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Pure Sensia 200D digital radio

Ten digital radios to suit all budgets

Product Round-up After a slow start, digital radio might finally be getting somewhere. More people are buying DAB radios, coverage is increasing and, digital stations account for a growing share of the radio audience, according to the stats [PDF]. The BBC’s four main exclusively digital radio stations, for instance, reach a combined total of …
Ian Calcutt, 8 Sep 2012

CommVault proffers ninth Simpana generation

CommVault has added source deduplication in its ninth major release of Simpana, its data protection and management software suite. Previously a central Simpana system deduplicated data; now client systems can deduplicate the data they hold before passing it on to the central Simpana server where another round of deduplication …
Chris Mellor, 7 Oct 2010

Big Blue buys BigFix

IBM continued today with its strategy of making relatively small but strategic acquisitions in software and services as it picked up BigFix, which makes a slew of management and security tools for the data center. Some of BigFix's products, particularly in power management, asset discovery, and server provisioning, overlap …

IBM quietly shoves ISS wares into Tivoli

IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) products have quietly been booted from Big Blue's global services business and into the ever-expanding Tivoli brand product line, The Register has learned. IBM acquired ISS four years ago in a deal valued at an astounding $1.3bn. And though the Georgia-based firm was best known for its …
Austin Modine, 26 Feb 2010
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IBM plugs Netcool into Juniper's Space

Juniper Networks is reaching into IBM's service management portfolio to add some oomph to its new Junos Space network application platform. Big Blue said on Tuesday that it will license its Tivoli Netcool/Ominibus and Network Manager technology for Junos Space. The pact was announced during IBM's Pulse 2010 conference in Las …
Austin Modine, 24 Feb 2010

Zmanda hooks Tivoli cop into MySQL

Open source vendor Zmanda is adding hooks into its MySQL database backup software for shops using IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager to mastermind the policies. The company on Monday unfurled a new feature for Zmanda Recovery Manager called — get ready for some unwieldily precision here —Tivoli Storage Manager Option for Zmanda …
Austin Modine, 22 Feb 2010

IBM consumes network kit automation firm

IBM has scooped up network automation software maker Intelliden. Big Blue announced the acquisition on Tuesday, but it did not disclose the terms of the deal. Venture-backed Intelliden specializes in software that allows telecoms to automate the configuration of thousands of routers, switches, and hubs made by a range of …
Austin Modine, 16 Feb 2010

IBM beams in Tivoli monitoring from the cloud

IBM has been a busy bee floating chunks of its big, complicated, on-premise IT management software into the cloud in order to woo small- and mid-sized businesses. The latest to receive a web-based treatment is IBM Tivoli Live, a web-based service that takes several bits of the company's on-premise Tivoli monitoring products …
Austin Modine, 8 Dec 2009
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IBM hoists Tivoli Monitoring onto Amazon cloud

After lobbing a large chunk of its database and middleware software on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service early this year, IBM has now hoisted its Tivoli Monitoring onto the Amazon cloud. IBM's Tivoli Monitoring is available on EC2 as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running as a virtual computer, Amazon announced today …
Austin Modine, 30 Nov 2009

IBM erects fedware for The Man 2.0

IBM is sinking its teeth deeper into government IT today with a new software framework that joins the company's expansive middleware portfolio into a neat package for The Man 2.0. The new IBM Government Industry Framework is designed for government citizen services – a market that covers nearly everything fed except defense …
Austin Modine, 30 Oct 2009

IBM in midsize biz blitz

IBM has trotted out a small stable of new midsize business products aimed at security, compliance, maintenance, and support for IT in organizations with between 100 and 1,000 employees. Big Blue also launched a new mid-tier disk system along with the bunch. The new offerings cover a broad spectrum of IBM midsize market …
Austin Modine, 24 Oct 2009
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IBM's DS8000 getting thin provisioning

IBM has added thin provisioning to its high-end DS8000 storage array and has enhanced its XIV storage product. Thin provisioning involves telling an application it has all the capacity it needs in the storage volume assigned to it, but actually only assigning the capacity needed to write data plus a margin. When this capacity …
Chris Mellor, 14 Jul 2009
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EMC lashes another to its systems management vision

You could call it the Victor Kiam strategy. EMC liked systems management company Configuresoft so much it OEMed the products, and now its bought the the whole company. Configuresoft, founded in 1999, has established itself in a niche for systems configuration and compliance tools. Configuresoft last year inked an OEM agreement …
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Storage industry limbers up for Rite of Spring

Comment What's happening in storage in the year to come? It seems lots of big product refreshes are coming. Here's the timeline as we understand it. In March HP will finally introduce EVA 6400 and EVA 8400 updates to the existing 6100 and 8100 models, many months after a 4400 refreshed product was applied to the previous 4100 model. …
Chris Mellor, 8 Feb 2009
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IBM adds dedupe to Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM has announced a major release of its Tivoli Storage manager backup, archive and compliance product, adding scalability to up to a billion data objects, up to 3X faster backup speeds, and de-duplication. TSM 6.0 has an integrated DB2 engine that doubles the number of storable data objects with the potential to manage a …
Chris Mellor, 6 Feb 2009

IBM kicks off service management house party

IBM has been busy rolling code from all the service management firms it has acquired recently into a more cohesive package. And what better way to tout the fruits of that labor than hosting a little service management shindig? Enter the inaugural Pulse 2008 show in Orlando Florida. IBM is centering the event around current …
Austin Modine, 20 May 2008

IBM adds 'autonomic' tools to data center gear

IBM is rolling out a new set of autonomic computing tools for some of its key Tivoli data center products — er, that's adding self-management software if you want to be less grandiose about it. "Autonomic computing" is IBM's preferred term for applications that make data centers more self-managing and self-healing. It's a …
Austin Modine, 8 Nov 2007

IBM scouts for more software acquisitions

IBM's appetite for acquiring software companies shows no signs of diminishing. Last year, the company conservatively spent $3.6bn, adding 12 companies or just their assets to its $18bn middleware business during 2006. Steve Mills, IBM's software chief, today promised a repeat performance in 2007 as IBM capitalizes on …
Gavin Clarke, 13 Feb 2007

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