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TJX kingpin pleads guilty to Heartland hack

TJX hacking mastermind Albert Gonzalez faces a minimum of 17 years behind bars after pleading guilty to further cybercrimes. Gonzalez, 28, of Miami, admitted hacking into the systems of card processor Heartland Payment Systems, 7-Eleven, and supermarket chain Hannaford Brothers as part of a plea bargain agreement on Tuesday. …
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2009
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TJX sniffer author jailed for two years

The malware coder who wrote the sniffer program used in the infamous TJX credit card heist has been jailed for two years. Stephen Watt, 25, from New York, was also order to spend a further three years on probation following his release. He was also ordered to pay $171.5m in restitution. Watts was part of a gang led by Alberto …
John Leyden, 29 Dec 2009
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UK retail Wi-Fi security still patchy

Wi-Fi security in UK retail environments is improving, but shops remain vulnerable to the sorts of attacks carried out as part of the infamous TJX credit card heist. The cybercrooks, who lifted more than 21 million credit card records, leapfrogged onto the retailer's credit card database after first breaking into the wireless …
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009

Visa gives merchants crypto card security guidelines

Visa has published best practices for data field encryption (AKA end-to-end encryption) that call on merchants to always encrypt cardholder data. Data field encryption covers techniques for ensuring swiped credit data is always stored and transmitted in an encrypted format right from the point where a customer plastic is …
John Leyden, 7 Oct 2009
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Accused TJX hacker faces 15 to 20

The hacker accused of orchestrating the largest-known identity theft in US history will serve between 15 to 25 years in prison under a plea deal filed Friday. Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez is accused of leading a hacking circle that stole 130 million credit and debit card numbers from major retail chains like Barnes and Noble, T.J …
Austin Modine, 28 Aug 2009
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TJX closes book on infamous security breach with sale

TJX, the discount retailer that was the target of one of the largest information security breaches on record, rewarded customers with a a special sale offering 15 per cent discounts in all its US and Canadian stores on Thursday. The one-day "Customer Appreciation" sale was billed as the firm's way of expressing its …
John Leyden, 23 Jan 2009
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Carder linked to TJX hack jailed for 30 years by Turkish court

A Ukrainian fraudster linked to the infamous TJX hack was sentenced to a 30 year prison sentence in Turkey on unrelated charges this week. Maksym Yastremskiy (AKA Maksik) was found guilty of hacking into the computer systems of 12 Turkish banks, as well as committing computer fraud against them, according to local reports. The …
John Leyden, 8 Jan 2009
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Turbo-charged wireless hacks threaten networks

The latest graphics cards have been used to break Wi-Fi encryption far quicker than was previously possible. Some security consultants are already suggesting the development blows Wi-Fi security out of the water and that corporations ought to apply tighter VPN controls, or abandon wireless networks altogether, in response. …
John Leyden, 10 Oct 2008
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Ecommerce standard tightens up wireless security

A revised version of an important security standard for ecommerce merchants was published on Wednesday. Version 1.2 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mostly tweaks and clarifies the existing framework for the secure processing of credit card data. The 12 existing requirements - covering areas such …
John Leyden, 2 Oct 2008
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Second TJX hack suspect cops a plea

A second suspected hacker in the TJX breach case has pleaded guilty. Christopher Scott, 25 and of Miami, Florida, has admitted his role in hacking into weakly secured wireless networks at retail outlets, a key component in a much more ambitious attack that harvested an estimated 45.7 million card records at TJX alone last year …
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2008
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US retailer Forever 21 hit by payment card breach

Almost 99,000 payment cards used by people shopping at Forever 21 stores may have been lifted over a four-year period by people linked to the heist of 45.6 million payment cards from customers from stores owned by TJX Companies. On Friday, the company issued a statement on its website that said it learned of the theft from law …
Dan Goodin, 17 Sep 2008
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TJX hacker breaks ranks with guilty plea

One of the 11 alleged cybercrooks charged with the infamous TJX hack has admitted his involvement in the attack. Damon Patrick Toey, 23 and from Miami, pleaded guilty to credit card fraud, aggravated identity theft and several other offences, the Boston Globe reports. Toey was released on bail following his plea, though he was …
John Leyden, 15 Sep 2008
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'Ringleader' of retail hacking ring was Fed informant

The alleged ringleader of a retail hacking ring was working for the Feds as an informant at the same time he was allegedly masterminding an even bigger racket. Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez of Miami has been charged, along with ten other suspects, with hacking into nine of the networks of nine major US retailers and lifting 40 …
John Leyden, 6 Aug 2008

Data breaches easily prevented - report

The vast majority of information security breaches might have easily been prevented, a study has concluded. An analysis of 500 forensic investigations, collectively involving 230 million compromised customer records, by Verizon Business also found that three in four (73 per cent) of the breaches stemmed from external attacks, …
John Leyden, 12 Jun 2008
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TJX credit card heist suspect, 2 others, accused of new scam

Three men - one of them suspected of playing a role in the heist of 45.6 million credit cards from retailer TJX Companies - have been accused of hacking into cash register terminals belonging to a restaurant chain and installing software that sniffed credit card numbers. According to a 27-count indictment unsealed Monday, the …
Dan Goodin, 13 May 2008

TJX consumer settlement sale offer draws scorn

Law enforcement officials have poured cold water on plans by TJX to hold a one-day sale for customers as part of a proposed settlement for a consumer class-action case against the security incident-afflicted retailer. TJX faces consumer and bank class action lawsuits over the exposure of an estimated 45.7m customer records as …
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2007
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British Gas security scare as payments page springs a leak

A British Gas website that allows homeowners to pay bills leaves consumers exposed by inviting them to submit credit card information across an unencrypted link. Consumers logging on to pay their bills through initially go through a secure server. But once they create an account and login they may be transferred …
John Leyden, 4 May 2007

TJX finds self at bottom of 300-bank pig pile

Associations representing almost 300 Northeastern banks in the US say they are suing TJX Companies to recover tens of millions of dollars in damages resulting from a data breach that may have exposed more than 45m credit and debit card numbers to thieves. Additional organizations from all over the country are likely to join the …
Dan Goodin, 26 Apr 2007

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