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Big Blue's Summit super sits, aptly, at the peak of official Top500 beast list

At the apex of the newly revised list of the world's Top500 fastest publicly known supercomputers is IBM’s aptly named Summit. The list is ranked by High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark scores, and Big Blue’s big beast – built for the US government's Oak Ridge National Laboratory – cruised in at 122.3 HPL petaflops. It has …
Chris Mellor, 25 Jun 2018
Supercomputer, image via shutterstock

Swiss super pushes USA off podium in new Top500 Supers list

A GPU injection to the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre's Piz Daint supercomputer has seen it hit 19,590 TFLOPS and in the process bump the “Titan” machine at the USA's Oak Ridge National Laboratory off the podium for just the third time in the history of the TOP500 list of the world's mightiest supercomputers. China's 93, …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jun 2017
Jureca supercomputer

JURECA! Germany flips big red switch on 2.2 petaflop supercomputer

Germany has officially powered up its new 2.2 petaflop JURECA supercomputer. Based at the Forschungszentrum Jülich research facility, the JURECA (pronounced "Eureka" and short for Juelich Research on Exascale Cluster Architectures) system runs on Intel's 12-core Xeon E5-2680 Haswell CPUs, employing a total of 1,900 nodes (each …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Nov 2015

Supercomputing speed growth hits 'historical low' in new TOP500 list

There be merriment in the Middle Kingdom: the Tianhe-2 supercomputer at China's National University of Defense Technology is the most powerful datacruncher on the planet (that we know about) for the third time in a row. The TOP500 list, published every six months, noted that the Chinese system hit 33.86 petaflops on the …
Iain Thomson, 25 Jun 2014

Green supercomputer benchmarks make boffins see red, check blueprints

SC13 The biannual Green500 list of the most energy-efficient supercomputers has broken new ground in two important ways: for the first time an HPC system broke the 4 gigaflops per watt barrier, and also for the first time all the top 10 systems benefitted from GPU acceleration. Then there's a third bit of note: the benchmarks are …
Rik Myslewski, 21 Nov 2013
The Eurora supercomputer built by Eurotech and Nvidia

Supercomputer efficiency jumps, but nowhere near exascale needs

It is not precisely the kind of leap that the supercomputer industry needs to reach exascale performance by the end of the decade, but more powerful GPU and x86 coprocessors are enabling more energy-efficient machines, at least according to the latest Green500 rankings. The Green500 list comes out two or three times a year, …
What the Tianhe-2 super should look like in its final home

Top500: Supercomputing sea change incomplete, unpredictable

ISC 2013 If you were thinking that coprocessors were going to take over the Top500 supercomputer rankings in one fell swoop, or even three or four, and knock CPU-only systems down to the bottom of the barrel – well, not so fast. While GPU and x86 coprocessors are certainly the main computation engines on some of the largest systems …
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China aims to redraw the petaflop graph with 100 Pflops in 2015

HPC blog China shocked the supercomputing world in late 2010 with a chart-topping 2.56 Petaflop/sec Tianhe-1A. It was a surprising system on several levels: 1) it topped the incumbent number one box (Oak Ridge’s Jaguar) by almost 50%; 2) it was the first (and, so far, only) hybrid commodity combo of Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Tesla processors …
Dan Olds, 19 Jun 2012
Nvidia's Tesla K10 GPU coprocessor

Nvidia shows off Tesla K10 performance

ISC 2012 The Top 500 supercomputer ranking is based on the performance of machines running the Linpack Fortran matrix math benchmark using double-precision floating point math, but a lot of applications will do just fine with single-precision math. And it is for these workloads, graphics chip maker and supercomputing upstart Nvidia says …

Supercomputers need standard shot glass to measure out juice

Webcast The biggest challenge in getting to the next level of supercomputer performance – Exascale – is the massive amounts of electricity these systems will consume. On a smaller scale, energy consumption also inhibits HPC installations. The problem isn’t just getting enough plugs from your walls to the grid; it’s also the cost of …
Dan Olds, 12 Jun 2012
DVD it in many colours

Three labs, one (big) cluster

We spent a few minutes at an Intel SC11 hospitality event in Seattle talking with Matt Leininger, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Deputy of Advanced Technology Projects, about the U.S. DOE National Nuclear Security Administration’s Tri-Lab procurement. The ‘Tri’ name signifies that three national labs that work on nuclear …
Dan Olds, 24 Nov 2011
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Petaflop = Top500 table stakes by 2016

InsideHPC's Rich Brueckner and I sat down yesterday with Jack Dongarra and Hans Meuer from, the guys who put together the twice yearly list of the 500 largest supercomputers. The resulting webcast revealed a number of interesting tidbits – and a shocking prediction. Let’s start with an interesting tidbit: While the …
Dan Olds, 15 Nov 2011
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Titan Unveiled

The “Fastest Supercomputer” title may move 6,940 miles (11,167km) eastward in 2012 from Kobe, Japan to a small Tennessee town. That’s if the folks at the Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL), along with Cray and AMD, can pull off a massive upgrade of the existing Jaguar system. They’ll replace existing nodes with the new Cray XK6 …
Dan Olds, 11 Aug 2011

Top500 founders talk big

As many of you know by now, there’s a new computer at the tippy top of the just-published Top500 list. I found out a bit earlier than most, via a webcast I was recording at 3:00 a.m. my local time on Sunday. It was a bit of a struggle to record it; their net connection kept breaking, and the sound quality on my side was like a …
Dan Olds, 22 Jun 2011
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Dinky Florida machine 'could whup world No 1 computer's ass'

Which is the most powerful computer in the world? Easy: the Tianhe-1A at Tianjin in China. Just ask the chaps at the TOP500 supercomputer list – or President Barack Obama. "Just recently, China became home of ... the world’s fastest computer," said the prez in his latest State of the Union speech. That makes the high …
Lewis Page, 16 Feb 2011

Supercomputer performance leaps off the charts

Webcast In our first HPC channel webcast of 2011, we talk to Rich Brueckner of InsideHPC to take the measure of current HPC performance and talk about the factors that got us to this point. Some interesting data in the slides, including performance metrics of the #1, #100 and #500 systems on the Top500 list over the past ten years. …
Dan Olds, 20 Jan 2011
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HP sprinkles GPU chips on new cookie sheet servers

Hewlett-Packard jumps into the CPU-GPU fray today from Barcelona, Spain, where it is launching its second generation of cookie sheet servers, the SL6500 Scalable System. The cookie sheet servers are designed by HP for hyperscale customers who need more density than standard rack-based servers can deliver, but who are also …

NASA coughs $57m for another year's HPC support at Ames

NASA has announced that it will extend its contract with Computer Sciences Corporation to provide "supercomputing support services" at the Ames Research Centre in California. The Ames Centre is home to NASA's Advanced Supercomputing Division, which ranks high in the HPC league tables. The Division's "Pleiades" cluster, …
Team Register, 30 Mar 2010

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