I sit down with chip legend David Ditzel. Ditzel spent about ten years each at Bell Labs, Sun Microsystems and Transmeta, where he served as CEO. In addition, he co-authored a famous paper titled "The Case for …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2007

AMD blasts $7.5m right into Transmeta

The cash-starved, collapsed superstar of my enemy is still my friend, according to AMD, which has injected Transmeta with $7.5m. Transmeta announced the infusion in the briefest of statements, saying that AMD will receive preferred stock in exchange for its fat wallet. We'll leave it to you to debate how much stock in …
Ashlee Vance, 6 Jul 2007
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Transmeta declares war on employment

Transmeta continues to "streamline" the business, dropping approximately 10,439 pounds of employee. The chip IP licensing house removed 55 workers Saturday — primarily engineers and those in the company's production support operations. Four management positions were also shaved, consisting of the VP of operations and the VP …
Austin Modine, 2 Apr 2007

Amiga goes for Transmeta

Amiga president Jim Collas this weekend effectively revealed the Transmeta CPU will power the company's upcoming (and rather ugly, it has to be said) next-generation hardware products. On video via satellite link at the World of Amiga (WOA) show, held in Kensington, London, Collas simply unveiled which chip the new machines will …
Tony Smith, 27 Jul 1999
Intel headquarters, Santa Clara

Transmeta reveals radical new chip design

Chip design operation Transmeta has finally tipped its hand by filing a patent application for a radical new product which could conceivably run virtually any application faster than the original. If the company is barking up the right tree, it will be able to build a completely new line of processors which will be able to run …
John Lettice, 29 Nov 1998

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