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Catch of the Day on track for $AU250m

Investors may be turning off the group buying craze in the US – courtesy of Groupon - but in Australia the verve for online discounts continues to ka-ching. James Packer backed, CatchOfTheDay, the operator of and online supermarket, has hit its fifth year of operation on track to deliver …
Mac OS X 10.7

'Lion' Apple Mac OS X 10.7: Sneak Preview

Review The first major update to Apple's Mac operating system in some five years is nearly ready, and what has been removed is as significant as its improvements. Mac OS X 10.7, known informally as Lion, continues the trend of removing "legacy" components and technologies from OS X with a zeal that would leave Microsoft quivering in …
Liam Proven, 1 Jul 2011
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Mozilla ditches Mac OS X 10.4 support in fresh Firefox

Mozilla has officially ditched Firefox support for Apple Mac OS X 10.4 for upcoming versions of its browser, despite gripes from some web surfers. The open source group confirmed on Tuesday that, following heated discussion from the Mozilla community, it would only support Mac OS X 10.5 or later when it released the next …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Feb 2010
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Mozilla becomes latest to dump Mac OS X 10.4 support

Mozilla will ditch support for Apple’s aged Mac OSX 10.4 - AKA Tiger - when it releases the next version of its Gecko rendering engine. The open source browser maker plans to push out Gecko 1.9.3 later this year, and at the same time support for Tiger will be dropped altogether, even though the Mozilla Foundation estimates …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Feb 2010
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UK prosecutors drop 'tiger' sex video case

The CPS dropped a prosecution under the extreme porn law last week when it apparently accepted that the soundtrack on a clip of a tiger apparently having sex with a woman rendered the video comical rather than pornographic. Andrew Robert Holland of Coedpoeth near Wrexham appeared at Mold Crown Court on New Year's Eve to answer …
Jane Fae , 6 Jan 2010
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Digging into Apple's hot-key mechanism

Mac Secrets Before Christmas, I explained how to use an undocumented class within PreferencePanes.framework to easily convert key codes and modifiers into human readable string representations. This time, I make good on my promise to describe the global hot-key mechanism used by Apple software such as Universal Access, Expose, and …
Dave Jewell, 24 Feb 2009
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China sacks officials over faked big cat snaps

China has given more than a dozen government officials their marching orders over faked photographs of the highly-endangered South China tiger, Xinhua reports. The faked tiger photo Last October, forestry officials in Zhenping county, northern Shaanxi province, published the photos citing them as evidence of the tiger's …
Lester Haines, 30 Jun 2008

Mac OS X Tiger out, Leopard back in

I couldn’t resist. I went back to Leopard. I’ve been running Apple’s latest operating system for well over a month now, originally 10.5.1 and now 10.5.2, with no untoward effects. This wasn’t always the case. In a past post, I explained why mysterious Spotlight crashes had forced me to downgrade to Tiger. But I found myself …
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2008

Is Apple coding Leopard to run Windows apps natively?

Is Apple covertly working on a direct Windows application compatibility for Mac OS X? Some observers have suggested that it may well be after it was discovered that Leopard will attempt to load Portable Executable (PE) files when asked and even try to find relevant Windows Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs). Leopard's PE support …
Tony Smith, 4 Dec 2007

Mac OS X 10.5 delayed to ensure Vista compatibility?

Analysis Has Apple delayed Mac OS X 10.5 - aka Leopard - to October? That's certainly what some unnamed industry sources have claimed, suggesting the delay has been made to allow the company's coders to get the OS' Boot Camp utility compatible with Windows Vista. That claim was made today by Taiwanese newssite DigiTimes. Interestingly …
Tony Smith, 23 Mar 2007

Ten reasons why you should buy a Mac

Yes, you can accept Apple's logic that "it all just works" straight out of the packaging, but there are better reasons for moving to a Mac than a factor that's just as true of modern PCs these days. Now there's an x86-based PC sitting under the hood of every modern Mac, the old battle lines are blurring. Time to reconsider …
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2007

Apple releases last pre-Leopard update for Mac OS X

Apple has updated Mac OS X to version 10.4.9, offering patches for both Intel and PowerPC versions of the operating system, taking in its server and client forms. The company has also updated its iPhoto application, and beefed up the security of Mac OS X 10.3.9. The operating system updates apply fixes to a wide array of …
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2007

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