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Hacking train Wi-Fi may expose passenger data and control systems

Vulnerabilities on the Wi-Fi networks of a number of rail operators could expose customers' credit card information, according to infosec biz Pen Test Partners this week. The research was conducted over several years, said Pen Test's Ken Munro. "In most cases they are pretty secure, although whether the Wi-Fi works or not is …
Kat Hall, 11 May 2018
great westren railway ticket + train

Great Western Railway warns of great Western password reuse: Brits told to reset logins

Great Western Rail is urging all customers to change their passwords after miscreants gained access to strangers' accounts over the last week. The British train company said circa 1,000 accounts were directly affected out of more than a million, and has written to those customers and the UK Information Commissioner's …
Kat Hall, 11 Apr 2018
A 1939 Stock tube train on the Isle of Wight. Pic: Reg reader

Can't view memes on London-Southampton train? It's the worst line for mobile coverage

The London Waterloo to Southampton train line is today named the worst major commuting route for frustrated wage slaves desperate to get a signal on their way to and from the office. Using data from the major networks' performance last year, a report by analysts IHS Markit's RootMetrics ranked eight of the UK's most popular …
Kat Hall, 10 Apr 2018
Bennerley viaduct from drone photo Sustrans

Fancy a viaduct? We have a wrought Victorian iron marvel to sell you

Geek's Guide to Britain The pell-mell expansion of Britain's railways in the 19th century has bequeathed some impressive feats of engineering. Great stone viaducts like those at Calstock in Cornwall and Harringworth near Melton Mowbray get the glory, but for my money it's the iron bridges that are the real marvels. Many centuries earlier the Romans …
Alun Taylor, 21 Mar 2018
Robot as person illustration via Shutterstock

Cyborg fined for riding train without valid ticket

A self-described “cyborg” who slipped a public transport smartcard under his skin has pled guilty to riding trains without a valid ticket and copped a fine, plus costs. Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, the chap’s actual name, claims to be a bio-hacker and, as we wrote in 2017, wanted to pay for train journeys with a wave of …
Simon Sharwood, 16 Mar 2018
The Queen teaches transport users good manners

'The Queen' is showing Geneva how to be polite on public transport

The Queen, accompanied by a Queen's guard and gentleman in a top hat, has been drafted in to help encourage Genevans to act more courteously when boarding trains. The three actors, dressed as "quintessential" Brits, showed people how to board trams and buses in a polite and respectful manner this week, incentivising good …
Kat Hall, 1 Nov 2017

Southern awarded yet another 'most moaned about rail firm' gong

Grumbling Brit commuters are more likely to moan about Southern than any other train line, according to the latest national passenger survey (PDF) from the UK's transport watchdog. Southern retained its top spot for most dissatisfied passengers in Transport Focus's survey of more than 27,000 passengers – a fact that will come …
Kat Hall, 25 Jul 2017
Funicular Caingorm Mountain Railway photo by David Spooner

Extreme trainspotting on Britain's highest (and windiest) railway

Geek's Guide to Britain The world's highest railway is the Xining-Golmud-Lhasa railway at 5,068m (16,627ft) above sea level and running 815km (506 miles). As much a political piece as a transport corridor, the line was designed to fuse China with Tibet – the country the People's Republic invaded and annexed in 1950. Britain's highest railway is …
David Spooner, 4 Jul 2017
Hyperloop One's proposed Northern UK arc

Hyperloop One teases idea of 50-minute London-Edinburgh ride

Hyperloop One, the company trying to commercialise the train-in-a-vacuum-tube tech proposed by Elon Musk, has unveiled its proposed European routes. The company has conducted a “global challenge” calling on individuals, universities, companies and governments to develop a “comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and …
End of the line (train line). Photo by Shutterstock

Reg reader offered £999,998 train ticket from Cambridge to Horley

On the heels of an IT error leading to Great Western Rail advertising a first-class journey from Taunton to Trowbridge for £10,000 comes an exponentially more expensive offer from National Rail. Our thanks to Reg reader Andrew for sending this screenshot in, dug up from his personal chuckle archives, advertising the "cheapest …

Korean boffins vow 1,000km-an-hour supertrain

Korean boffins want to create the blueprint for a train capable of operating at 1,000km/h (621mph). Like Elon Musk’s back of the envelope Hyperloop concept, the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) project envisages the vehicles running inside a partial vacuum or low pressure tube. The KRRI joined the project this week, …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jan 2017
Thomas the tank engine

How to make the trains run on time? Satellites. That's how

India has joined the gang of nations looking to make its trains run on time by using satellites. India's Ministry of Railways and Space Research Organisation (ISRO) this week signed a memorandum of understanding that “... aims for developing applications in the field of Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Mar 2016
Measurement train NETWORK RAIL

Free WiFi coming to UK trains ... in two years

Future operators of train franchises in the UK will have to include free WiFi in their bids, Rail Minister Claire Perry announced on Wednesday. The bad news is that there are no new franchises up for grabs until 2017. The good news is that the Department of Transport has found £50 million "to ensure WiFi is available on …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Feb 2015

Analyst says Brit rail broadband plan is TRAIN CRAZY

Analyst outfit IDC has found fault in a new plan to “fix” broadband blackspots around Britain's rail network. UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced the plan on Monday, declaring it is time to start fixing “areas along rail corridors with intermittent or poor coverage of mobile phone signals” so that “hardworking …
The Register breaking news

Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL

Sky's ad agency has been showing off train windows capable of pushing ads direct into the skulls of tired commuters, as though advertising wasn't all-pervasive enough already. The Talking Window uses bone conduction to startle commuters who rest their weary head against the glass of the train window, admonishing them for …
Bill Ray, 3 Jul 2013
Bond on train Patrice Skyfall

Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set

Comment Finally people seem to be waking up to the dog's breakfast which is the economic case for the proposed High Speed Two London-Birmingham rail link. You know, this lovely train set that the politicians want to plonk down in the middle of England. I've never quite been sure why it is that politicians love such train sets: most of …
Tim Worstall, 16 May 2013

Transport Dept dishes out £1.9m rail database deal to Capita

The Department for Transport (DfT) has awarded Capita Symonds a contract for a rail passenger counts database system, worth £1.9m. The database will allow all train operating companies (TOCs) to upload data about the number of passengers on train services into a single, standardised, database. "The data will then be used by …
The Register breaking news

UK is first class for train Wi-Fi in Europe

On-train wireless internet connectivity is growing fast in Europe - but even faster in the UK, which now has more than 2,000 Wi-Fi equipped carriages. This supposedly makes passengers far more productive during their waking hours, much to the annoyance of rail operator HS2. Tech consultancy BWCS has been looking at the …
Bill Ray, 6 Jul 2012

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