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Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba sign in Beijing, China

Number-three disk drive maker Toshiba isn't shy about shipping 23.4m spinners in 3Q18

Toshiba, the third-placed disk drive maker behind Seagate and Western Digital, shipped 23.4 million units from its factories in 2018's third quarter. Seagate has given up detailing its declining disk shipments. But its capacity measure, exabytes shipped, is going up so it's reporting that instead. Toshiba makes four kinds of …
Chris Mellor, 7 Nov 2018
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Disky business: Seagate hyperscale customers slow to 'digest' inventory

Analysis Hyperscale customers went on a disk drive buying strike late in Seagate's first quarter of fiscal '19, ended September 28. The bottom line Seagate chalked up revenues of $2.99bn – 13.64 per cent up on the year ago's haul. HDD product sales were $2.801bn compared to $2.39bn a year ago. Revenue from enterprise systems, flash and …
Chris Mellor, 6 Nov 2018
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Seagate and Western Digital neck-and-neck at the nearline drive-in

IDC has sent its analytical read-write heads skipping across the surface of the disk storage market and found Seagate shipped more drives than Western Digital in the third quarter. The analysts estimated 98.4 to 101.0 million drives were shipped in the quarter. Aaron Rakers, a Wells Fargo senior analyst, who has seen the …
Chris Mellor, 23 Oct 2018
helium balloons - massive bunch held by man selling them

Seagate passes gassy 14TB whopper: He He He, one for each of you

Seagate has spread its 14TB, 7,200rpm helium-filled disk drive tech across the PC, NAS, enterprise capacity and surveillance market sectors. A few years ago the idea of having a PC or workstation with a 14TB disk drive was fantasy. Dream no more: the 14TB helium-filled BarraCuda Pro (PDF) does cost about $580, though. The …
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2018
helium balloons - massive bunch held by man selling them

Toshiba crams 14TB into another helium drive, this time with SAS boost

Toshiba has added a helium-filled 3.5-inch form factor SAS disk drive alongside its equivalent SATA product. Like the SATA-using MG07ACA, the catchily named MG07SCA comes with 12 and 14TB capacities but uses a dual-port 12Gbit/s SAS interface instead of the 6Gbit/s SATA link. The MG07ACA has already spawned an MN07 NAS drive …
Chris Mellor, 29 Aug 2018

Amaze your colleagues, confound customers and perturb partners with your encyclopaedic storage news knowledge

Yes, you can become an instant storage thought leader with our unique highly available, deduplicated, cloud-native and multi-region storage newsfest. Here's everything worth knowing in the land of storage for the last week. Kaminario supports WD's composable infrastructure gear All-flash array supplier Kaminario has said it …
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 2018
The Shard skyscraper in central London. Pic: Shutterstock

Oh my Tosh, it's only a 100TB small form-factor SSD, SK?

Flash Memory Summit The Flash Memory Summit saw two landmark capacity announcements centred on 96-layer QLC (4bits/cell) flash that seemingly herald a coming virtual abolition of workstation and server read-intensive flash capacity constraints. Pop art style illustration of man exclaiming WHAT? in shock/horror/bemusement. Anyone fancy testing …
Chris Mellor, 14 Aug 2018
Seagate logo

No pain, no $1.3bn Bain gain: Seagate slips Tosh/WD chippery into Nytro SSD ranges

Seagate has announced Nytro 1000 and 5020 SSDs based on OEM'd Toshiba/Western Digital flash chips. The NAND supply for these 2.5-inch enterprise data centre drives has been secured through its $1.3bn participation in the Bain consortium deal to buy Toshiba Memory Corporation, which holds Toshiba's interest in the flash foundry …
Chris Mellor, 9 Aug 2018
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Toshiba gets NASty: Soups up hi-cap enterprise drive

Toshiba has developed a high-capacity NAS drive from its 10TB and 14TB helium-filled enterprise capacity spinners. The MN07, derived from the MG07ACA, comes in 10 and 14TB capacities and Toshiba has said it has 9 platters, meaning 1.555TB/platter at 14TB, and is suited for NAS enclosures with 8 or more 3.5-inch bays. …
Chris Mellor, 1 Aug 2018
A solid state drive (SSD)

Cheap NAND nasty: Flooding market with chips threatens prices

Analysis NAND oversupply is becoming a distinct possibility – with an increasing memory supply chasing a market that can’t absorb all the bits and bytes at prices that provide profits for suppliers. No NAND flash maker wants to create a glut, and each is convinced that they are behaving rationally – although, collectively, they are not …
Chris Mellor, 31 Jul 2018

So solid spinning crew Seagate on hunt for new chief beancounter

It's a good time to be in the enterprise drive-pushing business, judging by Seagate's solid sales and profit uptick. Here's a summary of its latest financial figures [PDF], emitted today: Revenues grew 16 per cent, year on year, to $2.8bn in its fourth fiscal 2018 quarter – the three months to June 29. Net income for the …
Chris Mellor, 30 Jul 2018
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Western Digital wonders why enterprise isn't keen on its solid-state drives

Western Digital's final fiscal 2018 quarter delivered strong results that were let down by disappointing enterprise SSD sales. In the quarter to the end of June revenues were $5.1bn, 6 per cent up on a year ago, with profits of $756m, 170 per cent higher than last year's $280m. Full-year revenues were $20.65bn, 8 per cent …
Chris Mellor, 27 Jul 2018
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Toshiba and WD indulge in mutual 96-layer flashing: Two partners, two products

Tosh and WD's flash foundry joint venture has begun to pump out 96-layer 3D NAND chips and the two partners are using them to produce quad-level cell (QLC) products. TLC Tosh has a 1TB SSD with 3 bits/cell while it and QLC Western Dig have a 1.33 Tbit chip with 4 bits/cell. Toshiba's XG6 is a single-sided M.2 "gumstick" ( …
Chris Mellor, 23 Jul 2018

Who dares wins, they say, so Toshiba's SAS drive plans another hit on SATA

Toshiba has sent in a SAS SSD hit team to assault SATA SSDs and their slower interface in the shape of its RM5 vSAS drive. It has priced the drive at SATA levels, referring to it as a vSAS drive, where "v" is for value. OK. SATA interface speeds of 6Gbit/s are not good enough for servers, and cheaper SAS should, Toshiba said, …
Chris Mellor, 20 Jun 2018

PC nerds: Can't get no SATA-isfaction? Toshiba flaunts NVMe SSD action

Toshiba has claimed its new consumer NVMe SSD blasts the performance cobwebs off SATA SSDs. The RC100 is an M.2 card format SSD and was previewed at CES in January. Toshiba has positioned it as a budget drive and hopes it will spread NVMe adoption outwards from the enterprise market to the consumer one. Comparing it with …
Chris Mellor, 18 Jun 2018
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Double, double toil and trouble: Containers run and flash cells bubble

Exudence of Toshiba, scrapings of Sphere3D and essence of NGD make a foul-smelling storage broth this week. We invite you to dip in a ladle and get a taste of what the storage industry got up to in the past week. We have a new Toshiba portable SSD, NGD announcing SSDs with embedded Arm application processors, HCI software from …
Chris Mellor, 4 Jun 2018
Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba sign in Beijing, China

At long last, Tosh flogs chip biz to Bain for BEELLIONS

Toshiba has finally offloaded its chip unit for $18bn (£13.5bn) to US private equity house Bain Capital weeks after getting the green light from Chinese regulators. The Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) sale was intended to close by the end of March, but was delayed by an antitrust probe by Chinese authorities who gave it the …
Kat Hall, 1 Jun 2018
Quick fix - worker running while carrying a wrench

Microsoft patches problematic OS to deal with SSD woes

A chink of light has appeared in the wall of Windows 10 update woes in the form of a patch that should address the SSD problems plaguing the OS. The patch, KB4100403, was emitted by the software giant yesterday and brings the version number of the troubled OS to 17134.81. Tucked away among minor tweaks for time zones and …
Richard Speed, 24 May 2018

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