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Thunderbird gets its EFAIL patch

Thunderbird has pushed code with fixes for a dozen security vulnerabilities – including the EFAIL encryption mess that emerged in May. The EFAIL-specific fixes address two errors in Thunderbird's handling of encrypted messages: CVE-2018-12372, in which an attacker can build S/MIME and PGP decryption oracles in HTML messages; …

Flying on its own, Thunderbird seeks input on new look

Now that the open source email client Thunderbird is sleeping in a separate bed from Mozilla, the project has called on outside help for a UI redesign. It's working with Polish designers Monterail to help with the redesign, partly because in 2016 that company created a popular custom UI theme for Thunderbird. Monterail's …

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over

A little over a year ago, Mozilla started pondering the future of Thunderbird. And this week, it's decided the troubled open-source email client must sleep in the spare room. Once upon a time, a unified code base for Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird sounded great, but interest in the idea waned, and working on an email client …

Thunderbird is GO: Mozilla prepares to jettison mail client

The Mozilla Foundation, which last year flagged its intention to push Thunderbird out of its nest, reckons it's identified possible new homes – including itself. In a report provided to Mozilla by Simon Phipps, the Software Freedom Conservancy and The Document Foundation are named as possible hosts for the project. Phipps …

Mozilla: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Thunderbirds are – gone

Seeking to shift its full attention to Firefox, Mozilla is planning to throw its Thunderbird email client under a bus – er, offload it to the community to develop and support. The open-source software house said it will begin exploring ways to separate the development of Thunderbird from other Mozilla projects, allowing …
Shaun Nichols, 1 Dec 2015
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Mozilla shoots down Thunderbird, hatches new release model

Mozilla has announced a new plan for the ongoing development of its Thunderbird email client that it says will provide for a stable product and continued opportunity for innovation That's all well and good, but the contents of a leaked internal Mozilla memo suggest that the full picture may be less rosy than it seems. The …
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Mozilla ditches Messaging wing, eyes social webby sweetshop

Mozilla has folded its Messaging subsidiary into the open source outfit's Lab division as it slowly backs away from the development of client-based email software. The move, announced yesterday, means that Mozilla's Thunderbird email software failed to survive and thrive as an independent org as did its far more popular …
Kelly Fiveash, 5 Apr 2011
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Mozilla betas facelifted open source license

Mozilla has released a beta version of the MPL 2.0, the first update to its open source license in more than a decade. Mozilla chief lizard wrangler Mitchell Baker calls this a "feature complete" beta, saying it "addresses all major known issues". The license is shorter and simpler than the aging MPL 1.1. The beta draft drops …
Cade Metz, 23 Dec 2010
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Mozilla showers Firefox, Thunderbird with updates

Mozilla has released several updates for its Firefox web browser and the open-source outfit's Thunderbird news and email client. A total of 67 security and stability flaws, including 21 critical vulns and one blocker bug have been fixed in Firefox 3.6.13. An update for Mozilla's aged Firefox 3.5.16 was additionally released. …
Team Register, 10 Dec 2010
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Mozilla Thunderturkey and its malcontents

Andrew's Mailbag The dire state of email clients today is an ongoing gripe of mine - and when I get three dozen emails on Sunday, it's clearly a source of frustration for Reg readers, too. It merits a bumper mailbag. For earlier installments, see here and here. Thunderbird 3.x is the focus for this ire. Not all readers are unhappy with it. For …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2010
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Why has Thunderbird turned into a turkey?

Comment An opportunistic and little-known software utility outfit has stuck another carving knife into Thunderbird 3. The Performance Protector blog reckons the once-reliable email client has the profile of a virus. Let it loose on your systems, and wave goodbye to network performance and any spare CPU cycles. Fair criticism? Yes and …
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Mozilla's next Thunderbird gives Gmailers hope

Review Thunderbird 3.0 was a less than stellar piece of software. Mozilla's email client was marred by some pretty serious bugs, such as the failure to import mail from past editions, which meant the suite had a habit of becoming unresponsive while indexing large mail stores. And while Thunderbird 3.0 had a number of nice new …
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Mozilla dons grass skirt with near-ready Thunderbird 3.1 release

The next version of Mozilla's open source email client hit a second release candidate milestone yesterday. Thunderbird 3.1's latest RC is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Mozilla said the next version of its mail client, codenamed Lanikai, comes loaded with faster search results and a quick filter toolbar, a …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jun 2010
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Mozilla births first Thunderbird 3.1 beta

Mozilla has released the first Thunderbird 3.1 beta for Windows, Mac and Linux. Codenamed Lanikai, version 3.1 of Mozilla's open source email and news client is built atop Gecko 1.9.2, the same rendering engine at the heart of the new Firefox 3.6. According to a Mozilla blog post, the first "stable" Lanikai release includes …
Cade Metz, 12 Mar 2010
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Mozilla open source license set for facelift

Mozilla is updating its open source license after more than 10 years of use. On Wednesday, at a new site dedicated to the license overhaul, the Foundation announced that it's now gathering update suggestions from world+dog and that it hopes to release a completed document by October or November. The Mozilla Public License was …
Cade Metz, 10 Mar 2010
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Lightning catches up with Thunderbird

Mozilla has made a beta of Lighting 1.0 available for download, giving users of its Thunderbird email package a more integrated way of working out what day it is. The Lightning extension adds calendaring to Thunderbird, making the email package more of an alternative for those used to the likes of full fat Outlook. But while …
Team Register, 14 Jan 2010
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Remote execution flaw mars older Thunderbird versions

Developers of the Thunderbird email client are in the process of patching a vulnerability that could allow attackers to remotely execute malicious code on end users' machines, security researchers said. The flaw resides in the dtoa implementation of version of Thunderbird, according to an advisory issued Friday by …
Dan Goodin, 11 Dec 2009
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Mozilla lights fire under Thunderbird

Updated Mozilla will step up the pace of on its Thunderbird mail and communications platform next year, to re-invigorate a "stagnant" email client scene. David Ascher, chief executive of Mozilla Messaging, told The Reg he hopes for a "couple" of releases of Thunderbird in 2010 and also in subsequent years. Speaking as Thunderbird 3.0 …
Gavin Clarke, 5 Dec 2009

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