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Hyperloop One's proposed Northern UK arc

Hyperloop One teases idea of 50-minute London-Edinburgh ride

Hyperloop One, the company trying to commercialise the train-in-a-vacuum-tube tech proposed by Elon Musk, has unveiled its proposed European routes. The company has conducted a “global challenge” calling on individuals, universities, companies and governments to develop a “comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and …
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How to make the trains run on time? Satellites. That's how

India has joined the gang of nations looking to make its trains run on time by using satellites. India's Ministry of Railways and Space Research Organisation (ISRO) this week signed a memorandum of understanding that “... aims for developing applications in the field of Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Mar 2016
Measurement train NETWORK RAIL

Free WiFi coming to UK trains ... in two years

Future operators of train franchises in the UK will have to include free WiFi in their bids, Rail Minister Claire Perry announced on Wednesday. The bad news is that there are no new franchises up for grabs until 2017. The good news is that the Department of Transport has found £50 million "to ensure WiFi is available on …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Feb 2015

Analyst says Brit rail broadband plan is TRAIN CRAZY

Analyst outfit IDC has found fault in a new plan to “fix” broadband blackspots around Britain's rail network. UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced the plan on Monday, declaring it is time to start fixing “areas along rail corridors with intermittent or poor coverage of mobile phone signals” so that “hardworking …
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Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL

Sky's ad agency has been showing off train windows capable of pushing ads direct into the skulls of tired commuters, as though advertising wasn't all-pervasive enough already. The Talking Window uses bone conduction to startle commuters who rest their weary head against the glass of the train window, admonishing them for …
Bill Ray, 3 Jul 2013
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Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set

Comment Finally people seem to be waking up to the dog's breakfast which is the economic case for the proposed High Speed Two London-Birmingham rail link. You know, this lovely train set that the politicians want to plonk down in the middle of England. I've never quite been sure why it is that politicians love such train sets: most of …
Tim Worstall, 16 May 2013

Transport Dept dishes out £1.9m rail database deal to Capita

The Department for Transport (DfT) has awarded Capita Symonds a contract for a rail passenger counts database system, worth £1.9m. The database will allow all train operating companies (TOCs) to upload data about the number of passengers on train services into a single, standardised, database. "The data will then be used by …
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UK is first class for train Wi-Fi in Europe

On-train wireless internet connectivity is growing fast in Europe - but even faster in the UK, which now has more than 2,000 Wi-Fi equipped carriages. This supposedly makes passengers far more productive during their waking hours, much to the annoyance of rail operator HS2. Tech consultancy BWCS has been looking at the …
Bill Ray, 6 Jul 2012
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Indonesian train roof fare-dodgers given the brush off

Indonesian train operators have come up with yet another ingeniously cruel system designed to discourage fare-dodging commuters from blagging a free ride on the roof of their carriages - this time involving brooms covered in putrid gunk. Fresh from the success of its plans to dislodge the pesky roof-dwellers with small …
Starwars Lightsaber

Tokyo trains get lightsabre handrails

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan is celebrating the latest Star Wars release - the compete saga on Blu-ray Disc - with a funky campaign on Tokyo's train network, turning the handrails on trains into lightsabres. Lightsabres on train rails Source: Japan Trends Over here, the BT Tower was transformed into a giant …
Caleb Cox, 23 Sep 2011
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Kremlin green lights Siberia-Alaska tunnel

In a couple of decades, you may be able to board a train at London's St Pancras Station, chug through the Chunnel traveling east, and – eventually – end up at New York City's Grand Central Station, having never disembarked. Yes, that 65-mile tunnel under the Bering Strait separating Siberia and Alaska, first proposed in 2007, …
Rik Myslewski, 24 Aug 2011
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Train firm offers phone-based ticketing across UK

Train passengers can now buy a ticket for any UK train journey from a mobile phone, without paying any additional commission and with the ticket displayed as an on-screen bar code. The service was developed by ticketing specialists Masabi, and has been available for about a year from which provides an easy …
Bill Ray, 12 May 2011
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Cable thieves cost UK rail £15m a year

Copper thieves are costing Network Rail £15m a year and causing 6,000 hours of delays. In the last three years the thefts have cost £43m, and last year attacks went up 52 per cent to an average of six a day. In 2010/2011 there were almost 1,000 cable thefts at a cost of £16.5m. But British Transport Police, which now has a …
John Oates, 10 May 2011
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Network Rail blames Atos for downtime

Network Rail has confirmed that problems with tech supplier Atos Origin on Wednesday meant it was unable to automatically update train departure boards as well as its offices losing access to the internet and external emails. An insider told us that the failure, blamed internally on a Cisco router and a spanning-tree loop, had …
John Oates, 8 Apr 2011
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South West Trains puts squeeze on commuters

South West Trains stands accused of attempting to provide more seating on its service between London and Portsmouth by simply reducing the width of seats to such a degree that they're suitable only for commuters without elbows. That's according to Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative MP for Portsmouth North, who told Parliament …
Lester Haines, 23 Mar 2011
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German railways merge NFC networks

Frankfurt's regional travel authority is to merge its NFC infrastructure with the national rail operator, creating an interoperable network for travelling across Germany with a tap of the phone. That's still some way off, but both Deutsche Bahn and Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (the national and local operators respectively) …
Bill Ray, 4 Mar 2011

Blighty to get mobe-download barcode rail tickets

Barcode ticketing specialists Masabi have signed a deal with for a national rollout of its mobile ticketing service, reducing tickets to downloaded images. Punters can still pick up physical tickets if they want, though that would rather defeat the object of the service which is to sell tickets though the …
Bill Ray, 18 May 2010
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Japan gets to grips with train-grope websites

Japanese police are planning to "put pressure" on websites which offer pervs top tips on how to grope women on trains without getting cuffed, and the best packed commuter lines on which to fondle victims. Earlier this year, a 23-year-old man who was arrested in Tokyo for molesting a high-school student told police he'd "chosen …
Lester Haines, 14 Sep 2009

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