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More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First

Page File There are two interesting sides to Steve Hilton, the former political advisor once called “Cameron’s Brain”. One is a kind of Holy Fool, who in Government asked questions nobody else dare ask. How come today we need half a million civil servants, when the British Empire was run with just 4,000 from Somerset House? Why do we …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2015
Google's Mountain View headquarters

Copyright minister admits: Google has better access to No. 10 than me

Google has greater access to No. 10 Downing Street than the government's own ministers, one such minister has admitted. Viscount Younger of Leckie, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Intellectual Property - the third copyright minister in a year - made the candid confession before the Media, Culture and Sport …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 May 2013
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'Ghost hunter' set to become Tory Euro-MP

An expert on the paranormal, who bills himself online as "the GhostHunter", is set to become one of Britain's members of the European Parliament, according to reports. The Financial Times says that Rupert Matthews is "poised" to become the next Conservative MEP for the east Midlands. Matthews has apparently had over 200 books …
Lewis Page, 31 Oct 2011
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Tories oppose charges and speed cameras

A Conservative government would end support for local congestion charging schemes and stop funding new fixed speed cameras Theresa Villiers, the party's transport shadow minister, said that councils would be given more ability to introduce innovative schemes: "When local authorities want to innovate and try out new ways to …
Kable, 7 Oct 2009
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Tories told: Don't scrap NHS IT

The Tory Party, meeting for its annual conference in Manchester this week, has rejected claims that it is set to cancel most of the National Programme for IT - the massive technology project aimed at improving the NHS. A survey by found a third of doctors and IT professionals believe the project should be …
John Oates, 5 Oct 2009
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Cameron wants techies to open up Parliament

Tory leader David Cameron would welcome some key technological changes to the way that Parliament makes its business available to the public. That is just one thrust of proposals for modernising government, which he set out in a speech to the Open University in Milton Keynes, yesterday. Starting with the contention that "We …
Jane Fae , 27 May 2009
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Tory terror police were 'fishing' for Liberty

Damian Green said being arrested and questioned by anti-terror police would have been a frightening experience, if it hadn't been so comical. Green said it was like the Keystone Kops - police called David Cameron's office to try and track Green down and they inititially surrounded the wrong house. Police took computers, …
John Oates, 20 Apr 2009
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Mayor Boris serves Governator cold revenge

Taking the piss out of the machines: London mayor Boris Johnson gave himself a full year to stew over being mocked by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for rhetorical fluency. Ironic that. While waiting to address the Tory conference in 2007 via video link, the Governator had whispered frank impressions of the then …
Austin Modine, 29 Sep 2008
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Lies, damned lies and government statistics

Apparently statistics are all down to personal opinion. Except, of course, when you are a government spokesperson, in which case they are the gospel truth. Despite expert evidence – and public exposure - that the “official estimate” of casualty reduction due to speed cameras is seriously overestimated, the Department for …
Jane Fae , 8 Aug 2008
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Davis increases majority, says goodbye to Tory front bench

David Davis trebled his majority in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency in yesterday’s by-election, though the 35 per cent turnout will continue to raise questions over how much of a debate on civil liberties he has achieved. The former Tory shadow home secretary pulled in 17,113 votes in the election, giving him a 15,355 …
Joe Fay, 11 Jul 2008
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Tory trash talk fails to halt bin bugging plans

The UK government has green-lighted microchip wheelie bin pilot schemes despite one council calling for the technology to be scrapped because it “failed to work” under test conditions. In 2002 Tory-controlled South Norfolk Council was the first in England to use the microchipped bins, which have been designed to allow …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jun 2008

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