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Skytap adds orchestration to dev/test cloud

Skytap, the lab automation cloud maker funded in part by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is adding features to its eponymous tool to make it more useful for companies wrestling with deploying applications on public and private clouds. Skytap is like other lab manager products that VMware and Citrix Systems acquired to take control …
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Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima

Early reports of North Korea detonating a "Hiroshima sized" nuclear weapon over the weekend appear to have been - erm - overblown, with seismic data indicating an explosion less than half as powerful. The Guardian and other media have widely reported an estimate by the Russian defence ministry that the explosion in North Korea …
Lewis Page, 26 May 2009
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ESA chooses British army officer as astronaut

In an unexpected move, the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected a British army officer as one of its second-ever batch of astronauts. Major Timothy Peake, an Apache attack-helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, could fly to the International Space Station as soon as 2013. “We are at a turning point in ESA’s human …
Lewis Page, 20 May 2009
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North Korea announces missile test sat launch

North Korea is preparing for a further test of its long-range ballistic missile the Taepodong-2, according to reports. The missile design is thought capable of reaching parts of the United States, though it has not yet achieved a successful trial. The Guardian reports that Pyongyang has issued a statement claiming that …
Lewis Page, 24 Feb 2009
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Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing

NASA has announced a successful test related to its new Ares I astronaut-carrying rocket, the planned successor to the space shuttle. A key part of the structure, critical to safe parachute recovery of the discarded first stage, successfully blew itself up last week during a trial on the ground in Utah. The Ares I/Orion stack …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2009
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Germany tests tadpole airship

Vid A German-American company has successfully tested a prototype unmanned airship of weird and wonderful design. The so-called "Stratellite" craft is composed of gas-filled segments linked in a chain, so it can flex and bend with the wind. Here's a company flight-test vid (you need Flash and YouTube privileges to see it): …
Lewis Page, 12 Dec 2008
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Google remodels top secret money machine

Nowadays, even Google is questioning Google's rose-colored portrait of its ever-expanding search advertising monopoly. The way senior vp Jonathan Rosenberg tells it, Google will gradually tweak its AdWords ad platform until it displays almost no ads. Ad "coverage" on the world's largest search engine has certainly shrunk over …
Cade Metz, 2 Sep 2008
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American data pimper exposes ad equation

How much notice did American ISPs provide when testing NebuAd's Phorm-like behavioral ad targeter? Not as much as NebuAd CEO Bob Dykes would have you believe. Responding to an open letter from three big-name US Congressman, Middle American ISP Embarq Corp. has admitted that before activating NebuAd's deep packet inspection …
Cade Metz, 24 Jul 2008

Google fitted with (temporary) Digg implant

Google wants to know what it feels like to be Digg. Google Labs is testing a new-fangled search page where users can "vote" on all those links that pop up after a keyword query. If you like a link, you hit the "like it" button. If you don't like it, you hit the "don't like it" button. And in Digg-like fashion, these clicks …
Cade Metz, 30 Nov 2007

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