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T-Mobile US CEO calls his subscribers thieves, gripes about 'unlimited' limited tethering

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere launched a tirade Sunday over subscribers who make heavy use of tethering on his network. Legere said his company will tell 3,000 customers that they face having their "unlimited" mobile broadband plans cancelled if they don't stop circumventing T-Mob's limits on LTE tethering. Under the T-Mobile …
Shaun Nichols, 31 Aug 2015
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iPhone tethering app uses HTML5 to defeat Apple's censors

A Wi-Fi tethering application for the iPhone has managed to bypass Apple's restrictions on such apps by doing the whole thing in HTML5 - and charging for it too. Tether did pop up in the Apple store briefly; it was available for about 20 minutes before Cupertino spotted the app was allowing iPhone users to share their mobile …
Bill Ray, 12 Mar 2012
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Tru unveils iPad local rate data-pricing for UK, US and Oz

Multi-country "local anywhere" mobile operator Tru is launching a £20-a-month iPad bundle that currently provides local rate broadband in the UK, US and Australia. A similar package will be available in the US "shortly", according to the company, which also intends to add Spain, Hong Kong and the Netherlands to its roster of …
John Lettice, 1 Jun 2011
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End of the tether: Google plays nice with carriers

Applications that allowed users to tether Android devices to PCs – without buying a suitable plan from their carrier – have started disappearing from searches of the Android Marketplace. Droid-Life noticed on May 4th that the Wireless Tether app no longer appeared in searches conducted from phones, and while it would appear in …
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Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot tool coming to all iPhones?

Apple's next big iOS release - presumably iOS 4.3 - will bring the Verizon iPhone 4's personal Wi-Fi hotspot feature to the GSM versions of the handset. So says a Dutch telco mole cited by local iPhone fansite iPhoneclub. A Greek site makes the same claim, though there's nothing to indicate that it got the info independently …
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2011
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iPad tethering does disappearing trick

The last iOS beta for iPad had tethering, but that feature appears to have vanished, prompting speculation that it will fall under the control of the network operator. The new version of iOS 4 is due out next month, bringing the multitasking and folders already available on the iPhone to the iPad. Beta versions have been …
Bill Ray, 18 Oct 2010
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Internet tethering spotted in iPad iOS beta

Today's iPad rumor is that when iOS 4.2 is released for the iPad later this year, it may include the ability for 3G-capable versions of the "magical and revolutionary device" to provide internet tethering. But only for some users — and not for stateside fanbois suffering the spotty slings and unhurried arrows of their …
Rik Myslewski, 1 Oct 2010
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Developer slips tethering into iTunes

An iPhone developer slipped a tethering application onto the iTunes store: getting past Apple's ban on such applications by disguising it as a pocket torch. The app has now been removed, Cupertino having been alerted by reviews that called for a background-running version of the application, but those who paid a dollar for the …
Bill Ray, 21 Jul 2010
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AT&T to ax unlimited data plans on iPhone Monday

If you're in the US and want an iPhone or other AT&T-provided smartphone with an unlimited data plan, get off your duff and sign up before Monday, June 7 — that's when AT&T will switch to capped data-service plans. June 7 is also the day that Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone. In addition to killing …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Jun 2010
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US iPhone ready to be tied down?

The latest iPhone OS has options to enable tethering, not to mention a custom-dictionary editor and a control to stop the screen spinning around every time you lie down. The next version of Apple's iPhone OS is now in its fourth beta, and the interwebs are thrilled to see that it appears possible to use an iPhone as a GSM …
Bill Ray, 20 May 2010
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Steve Jobs says 'No' to iPhone-to-iPad tether

Steve Jobs has spoken: Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPad will not allow iPhone-to-iPad 3G tethering. So reports the Swedish tech blog and podcast When Swedish trance DJ Jezper Söderlund emailed Apple's CEO asking if a Wi-Fi-only iPad could tether to the internet using an iPhone's 3G connection, he received …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Mar 2010
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Palm politely cuts Pre tether

Palm has requested that the Pre Dev Wiki refrain from discussions about how to use a Pre for tethered internet access, explaining that such discussions risk upsetting Sprint. In a posting on the Wiki, the owner said that Palm has been in touch and politely explained that for the duration of Sprint's exclusivity, and perhaps …
Bill Ray, 15 Jun 2009

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