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Look upon my works, ye mighty, and giggle inanely. Sorry, David

David Hockney creates new Sun masthead. Now for The Reg...

Logowatch Artist David Hockney has redesigned the masthead of The Sun newspaper – and in the spirit of free expression and artistic endeavour we want you, dear Reg readers, to join us in honouring this beacon moment in the cultural life of Great Britain. 79-yr-old Hockney put finger to iPad on behalf of Rupert Murdoch’s super soaraway …
Old man reading The Sun. Pic: Daniel Novta

Get 'em out for the... readers: The Sun scraps its online paywall

Rupert Murdoch's flagship British tabloid, The Sun, is to abandon its paywall in search of greater web traffic as it seeks to compete with big online news hitters such as the Daily Mail. According to the Guardian, the move was set to be officially announced on Friday and implemented by the end of November. Back in July 2013, …
Gareth Corfield, 30 Oct 2015
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Currant Bun erects £2 paywall: Wraps digi-paper around free footie

British tabloid The Sun has revealed a subscription plan to access the digital version of the newspaper, Sun+. The daily is essentially offering a football video package with The Sun's stories wrapped around it, for £2 a week. Near-live TV clips of Premier League games will be bundled in the deal, as News International's …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 May 2013
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Rupert Murdoch legs it from British newspaper boards

Rupert Murdoch has quit the boards of his once beloved British newspaper business, paving the way for the tycoon's News Corp empire to be split in two. The media giant confirmed in June that Murdoch would head up the broadcasting and entertainment division created from the breakup of News Corp. For Murdoch, it's a significant …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jul 2012
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Sun hacks cuffed after being DOBBED IN by News Corp

Scotland Yard released five Sun journalists on bail at the weekend after they arrested the hacks on suspicion of corruption and aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office. The latest round of arrests at Rupert Murdoch's flagship tabloid brings the total number of people cuffed at that newspaper to nine. The Met also …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Feb 2012
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Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW

British youngsters have become so addicted to the internet that they will relieve themselves into bottles rather than step away from their screens to visit the lav, reports the, er, Sun. It is online multiplayer games such as World Of Warcraft that are coming between children and the toilet, with addictive game play …
Anna Leach, 19 Jan 2012
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Sun compo entrants' privates exposed in public

Security lapses at News International have exposed the email addresses and other personal information of readers who entered competitions in The Sun, the UK's biggest selling daily newspaper. The names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth of thousands of people were also exposed by the hack, reckoned to have probably …
John Leyden, 2 Aug 2011
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Breaking wave 'big as the USA' spied on Sun's surface

NASA boffins, staring into the Sun with a new space telescope, say they have detected unthinkably enormous waves rolling across the star's hot surface - as if a gigantic breaker of the sort beloved by surfers were scaled up to the size of the United States. Giant breakers of the solar corona. Credit: NASA/SDO/Astrophysical …
Lewis Page, 8 Jun 2011
Nintendo 3DS

The Sun still not shining on Nintendo's 3DS

The Sun stepped up its slagfest towards Nintendo's 3DS today, subjecting a self-less volunteer to two hours of 3DS gaming to show just how bad the console may be for your health. 3DS sickbag After yesterday's spat in which the tabloid claimed retailers had received huge levels of 3DS returns - heavily disputed by Nintendo …
Caleb Cox, 6 Apr 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo trades blows with The Sun over 3DS returns

This morning saw Nintendo 3DS complaints reach a new low, after The Sun ran a story on the headaches and dizziness associated with the device. Nintendo has already hit back, calling the report "incorrect". The tabloid said "thousands" of users have suffered after using the 3DS and as a result, many retailers are offering …
Caleb Cox, 5 Apr 2011
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Sun slips nips onto iPad

NSFW Today sees the launch of the Sun's iPad app which, for a small consideration, offers fanbois the chance to digest at leisure all of the paper's famous meaty goodness. The Sun seen on the iPad For the debut God Pad edition, we find the lovely Chloe offering her up-front analysis of the government's growth figures. Handily, …
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2010
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Sun squeals over 'UK's first iPhone baby'

This morning's Scottish Sun held the front page with an "exclusive" detailing how a couple used an iPhone application to help them conceive. Disappointingly, the app used wasn't measuring sexual performance, nor did the couple turn to a little light phone-based porn to get them into the mood. The Free Menstrual Calendar keeps …
Bill Ray, 25 Jan 2010
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Sun's Facebook-slapping hits wrong target

Comment A series of negative stories about Facebook by The Sun newspaper could lead to yet more government intervention directing how individuals are allowed to interact with the internet. The Sun has seen a host of anti-Facebook stories run over the last 12 months, paralleled by positive coverage of near-rival, MySpace. Last week, …
Jane Fae , 6 Nov 2009

Apple bans Page 3 from iPhone app

An iPhone newspaper browsing application that saw The Sun banned by Apple because of its Page 3 content could be granted a reprieve - thanks to the impending release of firmware version 3.0. The 59p Newspaper(s) app was approved for sale by Apple last week. It lets iPhone or iPod Touch owners read from a selection of "the 50 …
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Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'

Apple may put News International's nose out of joint with its definition of 'obscene', after rejecting a newspaper-reading iPhone app for reasons of rudeness. Newspaper(s), an application that renders content from the world's newspapers, was rejected by iTunes because it included the UK's Sun newspaper - complete with topless …
Bill Ray, 5 May 2009

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