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Dust yourself off and Tin-try again: DDN buys Tintri biz remains for $60m

DDN is forking out more than $60m for Tintri's business and will begin supporting the trembling, sweaty owners of the bankrupted firm's arrays this week, it confirmed today. The plan is to hire 100 new bodies before year end to populate global engineering, support, field technical, sales and marketing teams at "Tintri by DDN …
Chris Mellor, 5 Sep 2018
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DDN day approaches for Tintri: Storage-flinger finalising rescue buy

In potentially sphincter easing news for Tintri customers facing abandonment after the company's collapse, DDN is finalising its acquisition of the failed business. The purchase should be completed in the next few days. DDN said it would bring support and product continuity to Tintri’s 1,600-strong customer base, and enlarge …
Chris Mellor, 30 Aug 2018

DDN catches Tintri customers, Seagate beancounter goes to Tesla, NGD powers up

The inexorable storage travelator this week brought us news that Seagate's CFO jumped ship for Tesla, Nutanix lost its president, NGD made its computational storage system more powerful, and DDN came to the rescue of abandoned Tintri storage customers to provide service and support. Kaminario widens hardware component base All …
Chris Mellor, 7 Aug 2018

Liquidators appointed for Tintri UK as DDN bids to become reseller

Liquidators were today appointed to squeeze Tintri UK for whatever cash they can get out of the fallen business. This followed Tintri's bankruptcy attorney yesterday filing a motion to make DDN a worldwide Tintri reseller. Tintri filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just over a week ago, leaving UK, German and Dutch staff unpaid …
Chris Mellor, 19 Jul 2018
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Tintri rescued by DDN just hours after filing for Chapter 11

Exclusive DataDirect Networks (DDN) has come to the rescue of Tintri just hours after the array maker filed for bankruptcy in the US under Chapter 11. Tintri had lodged the relevant paperwork in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court today, and the papers were just made available to the public. But as the ink was still drying, DDN confirmed it …
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 2018
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Shop-lock, stock drop and barrelled results: Nasdaq threatens Tintri with delisting

The noose around Tintri's neck tightened today as Nasdaq confirmed it will delist the company's stock on Thursday July 12. The near-bankrupt, near office-less and employee-less Tintri was sent what's called a Staff Delisting Determination Letter from the US exchange that its shares are traded on, as the storage array biz has …
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 2018
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Slow-mo Tintri train-crash continues: Firm shuts up shop across Europe

Tintri has shut down across EMEA according to claims from company insiders, customers have been left with no discernible support function, and some staff told us they were laid off without any pay for June or redundancy terms. The slowly derailing flash storage company revealed a little more than a week ago that 200 staff were …
Chris Mellor, 9 Jul 2018
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Tintri terminates 200 staff, cash set to run dry in a couple of days

Tintri has laid off 80 per cent of its staff, including its top sales bod, leaving just 40 to 50 staff behind, however it still expects to run out of cash on June 30. The array maker has struggled since its IPO – sales revenue has been insufficient to end cash burn as its array technology was swamped by the competition. Newly …
Chris Mellor, 28 Jun 2018

CEO of struggling storage biz Tintri quits

Thomas Barton, CEO of struggling storage array supplier Tintri, has resigned, leaving the California upstart leaderless as it heads toward running out of cash by the end of the month. Barton only became Tintri’s CEO at the beginning of April, replacing Ken Klein who took Tintri through its inglorious IPO in June 2017. After …
Chris Mellor, 19 Jun 2018
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Tintri teeters on the edge of oblivion

Storage array supplier Tintri is circling the drain as it issues preliminary first fiscal 2019 quarter results and issues dire warnings, really dire warnings, about its prospects. Revenues are expected to be $22m, 27 per cent down on a year ago. A net loss of $1.14/share is expected, implying an overall net loss of c.$30m. …
Chris Mellor, 18 Jun 2018

Tintri shares reformatted by investors: 85 per cent plunge in mere weeks

Troubled Tintri admitted it may run out of cash within the next six weeks and go broke – and its shareholders are bailing out fast. Background context Tom Barton became the storage array hardware and software maker's chief exec in March, replacing Ken Klein, who was at the wheel when the Silicon Valley upstart's problematic …
Chris Mellor, 22 May 2018
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Ahh, long weekend. Refreshed? Great, now purge yourself with all the storage you missed

DDN is chief among this week's round-up of tasty storage nuggets: it has jumped on the GPU bandwagon and fed Nvidia's DGX-1 souped-up server, claiming it's the fastest data source for said super box. DDN has said its EXAscaler DGX system, based on its ES14KX all-flash array, delivers 33GB/sec throughput to Nvidia's DGX-1 GPU …
Chris Mellor, 3 Apr 2018
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Beleaguered all-flash flinger Tintri appoints new CEO

Troubled all-flasher Tintri has found a new CEO, just a week after it revealed it was looking for one. Tom Barton was appointed last night to assume the role from April 2. Chairman and then-CEO Ken Klein confirmed that a search was under way earlier this month and that he would step down when a candidate had been unearthed. …
Chris Mellor, 14 Mar 2018

Tintri finally opens wide, bites restructuring bullet

Beleaguered array vendor Tintri has had to face reality with its latest falling quarterly sales and widening losses prompting drastic refinancing and restructuring action. Revenues of $28.9mn for Tintri's Q4 ended 31 January were down 29 per cent year-over-year – which did exceed Tintri's own guidance. Product sales (67 per …
Chris Mellor, 7 Mar 2018

Should SANs be patched to fix the Spectre and Meltdown bugs? Er ... yes and no

Analysis Is the performance sapping spectre of the X86 Spectre/Meltdown bug fixes hanging over SAN storage arrays? The general assumption is "yes" but five suppliers say not. You would expect SANs to need patching; they run their controller software on X86 servers after all. UK storage architect Chris Evans writes: “Patching against …
Chris Mellor, 12 Jan 2018

All flasher Tintri makes play for the cash-strapped: Buy 'em drive by drive

Tintri has made a FlexDrive facility available so cash-strapped customers can expand all-flash array capacity one drive at a time. Customers don't have add drives at multi-drive canister level or in RAID groups, it said. This means capacity can track demand more closely and spread out OPEX cash needs across smaller payments - …
Chris Mellor, 18 Dec 2017

Honey, I shrank the company: Tintri's dire third quarter presages a worse final one

+Comment CEO Ken Klein is having to eat dust after Tintri's poor IPO saw sales staff leave. Third quarter results are dire, the fourth quarter looks even worse, and Tintri is considering selling itself. We'll let the numbers talk first and see what Klein and his CFO Ian Halifax said in the earnings call. Revenues in its third fiscal …
Chris Mellor, 14 Dec 2017

Tintri wheels out T1000 ROBO flash array to terminate disk ones

Skynet's T-1000 is an advanced cyborg assassin prototype with a liquid molecular brain inside a mimetic poly-alloy body. Tintri's T1000 is a storage array for small and medium-sized businesses. Ho hum. Let's talk about the latter. Low-end flash arrays are busting out all over the place, witness X-IO's ISE 900. The T1000 is …
Chris Mellor, 28 Sep 2017

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